Tuesday Trekkin’: Some new love for Star Trek Vanguard!

We’re careening toward the end of the year and while this is supposed to be something of a slow week (HAH!), I’m hoping I can try resuscitate this blog-type thing on some level during 2023. To that end, feel free to offer suggestions for things you might want to see more (or less) of around here.

Meanwhile, it’s Tuesday, which means it could possibly also be time for another installment of “Tuesday Trekkin’,” one of several irregularly recurring features you newcomers might find here. This one is really just a shoddy excuse for me to yammer on a bit about some nugget of Star Trek fandom. Most of the time, this means me babbling about some fondly remembered bit of goofy merchandise or collectible, anniversaries and “milestones” or important dates in franchise history, convention memories, or whatever else tickles my brain on any given day.

The “Tuesday Trekkin’” moniker is also a tip of the hat to Dan Davidson and Bill Smith, aka “The Hosts of the TrekGeeks Podcast.” Their fan group over on Facebook, Camp Khitomer, is devoted to all things Trek where all are welcome to join in their positive vibes and community. Sometimes, they also like to push a #TrekTuesday hashtag over there, inviting members to share updates, links, and/or pictures celebrating their fandom, so this feature is definitely offered in that same spirit.

I’d actually planned to do this one a couple of weeks ago for reasons which (hopefully) will become clear as I proceed, but December kind of got away from me with work, family stuff, the holidays, and so on, but here we are! Those of you who follow such things know that Harm’s Way, a new Star Trek novel penned by friend and fellow word pusher David Mack, was published back on back on December 13th. In addition to being an original series tale featuring Captain Kirk and the crew of the Starship Enterprise in their prime during their historic five-year mission, the new story also ties into one of my very favorite aspects of the Star Trek “expanded universe,” the Star Trek Vanguard novel series.

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Happy 15th Birthday, Star Trek Vanguard.


Um, yep. I’m afraid it really has been that long.

Today, July 26th, marks the 15th anniversary for the official publication of Harbinger, the first novel in what would become “the saga of Star Trek Vanguard.”

vanguard-harbingerFor those of you who might not be familiar with these books, Vanguard as created by editor Marco Palmieri and author David Mack is a series of books that served as a “literary spin-off” of the original Star Trek television series. Running in parallel with the original show, Vanguard was set aboard a space station in a hotly contested area of space called “the Taurus Reach.”

Dave set events into motion with Harbinger, after which Kevin Dilmore and I were invited aboard to help continue the story. Over the course of seven novels and a handful of novellas, the series’ cast of characters found themselves in increasingly larger and more dire piles of shit as they learned more about the Shedai, the ancient race who once commanded the Taurus Reach, and generally were kinda sorta pissed that people were stomping around their old haunt like they owned the place.

And hilarity ensued.

I’m not going to ruin it all here with spoilers, but suffice it to say we got to have quite a bit of fun with those books. Spanning seven novels and a handful of novellas released over a period of seven years, Star Trek Vanguard, for whatever the hell my biased opinion is worth, remains one of the most interesting and exciting aspects of Pocket Books’ decades-long Star Trek publishing program. It also ranks as one of the most fun things I’ve ever done as a writer of Star Trek fiction. Being able to combine elements of my favorite incarnation of Star Trek with a serialized, epic storyline that unfolds over several books was like having – if you’ll pardon the Trekified expression – “the best of both worlds.”

(Note: Learn more than you ever thought you wanted to know about Vanguard by clicking on this link-type thing right here: DavidMack.pro – Star Trek Vanguard)

Yeah, it was and remains something special, at least to those of us who worked on it. If you haven’t yet given the series a try…well…what are you waiting for? How do you look at this set of supremely kick-ass covers created by Doug Drexler and not even be a little curious about what’s wrapped inside them?


Which brings us back to…it’s been 15 damned years? Man, I feel old.

But, I’m certainly not so old that I can’t pimp the hell out of the series on behalf of people who haven’t yet had the chance to read it.  If you’re into Star Trek and you’re looking for something a tad different, have I got a treat for you in the form of the Complete Star Trek Vanguard Reading Guide:

Harbinger – Dave
Summon the Thunder – me & Kevin
Reap the Whirlwind – Dave
Open Secrets – me (story by me & Kevin)
Precipice – Dave
Declassified – stories by me, Kevin, Marco, and Dave
What Judgments Come – me & Kevin (story by me, Kevin, and Dave)
Storming Heaven – Dave (story by Dave, me & Kevin)

There also are a couple of additional stories which, while not essential to enjoying the main “saga,” might still be of interest:

Distant Early Warning – me & Kevin (a Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers story)
In Tempest’s Wake – me (sort of a coda to the Vanguard series)

The Black Flag” – James Swallow
(Included in the anthology Star Trek: Mirror Universe – Shards & Shadows)

Do I regret that the series ended, rather than continuing on? Not one bit. Vanguard was always envisioned as a story with a defined beginning and ending, and despite our various diversions and course corrections over the span of the stories we wrote, we ended up not too far afield from what Dave originally envisioned. We also got to end the series on our own terms, something not done before or since in Pocket’s Star Trek publishing program, and those eight books sit on my bookshelf as a testament to one of the most creatively rewarding projects in which I’ve ever taken part. I’m forever grateful to Marco and Dave for inviting me and Kevin to play in this wonderful little corner of the Star Trek sandbox.

