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Star Trek Vanguard: Five years on.

March 27th, 2012 saw the official release of Storming Heaven, the seventh and final novel in the Star Trek Vanguard series. Holy shit, where did that time go? Spanning seven novels and a handful of novellas released over a period … Continue reading

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Happy 10th Birthday, Star Trek Vanguard.

Wait. What? It’s been ten years already? How the hell did that happen? Yep, ‘fraid so, kids. Today, July 26th, marks the tenth anniversary for the official publication of Harbinger, the first novel in what would become “the saga of … Continue reading

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It’s a Sagittarius model!

Check out what one talented fan is doing. This is insanely cool. (Photo: SRS Prototyping, LLC) From their Facebook page, “SRS Prototyping is a professional prototyping, model making and sculpting company, dedicated to providing exacting detail, excellent quality and total … Continue reading

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Ask Dayton #105 on the G and T Show: “Who Dares Talk About Vanguard?”

Hey! We’re back! Well, to be fair, the G and T Show never really went anywhere. Hosts Nick Minecci, Terry Lynn Shull, and Mike Medeiros kept on keeping on, doing their usual weekly bit of discussing all the various happenings across the “Star Trek Universe.” There was talk of latest … Continue reading

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New interview over at the Priority One Podcast!

With Peaceable Kingdoms getting ready to be foisted upon an unsuspecting reading populace, I’m once again receiving requests for interviews, either the good old-fashioned print kind or else dropping in for the occasional podcast. This latest interview is from the … Continue reading

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In Tempest’s Wake is coming soon…in German!

This is what I get for missing staff meetings: updates about stuff o’ mine getting some love in a whole other language and whatnot. Among the most recent announced offerings from Cross Cult, the German publisher who’s been grooving with … Continue reading

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This one’s going out to those of you who’ve ever thought to yourself or said aloud, “You know, those guys who wrote those Star Trek: Vanguard novels? Yeah. I wish they’d team up and do something else.” Well, buckle up. … Continue reading

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Talking Vanguard, Captain Proton, and whatever over at!

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Christopher Jones over at During that conversation, we discussed That Which Divides, which at the time was still minty-fresh, along with a few other Trek and writing-related topics. … Continue reading

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In Tempest’s Wake

Star Trek: Vanguard The U.S.S. Enterprise and other starships that participated in the final battle in the Taurus Reach have been remanded to a remote starbase. While evacuees from the station are processed and the ships repaired, restocked, and re-staffed … Continue reading

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In Tempest’s Wake has a cover!

The things you find in your e-Mail. So, courtesy of Pocket Books, we now have the “cover art” for my forthcoming novella, In Tempest’s Wake, coming October 2nd to the various e-Book formats: (Click to Biggie Size) As previously advertised, … Continue reading

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