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November writing wrap-up.

November come. November go. It was a month of change on a couple of different fronts. The big item was my return to the world of day jobs and offices for which I must shave and wear pants, which began … Continue reading

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They told me to “Go Trek Yourself,” so I did!

Hey! I’m babbling again. This time, it’s with hosts J.K. Woodward and Darrell Taylor and their podcast Go Trek Yourself. Though the focus of the show is Star Trek: Discovery, with the show taking its winter break J.K. and Darrell are expanding … Continue reading

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Back to the salt mines…sorta.

Most of you who read this blog with any regularity know that I’ve been working as a full-time freelance writer since leaving my corporate job in September 2014. Prior to that, any writing I did for novels, short stories, magazine … Continue reading

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Have a look at the cover for Drastic Measures!

The fine folks at have posted the cover for Drastic Measures, my upcoming Star Trek: Discovery novel! Behold the Disco goodness, y’all: (Click to Biggie Size) So, what’s it about? Glad you asked. Here’s the description from the back … Continue reading

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Star Trek: Waypoint

Short stories that run the gamut of Star Trek‘s history, set during the Original Series, The Next Generation, Voyager, Deep Space Nine, Enterprise, and more, featuring all your favorite characters. Capturing a galaxy of emotions, these weird and wonderful stories … Continue reading

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Wait…I’ve been doing this writing thing for how long?

It hit me today while reading a Facebook thread featuring comments from one of the responsible parties: I’ve been doing this writing thing….well, the “paid for my writing” thing…for twenty years, now. Twenty. Years. Holy. Shit. Okay, okay. In truth, … Continue reading

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October writing wrap-up.

Whoa. Whoa. WHOOOOOAH. November. Already? The hell, 2017? What’s your freakin’ rush, dude? I honestly have no real idea where this year has gone. A lot of it has been a blur, and I can’t tell if it’s because I’ve … Continue reading

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Star Trek: Waypoint – the trade paperback has a shiny new cover!

Some of you who visit this space from time to time may recall that, last year, Kevin and I got to cross a pretty cool item off our respective Bucket Lists: Write a Star Trek comic. This took the form … Continue reading

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Pre-order Star Trek: Discovery – Drastic Measures!

Now we’re talking. The book gods have seen fit to provide us with pre-order options for Drastic Measures, my forthcoming Star Trek: Discovery novel, which will be published on February 6th, 2018. As with David Mack’s Desperate Hours, my book … Continue reading

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Predator: If It Bleeds

“IF IT BLEEDS, WE CAN KILL IT.” Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer (from Predator, 1987) Over the centuries, extraterrestrial hunters of the Yautja race—also known as the Predators—have encountered (and stalked) humans on Earth and in the depths of space. Offered … Continue reading

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