Of course, Vanguard also begat Star Trek: Seekers, which allowed us to take a bunch of characters who only played supporting roles in the previous series and elevated them to stars of their own show, so to speak. Elsewhere, elements from the series have managed to find their way into other areas of the Star Trek “expanded universe,” but so far the three of us–Dave, Kevin, and myself–have held to our “pact” to refrain from revisiting Vanguard‘s core storyline or central characters. As I wrote more than a few years ago in response to a question about returning to the concept in some fashion:

As far as I’m concerned, the stories of Vanguard’s core cast have been told. Within the fictional construct of the Star Trek universe, their reward—and penance—for what happened over the course of those novels and novellas is to be consigned to obscurity; footnotes to a history about which few people ever will know the complete truth.”

Yep, I still feel that way. I remain immensely proud of the work we did, but I have no need to re-open that particular box. To borrow a bit of sports parlance, I think we left it all on the field. Better to leave it well enough alone, and move on to other challenges and opportunities.

So, Happy Birthday, Star Trek Vanguard. Here’s hoping you keep finding new fans.


Get the entire STAR TREK VANGUARD series as Kindle e-Books for a steal!

“The first rule of Vanguard is that you do not talk about Vanguard.”
— Admiral Heihachiro Nogura, 2269

Okay, okay. Fine. Let’s talk about Vanguard.


Specifically let’s talk about Star Trek Vanguard, the “literary spin-off” series of novels conceived by former Pocket Books editor (and current Tor Books wizard) Marco Palmieri and David Mack, way back in 2004. Marco and Dave gave birth to this super-cool series intended to run in parallel to the adventures of Captain Kirk and the Enterprise during its five-year mission as (mostly) chronicled in the original Star Trek series.

For those not clued into the series, I encourage you to click on the link in the previous paragraph, which will give you a complete rundown. Go on, do it. I’ll wait.

Back already? Cool.

TL;DR? Vanguard was by-god awesome, to write and to read. I’ll always be grateful to Marco and Dave for choosing to include me and Kevin in what is, to this day, one of the absolute best times I had writing Star Trek, and one of the accomplishments of which I’m most proud.

So, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get to the reason I’ve gathered you here today. For the month of March, Pocket Books is running a special promotion whereby interested parties can score the entire Star Trek Vanguard saga in Amazon’s Kindle format, with each title priced to go at just 99 cents apiece.

99. Cents. Apiece.

Those of you who’ve elected not to read this series just yet, for reasons surpassing understanding, are now largely out of excuses. I mean, look…I’m even laying out the links for you, and everything:

Summon the Thunder
Reap the Whirlwind
Open Secrets
What Judgments Come
Storming Heaven
In Tempest’s Wake

Who loves ya, huh?

The current deal is valid for the entire month of March, so you’ve got that long to add all of this amazing Vanguardian goodness to your e-Book library. Enjoy!

It’s a Sagittarius model!

Check out what one talented fan is doing. This is insanely cool.


(Photo: SRS Prototyping, LLC)

From their Facebook page, “SRS Prototyping is a professional prototyping, model making and sculpting company, dedicated to providing exacting detail, excellent quality and total customer satisfaction. Each piece, whether a one of a kind item a model kit or master pattern for mass production, is created with the same painstaking attention to detail and fine craftsmanship that we are known for.”

In terms you and I can understand, these folks make incredible, jaw-dropping models, and make doing so look easy.

I’ve been checking out the photos on their Facebook page off and on this morning, and the stuff they’ve done is a……..wait for it…….mazing. They’ve done stuff like the space station from 2001: A Space Odyssey, the original Battlestar Galactica, figurines and weapons, and a host of other things. Go on, go follow the link I have up there to their FB page. I’ll wait.

Back yet? Okay, then.

Their work was brought to my attention earlier this morning, when I was tagged in a Facebook post linking to a website that’s chronicling the SRS Prototyping’s latest project: a 1:144 scale model of the U.S.S. Sagittarius, AKA the tough little ship from the Star Trek Vanguard and Star Trek: Seekers novels. If I understand modeling terms correctly and based on the photos provided so far, this scale means that the finished model will be somewhere in the vicinity of a foot or so in length.

Translation: Big enough to hold and drool on. Check it out:

SRS Prototyping: USS Sagittarius pattern for 1:144 scale

Go and give this a look if you haven’t already done so, and if you haven’t…why the hell not?

