February writing wrap-up.

Previously, on The Fog of Ward:

Wow. February really is a short month, isn’t it?

Yeah, it’s been very, very quiet around these parts these past several weeks. A good bit of that can be explained by work, and a bit less by my own writing as well as other activities and obligations. If I’m being honest, there was also a dash of “I really just don’t feel like it” happeing, too. I think I’m going through a period of evaluation when it comes to how and where I focus time and energy. This blog has never been a place where I reflect deeply on current events, politics, or other topics of general interest. There are other, more talented individuals out there who can and do perform those duties in a manner far superior than I ever could.

The same goes for writing advice or instruction. I’ve never viewed myself as a particularly gifted or “wise” writer, able to channel my knowledge and experience toward those seeking to learn from me. I try, of course, because I still feel a desire to help someone when I’m asked. Still, I’m well aware there are those much better suited to offering that sort of advice and who do so every day with consummate poise and skill.

Then there’s me.

I babble about what I’m working on, or whatever nugget of nonsense tickles my fancy on any given day. The internet is littered with places such as this, and I’m usually asking myself some version of, “Do I really want to add to that?” Well, it seems to be all I’ve got, and I at least have the class and decency not to charge you for putting up with me. So, we have that going for us, which is nice.

Eh. I’ll figure it out. Or, I won’t. LET’S SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.

In the meantime, while I wasn’t typing gibberish into this space, I was busy elsewhere. Here’s a peek into what some of that entailed, otherwise known as the February rundown….

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January writing wrap-up.

Didn’t we just do this…like…a month ago?

I didn’t head into 2023 at full throttle, as the year ended with Kevin and I working to finish revisions to the big project that’s dominated our collaborative efforts of late. More on that down below.

Wait. I don’t have any really good reason to keep from just moving on to the January rundown, so let’s get after it:

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December writing wrap-up.

So, 2022. That was a year, eh?

December picked up where November left off, with me and Kevin continuing to work on our “big unannounced project” (see below). That and the holidays commanded most of the month, along with the usual sorts of tasks associated with my consulting duties and other things. Once we get past the Big Thing in front of us – or at least hand it off for review and approvals – I’ll start zeroing in on the next short story I’m scheduled to write, and I still have some other things I’m hoping to tackle in the next couple of months.

But first, let’s put a cap on 2022 with the December rundown:

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November writing-wrap-up.

And just like that, here we are in December, the last lap of 2022.

November was an active month, y’all. Kevin and I spent the bulk of that time marching toward a deadline on a project we’re doing together, which hasn’t yet been formally announced (see “details,” such as they are, below). A few other things also took up time here and there, and there’s also been some prep work for stories I’m planning to write in the next couple of months. I also have a few “Man, I’d love to write _____” ideas for which I scribbled hasty notes and then set aside to deal with the deadlines right in front of me.

Writer’s life, yo.

Anyway, before I plunge headlong into December, here’s what went down last month:

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October writing wrap-up.

November! Where the hell did you come from?

We’re just totally into that downhill slide of 2022, aren’t we?

It’s was a busy October. Deadlines looming, that sort of thing. Lots of things read, reviewed, discussed, and/or commented on for the consulting gig. Other things written, and discussions about what’s next, writing-wise – on both the consulting and freelance fronts – have occurred. Ideas for new stories are percolating, with notes hastily jotted and stored for future reference. I have to get past the current projects and their deadlines, you know.

Wanna see what’s what? Here’s the October rundown:

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The semi-sorta late September writing wrap-up.

We’re here, y’all. October. The last quarter mile of 2022.

Actually, it’s been here for a bit already. That’s how fast things seem to be moving, these days. Yeah, I’m a bit tardy getting this update posted, and it’s been a minute since my last posting in this space, but I promise it was with good reason.

September was a pretty busy month on several fronts. Things going this way, things going that way, and so on. The log I keep for my consulting work shows lots of stuff read, reviewed, discussed, and commented on. Other things written, and discussions had about other things I can be doing. Because…well, it seems like there’s always something that could use doing.

It was also a busy month on the home writing front. Things moving this way, things moving that way, things in motion, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria, and so on. Check it out:

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August writing wrap-up.

And just like that….we’re already to the “–ber” months of 2022.

I apologize for things being quiet around here the past several weeks. In my defense, I was working a good bit of the month but also taking time here and there to unwind, catch up on some projects around the house, enjoy a bit of leisure reading as well as some TV binging from my ever-growing “To Be Watched” list.

