DIY Basement Decoration.

Found this on torenheksje‘s LJ:

Man decorates basement with $10 worth of Sharpie markers.

Too cool! Of course, if I ever decided to so something like this in my own basement, I’d probably go with some kind of Chesley Bonestell/Lunar Landscape/Destination Moon motif. 😀


Bigfoot found?

Apparently, we’re just hours away from having the truth of Bigfoot revealed!

Check it out!

Of course, to me, that one picture of the supposed “Bigfoot” looks more like one of the lost photos from “Weekend at Cornelius’s.”

(We pause, waiting for someone to get the reference.)

Besides, we all know that Bigfoot really was found back in the 1970s:

Anyway, friend and fellow LJ-er writertracy chimes in on this topic here. Follow the linkage and enjoy!

The Truth Is Out There, yo.

Big Brother is watching you, Bruce.

Mexico begins tagging sharks to prevent attacks.

The article doesn’t actually say how this is supposed to prevent attacks, particularly in beach settings with swimmers, surfers, etc.

What, the shark’s going to stay away because it’s worried it might be recognized?

“Dude, you best stay outa there! You know they’ve got your number. They’ll be at your house waiting on you!”

“Shut up, dick! I know what I’m doing. I’ve got a disguise on this time. They’ll think I’m Edgar. He’s an asshole, anyway.”