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Star Trek: “Mesin Waktu Mr. Spock”

“Excuse me?” Old school Star Trek fans likely know that View-Master, the wonderful company which has been offering since 1939 all sorts of photographic and (later) stereoscopic imagery goodness for education and entertainment, has not forgotten the Final Frontier. View-Master … Continue reading

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Pondering AbeBooks’ “Most Searched for Out-of-Print Books of 2016” list.

Because it’s the sort of weird thing I do, from time to time. I’m a frequent shopper/user of the portal, forever using it to hunt for books I’m wanting to add to my library. It’s a great resource for finding affordable copies … Continue reading

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“Twas A Die Hard Christmas.”

What does one do when one’s TV and internet access was compromised for the bulk of the day? I can’t speak for anybody else, but me? I make up shit. It wasn’t a completely off day, of course. For one thing, I’m … Continue reading

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ReWard: “The ONLY canon Star Trek book.”

I found myself involved in two separate conversations on Facebook today, both relating in some manner to one of my favorite topics in the history of ever, “the Star Trek canon.” Of course, anybody who’s hung out around here for any length of time knows how … Continue reading

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A proposed modification to office meeting policies.

So, this morning, I’m having a conversation on Facebook with a friend, who drops this bit of “Monday” on me: Apparently, someone in charge at his office called a meeting, and once everyone was present, confessed that he had real … Continue reading

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Today is a good day to drink.

Well, really, any day is a good day to drink. I don’t necessarily do that every day, you understand. There are evenings when I just feel like having a nightcap to put a lid on a given day, and then there are the … Continue reading

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Beer me, petaQ!

I can’t wait to see the look on the bartender’s face the first time I’m there to watch someone order one of these. – FIRST LOOK: Klingon Warnog – Coming Soon to US & Canada I’ll admit that the beer … Continue reading

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Let that be your last lobster trap.

BELE It is obvious to the most simpleminded that Lokai is of an inferior breed. NEMO The obvious visual evidence, Commissioner, is that he is of the same breed as yourself. BELE Are you blind, Captain Nemo? Well, look at … Continue reading

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The Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop, examined logically.

Because my friend and generally loveable human being Orenthal Hawkins posed this question over on Twitter: I actually tried to answer this question once, many many years ago back when I was a “volunteer staff member” in the old Star Trek … Continue reading

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Best of “Ask Dayton” – “To Boldly…uh…well….”

Due to unforeseen scheduling goofs, there was no new episode this week of the Sunday G and T Show. Therefore, there also was no new “Ask Dayton” segment. However, what I learned at last weekend’s big Trek convention in Las … Continue reading

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