One of my favorite things watched during August was the first(?) season of HBO’s revamped Perry Mason series. At best, I was only a casual viewer of the Raymond Burr series, which of course was already rerunning in syndication for years by the time I happened across the odd episode during my childhood. I never watched any of the TV movies that came after, but I have read a handful of Erle Stanley Gardner’s novels, so the revamped approach in this new version didn’t bother me. The proto-L.A. Confidential vibe held a definite appeal, as did Mason’s connections to World War I. The season’s storyline could’ve possibly been wrapped up with one or perhaps even two fewer episodes, but as I don’t particularly mind a good slow burn I’m okay with how things ended up. I’d watch a second season in a heartbeat.

Anyway….the writing.

Lots of things being juggled about during August. In addition to continuing the process of birthing my next novel, Kevin and I will be busy for the next couple of months as we work on a couple of new projects, and still other projects wait in the wings.

Wanna see what’s what? Check out last month’s scribblings:

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July writing wrap-up.

July come. July go.

Another month passes in a blur. Among the highlights? Getting to attend the first in-person Shore Leave convention in three years! It was great to see so many people I only (usually) see at this con, and after two summers of virtual panels and no time hanging in the hotel? I was more than ready to pick up where we’d left off.

There was a definite vibe of “figuring out how to do this again” throughout the weekend, but most folks seemed to snap back in without too much trouble. I had a handful of panels scattered across the con’s three days, and the regular “Meet the Pros” mass author signing event on Friday was also a lot of fun. I also managed to talk with a few people about possible new writing projects at some point own the road. We shall see!

Meanwhile, there are the projects currently on my plate. On that front, things continue apace on both the writing and consulting fronts. The latter brings with it an unpredictable series of ad hoc writing writing tasks, which are as fun as they are surreal. As I said in an email sent earlier this week in response to just such a tasking, “This job is weird.”

Weird, but so much fun.

Elsewhere, things are moving ahead on no fewer than three projects, two of which I’m undertaking with Kevin. Unfortunately, mum’s still the word so far as offering too many details, but rest assured things are moving forward. My goal for taking off a big chunk of summer pretty much dissolved, so now I’m hoping for said downtime in the fall. Not that I’m complaining, of course. Getting paid to do something you love is a privilege, after all.

With that in mind, let me hit the time-out button for a few minutes and update you about what went down in July:

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June writing wrap-up.

And just like that, 2022 is half over.

Summer shenanigans are in full swing here at stately Ward Manor. We’re halfway through the one kid’s summer swim team season, while the other kid is filling time with music and art lessons, and both offspring are of course spending plenty of time with their friends.

June was active on the writing and consulting front, in preparation for being more active in the months ahead. I’m still not at a point where much of my upcoming writing output can be discussed in the open, but I’m told announcements about a couple of these projects are inbound very soon. Long story short? So much for the leisurely summer I was hoping to enjoy. On the other hand, it’s nice to be loved and I’m grateful for the opportunities which have presented themselves.

:: cracks fingers ::

But before we get on with the next bout of writing, let’s see what went on in June:

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May writing wrap-up.

Howdy, June.

The kids are out of school for the summer, although both kids voluntarily signed up for a summer school class so they could knock it out now rather than take it during the regular school year. Remember when “summer school” was for dumbasses like the writer of this blog?

Swim team practice has started for one kid…the same one who’s also playing summer volleyball. Meanwhile, the other kid continues with their music lessons as they play the viola, the piano, and the guitar. For comparison’s sake, I play the radio….and not even all that well.

Around the house, we just finished a major overhaul of our master bathroom. Gone is the tiny cubicle shower and Jacuzzi tub; and in their place is a much larger shower with dual heads and an open design that doesn’t make me feel like I’m standing in an upright coffin. There’s also a nice, big glassblock window to provide natural light. Michi took the opportunity to repaint the entire bathroom with a new color scheme, and it looks amazing.

Then there’s me, still doing the finger tappy key key thing.

May was actually….somewhat subdued on the writing front. It was mostly about moving pieces around the board in preparation for writing that will take place in the coming months….precious little of which I can actually discuss in detail at this point. In the early spring, I had this silly notion that I might take the summer to dial things back a bit and actually enjoy myself more….but the Writing Gods seem to have other plans. Read on….

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