BucsBlog! 2010 Season, Week 16.

Still on vacation this week, so here’s another Special Clan Ward Travelogue Edition of the BucsBlog, of the Super Slick iPhone persuasion:

Bucs 38 – Seahawks 15

Despite the win, the Bucs do not control their own playoff destiny going into the final weekend of the regular season. For Tampa to get that last NFC wild card slot, here’s what has to happen:

  1. The Bucs have to beat the Saints, who are coming off a big win against Atlanta to secure their own playoff berth. New Orleans still has plenty to play for, as a win might well give them the NFC South title, a first-round bye and home field advantage. They’re gonna be loaded for bear on Sunday.

  2. The Giants have to lose.

  3. The Packers have to lose.

If any of those three things don’t happen, then the Bucs get to watch the playoffs at home, which is more than Bucs fans have been able to do for any Bucs home game this season.


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