October writing wrap-up.

Holy crap, 2019 is a blur.

A good portion of my month was devoted to various aspects of my consulting duties with CBS, which continues to be a source of much fun. A lot of reading, reviewing, commenting, and such is the usual order of things, but then every so often I get asked to actually write something from scratch or contribute to something already in motion. Such was the case during the latter half of the month. One of those you’ll read about below, whereas other things you’ll never even know I was there. 🙂

With all that said, here’s the November rundown:

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The way late September writing wrap-up.

Previously, on The Fog of Ward:


Yes, I have neglected this space for quite some time if my calendar is to be believed. After knocking down a bunch of cobwebs and blowing dust off a few of the shelves, I’m getting back to business around here.

Which means I have to yammer a bit about September and the kinda sorta writing stuff I did last month.

We’re now in the final quarter-mile lap of 2019.

I’m still learning the art of balancing my consulting duties with CBS with my freelance writing work. Compared to August, September was a bit less hectic and yet still a whole helluva lot of fun. There are days when I seriously can’t believe I’m getting paid to do something I enjoy so very much. I’m pretty sure I’m forever ruined for regular corporate office work. You know, like…forever.

So, what was up to last month? Here’s the September (and maybe the first part of October) rundown:

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August writing wrap-up.

Holy crap! We’re already into the “–ber” months of 2019? How the HELL did that happen?

That means August’s in the can. Wow.

Looking back at the month’s blog stuff, I realize I’ve been fairly neglectful of this space. The first half of August was devoted to wrapping up the latest novel project as well as few other things (see below), along with my always interesting activities as I continue my consulting work with CBS. Indeed, things associated with that role have dominated my Labor Day weekend. Maybe I can talk about those, one of these days.

Meanwhile, here’s a look at August’s writing run rundown:

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July writing wrap-up.

And before I knew it, July’s in the rearview mirror.

So, yeah. That was a busy month.

The biggest thing I got to reveal was why I’ve been somewhat busier than normal the past few months. At the recent Shore Leave convention, I was able to announce that since April I’ve been working as a contracted consultant to CBS Global Franchise Management. Much of my “portfolio” involves being something of a conduit between them and certain licensing partners for matters pertaining to Star Trek tie-in projects that involve story/narrative in its various forms. So, consulting on novels as well as the occasional comic or game project, along with whatever else I’m asked to do as appropriate. For example, I got the very cool opportunity to write most of the copy for the recent exhibit Jean-Luc Picard: The First Duty which was shown at Comic-Con International in San Diego as well as the recently concluded Star Trek convention in Las Vegas.

But in and around all of that? Writing, yo. Still doing the writing thing on multiple fronts. Here’s a look at the July rundown:

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June writing wrap-up.

BOOM! Just like that, 2019 is half over.

June continued the trend of the past few months, with a whole lot of stuff going on, writing-wise. Some of it I can talk about, but there’s a bunch more about which I’m not yet cleared to discuss. Such is life, I suppose. Once that happens, I’ll be free to share some insight into the busy yet oh-so-fun chaos that’s been my life for a bit.

The biggest thing on my plate at the moment is the current novel-in-progress, but various other smaller, faster-burn projects have come and gone or are still active, as well. Plans and schemes are in the works.

With more redactions than the Mueller Report, here’s the June rundown:

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May writing wrap-up.

Dear 2019: Slow the hell down, whydontcha.

May. A lot like April, in that there’s a great deal taking place in my little writing world about which I can say precious little. Work continues apace on a new novel. A short story is awaiting edits. Another thing is awaiting “the writing” once I have further instructions and marching orders. Revisions to another thing were finished and delivered. Other things were discussed, plotted, and schemed. Many plates are spinning and games are afoot, yo.

Wanna see (at least those parts I can show you)? Here’s the May rundown:

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April writing wrap-up.

Attention, all personnel: 2019 is one third gone. Already.

What can I say about April? The biggest thing I can say about April is that there’s not a lot I can say about what I was doing during April. Was I busy? Oh, hell yes. I started writing a new novel, and also completed a smaller project. There was talk about future things, and let’s not forget our journey to Denver for the annual StarFest Convention. There are other things afoot, as well, and I’ll get to talking about them in due course (read, “When my overlords say it’s okay to chat about them.”).

Until then, here’s last month’s rundown:

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March writing wrap-up.

And just like that, 2019 is 25% in the books.

March was an odd month, to say the least. Looking back, I didn’t do a whole lot in this particular space, even though my activity on Facebook and Twitter was still up there. I guess I didn’t really have a lot to say in long form fashion. I’m pondering notions on how to improve in that area, and I suspect the next several months are going to offer no small amount of fodder for that effort.

The latter half of March was devoted to setting up for what I’ll be working on during the next few months, including a couple of projects which have come along in rapid fashion with short development windows and fast-approaching delivery dates. None of these have yet been formally announced, so I must wait for permission to blab in detail about them. You know the deal.

Meanwhile, we march (HAH!) merrily on with last month’s rundown:

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February writing wrap-up.

February come. February go. It’s almost as if it’s a short month, or something.

Despite missing out on the other 3 to 4 days other months get, I still managed to accomplish a few things on the writing front. We’re in something of a transitional period here as I work to finish one thing while simultaneously getting ready to plunge headlong into a couple of new projects.

So, here’s what I was doing in February:

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January writing wrap-up.

Hey. We’ve slogged 1/12th of the way through 2019, already.

The hell is that about?

So, January was something of a blur, wasn’t it? It was for me, but I can’t tell if that’s due to being busy or just getting old and time starting to whiz by faster and faster as I enter the HOV lane heading for a burial plot.

For now, I’ll stick with the former.

A couple of the month’s slices were devoted to Available Light, my upcoming Star Trek: The Next Generation novel. We’re pretty much done with this one, now, and other things are moving in to occupy my attention. See below.

As for other things I keep hinting at? We took a couple of big steps closer to what should prove to be “a major change” so far as my day-to-day existence. I’ve been itching to talk about this for moooooooooooonnnnnnnths and the anticipation is driving me to fits of mischief heretofore unseen. Heretofore, I’m telling you. We’re so close I can taste it, and I’m wavering between not wanting to jinx it and screaming from the rooftops. So far, “not wanting to jinx it” is winning. So far.

More on that soon, hopefully.

In the meantime, my daily antics as a lowly writer of freelance fare continues merrily on, and on that note? Here’s the January rundown:

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