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The Diary of Jill Woodbine, by Jay Smith.

Hey, you. Yeah, you. Stop what you’re doing, and go and buy this book right now. Buy it, read it, love it. I hear a few of you asking, “What the hell are you babbling about, Ward?” It’s possible that … Continue reading

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Zombiefied…in da house!

These arrived today. I do so love the smell of new books in the early afternoon. Or morning. Or evening. Or pretty much whenever, really. Would you like to know more? Zombiefied!

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Zombiefied…now in paperback!

Hot diggety! A couple of years ago, editor Carol Hightshoe over at Sky Warrior Books published Zombiefied, an anthology of…you guessed it…zombie stories! That’s right, the undead were spotlighted in a mess of fine tales, two dozen of them, in fact. Among … Continue reading

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Zombie Nation…the magazine? Ayup.

So, I’m at the grocery store today, grabbing me some lunch (salad from their salad bar, if you’re curious), and on my way to the checkout lanes I run past the book/magazine aisle, as is my habit when I hit … Continue reading

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A Yard Doggie artist is nominated for a Chesley!

Passing along word from my friends down at Yard Dog Press! Artist Mitch Bentley has been nominated for a Chesley Award from the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists, for the cover artwork he created to adorn Jean Stuntz’s … Continue reading

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Hey! HG World is a Parsec nominee, too!

Well, whaddaya know? More friends with podcasts (not to be mistaken for friends with benefits) are getting nominated for the Parsec Awards! In this case, I’m talking about Jay Smith and his merry band of talented voice actors and production … Continue reading

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For the past two Halloween evenings, I’ve taken to “live-Tweeting” a story on Twitter while trick-or-treaters wander the neighborhood. The idea is that I “narrate” the story, one 140-byte chunk at a time, for however long it takes to spin … Continue reading

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Need a Halloween pick-me-up? Listen to HG World!

Yeah, you could watch some of your horror flicks on DVD to get yourself into the spirit of Halloween, or catch marathons on some of the cable channels. You could mainline episodes of The Walking Dead or True Blood, sure. … Continue reading

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Zombie crime fighters, politicians, soldiers, rescuers—but a Zombie prom date or bowler? If you’re looking for Zombies, prepare to be ZOMBIEFIED! Two dozen amazing zombie stories sure to breathe life back into the Undead. If you’re looking for stories that … Continue reading

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Zombiefied…now available!

The Sky Warrior herself, Maggie Bonham, dropped a little surprise on us today: Zombiefied, the new anthology from her publishing house and edited by Carol Hightshoe, is now available! (Click to Biggie size.) For the low, low price of $3.99, … Continue reading

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