Believe it or not, people actually want to, you know, meet me. In person, or at least my voice. With that in mind, I sometimes receive invitations to attend Internet chats, sit in on podcasts, attend conventions and such here and there. Watch this space for info on upcoming locales where I (and/or Kevin) will be hanging out!

For your convenience, our 2023 stalking guide (tentative and subject to change):

* = Kevin’s there, too!
* = Kevin’s flying solo

* Great Overland Comic Convention Feb 25-26 – Topeka, KS
* Soonercon – June 30-Jul 2 – Norman, OK
Shore Leave 43 – July 7-9 – Hunt Valley, MD

10 thoughts on “Appearances

  1. I was watching an episode of Startreck in which the episode looks retrospectively at the beginnings of the original story and who the characters were based on. I was interested to find out if Dayton Ward is Afro-American as this would have been a great achievement if he is.


  2. To Dayton Ward. I enjoyed reading your novels, about how today’s military would face an alien invasion who arrive by teleport rather than by starships: The Last World War, and its sequel, The Last World War: Counterstrike. So it is a pity that it appears that you won’t be attending LONCON 3, the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention, taking place in London in August 2014. It would have been good to have said hello to you there. Enjoy August wherever you are. With best wishes, Patrick Lee, London, United Kingdom. 15 July 2014.


    1. Hi!

      Thanks for stopping by! I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the LWW books. They were fun to write.

      I’d love to a convention in London as I have friends there I only see on very rare occasions, but the travel costs are a bit of an obstacle. Hopefully one of these days!


  3. Just finished reading ‘Elusive Salvation’ and loved it – all the links and references to the various series and movies. Thank you for another awesome Star Trek novel. Please keep them coming.


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