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  1. Dude! You’ve got to write a short story to match that wonderful cover you found.

    Get permission. It is just screaming for you to do something about it..

    Thanks for sharing that.


    1. I’d love to do something like that, but the licensing issues are different when it comes to “JJ Trek,” as opposed to “prime Trek.” They’re completely separate animals. 🙂


  2. Right, which is why are are no JJ ‘verse novels out currently. Although I did read some JJ ‘verse YA novels a little while ago.

    More than anything I just want to say that you’d be a perfect choice for such a project.



  3. I wanted to say I have really enjoyed your stories over the years. One question though, why was the sampler “The Aliens are Coming” never completed? I thought Cptn Christopher had a lot of potential for further stories.

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    1. The Aliens Are Coming!” was a short story that originally appeared in the third Star Trek: Strange New Worlds anthology, and was later republished as a standalone e-Book offering to coincide with the release of Greg Cox’s second Eugenics Wars novel.

      However, you’re in luck, as I definitely went back and revisited elements of that original story: From History’s Shadow 🙂

      Thanks for reading!


  4. Great to see you at Shore Leave again this year. I found the “canon” panel very interesting – you held up well considering it was 10AM on Sunday morning 🙂


  5. I have a question regarding your Star Trek novels.

    Where Time Stands Still has an Admiral Byron Komack. Open Secrets has an Admiral Franklin Komack. What Judgments Come has an Admiral James Komack.

    Is this a mistake or are they all supposed to be separate characters?


  6. I’m reading Elusive Salvation and was greatly pleased to see the reference to the Executioner series! Very good to see! Your stock with me has gone up tremendously!


  7. Hey Dayton,
    I Just finished reading “From History’s Shadow” and i wanted you to know that I really enjoyed it! I love how you were able to intertwine canon from seperate series’ as well as give us a glance into more of Gary Seven’s mysterious organization! Thanks for the great read!


  8. Mr. Ward I am a CPO Navy Ret. an now I am a OTR Driver and own my truck. I loves my books and read every day. But as a over the road driver I now listen to my books. I have over 300 in my audio book account. I like your books and I have a few of them in my Audio book account but I would like two get more. I am sorry to say but I only do English. I like the four ST Vanguard and other books you have but I thank they are in German. If these and other books were to be put in a English format I will get everyone. can this be done. I look forward to your word Robert Jolley OTR Driver. CPO Ret.


    1. It’s unlikely that they’ll go back and do audios of older novels, but they seem happy with the performance of these newer offerings. I’d love to have Vanguard audios, too. 🙂


      1. Mr Ward I would not say that sir. case in point Harry Harrison books the The Stainless Steel Rat Books 1-11 are on audio and I read them when I was ten years old. I own them all and Bill Baldwin the Helmsman. If these grate writers can do it why not you. Worth checking out. And I would love Vangard in English not German for an American audience. on top of that you would make more money. Thank You for replying to me. Robert Jolley O/O OTR Driver CPO USN RET.


        1. I appreciate the vote of confidence, but since I don’t “own” the Trek novels I write, I’m afraid I have no control over which of them get the audio treatment. That’s all handled by the publisher and the audiobook division.

          That said, I have inquired as to the possibility of one day revisiting older novels in audio format. 🙂


  9. Thank you sir. I look forward to that day. When that happens I will get them for you are a very good writer and in English I hope.


  10. Just finished The Last World War after finding it a used book store. It was such a great fun read. Really enjoyed it!! Hard to not know what ultimately happens, the suspense is killing me!


  11. Hi Dayton,

    Fellow writer here (plugging away at an original fantasy series — I don’t write Trek because I don’t think I could do it justice). I’ve been re-reading those of your novels that I happen to own, in no particular order. I just started “That Which Divides” after having finished “Hearts and Minds” … and was surprised to see an April Hebert in both books. Were you perchance paying tribute to someone, or is one April a descendant of the other, or is it just a test to see if anybody noticed? My guess is the latter…

    I really enjoy your Trek work and am on the lookout for more!


  12. Re: Star Trek TNG, available light.
    Bill Ross assassinated??? How COULD you!?! That character was quite a favorite of the DS 9 ancillary folk, and a war hero to boot!! I’m so bummed that he’s gone, and there will be no more stories with him involved. I’m sure you had to obtain permission to kill him off, and shame to you and all who approved your idea to end his fictional life.
    Having said that, keep up the good work, I’ve read most if not all of what you’ve written in the Star Trek universe, and love it all! ‘Cept you killed Bill! 😉


  13. I enjoy your books. What does the Beirut bombing have to do with anything? Please explain the context and how this act fits into your blog and Star Trek!


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