Many thanks to Dave Lewis on Facebook for providing the heads-up. I love it when fans take charge and just go and do stuff like this. I can’t wait to see the finished product, because based on what I’ve seen so far, this thing is going to kick six or seven kinds of ass.

Ask Dayton #105 on the G and T Show: “Who Dares Talk About Vanguard?”

Hey! We’re back!

Well, to be fair, the G and T Show never really went anywhere. Hosts Nick Minecci, Terry Lynn Shull, and Mike Medeiros kept on keeping on, doing their usual weekly bit of discussing all the various happenings across the “Star Trek Universe.” There was talk of latest movie news and rumors, developments with the ever-evolving Star Trek Online game, and of course some love was thrown toward the Star Trek novels, for which I’m grateful.

Meanwhile, I was busy dealing with wrapping up my employment as well as the manuscript for the latest novel project, so my days and nights were kinda busy there, for a while. Because of that, I asked for the show’s usual “Ask Dayton” segment to take a brief hiatus while I tended to those other items. Now that the decks have been cleared, more or less and for the time being, I was back in the saddle this week with an all new query. What’d we have for our newest question?

Dear Dayton,

When you, Kevin, and Dave were writing the Vanguard series, it seemed that it would be the last time we would be seeing many of the characters aboard the Endeavour and the Sagittarius. Many people died throughout Vanguard as a result of it. Now, with Seekers picking up where Vanguard left off, I wonder if there are any characters you could have saved for use in Seekers?


Why the hell are we talking about Vanguard? Don’t we know we’re not supposed to be talking about Vanguard? What’s the First Rule of Vanguard, kids? That’s right. Say it with me: “You Do Not Talk About Vanguard.”

Admiral Nogura’s gonna be pissed at us if he finds out we’ve been talking about Vanguard. You know that, right?

Eh, fuck it. Let’s talk about Vanguard.

For those of you who aren’t dialed into the finer points of Star Trek novel geekery, Vanguard as created by editor Marco Palmieri and author David Mack is a series of books that served as a “literary spin-off” of the original Star Trek television series. No, not David Mack the Kabuki artist, but hey! He really, really loves it when you make that joke, because he’s never, ever heard it. Like ever, at least not in the last five minutes or so.

Anyway, Vanguard was set aboard a space station in a hotly contested area of space called “the Taurus Reach.” After Dave set events into motion with the series’ first book, Harbinger, Kevin Dilmore and I were invited aboard to help continue the story. Over the course of seven novels and a handful of novellas, the series’ cast of characters (and holy shit, were there a lot of them) dug up all sorts of trouble and generally pissed off some very powerful aliens who didn’t much like being dug up and pissed off.

As the story unfolded over those novels and novellas, several characters met tragic ends, and a couple got what they fuckin’ had comin’ to ‘em. At the time, those of us writing Vanguard stories didn’t think much of this, as we were marching to the endgame we more or less had plotted all along. I say “more or less” because while there was a sort of blueprint Dave set up at the beginning, we ended up adding a lot of additional ideas and whatnot as each new book was developed.

Because sometimes, new shit comes along that you like better than the other shit, that’s why.

Then, once Vanguard was over and done, wrapped and topped with a pretty little bow and with us thinking we all would move on to other things, we got the bright idea to take some of the leftover toys back out of the box and see if we couldn’t come up with a new game to play. The results of this freestyle, caffeine and alcohol-driven brainstorming is a little something we like to call Star Trek: Seekers.

So, now that we have our new little corner of the Star Trek sandbox in which to cavort, do we wish we hadn’t been quite so bloodthirsty in the Vanguard books, and perhaps spared some of our favorite characters who didn’t make it to the end of that series?

Speaking only for myself? Nope.

We did what we wanted to do with Star Trek Vanguard: Craft a sweeping tale with a defined beginning, middle, and ending, and once we were done, we wanted to place it on a proverbial shelf and be able to point to it and say, “Yeah, we did that, and we’re damned proud of it.” The characters who died, and those who survived and yet still paid heavy personal costs, did so in service to the story we wanted to tell. I won’t speak for Dave or Kevin, or Marco or Margaret Clark, but while I might think we could have done this or that thing better, I have no regrets about how it all ended up. As far as I’m concerned, the stories of Vanguard’s core cast have been told. Within the fictional construct of the Star Trek universe, their reward—and penance—for what happened over the course of those novels and novellas is to be consigned to obscurity; footnotes to a history about which few people ever will know the complete truth.

Out here in the real world, and while I certainly could come up with ideas for new stories for each of those characters, I have no immediate desire to do so. I know Dave and Kevin feel the same way, and we’ve all agreed to leave those characters be, while pledging to level basketball-sized stink-eyes on anyone else who dares to give it a go. Our self-imposed compromise for this is the crews of the Endeavour and the Sagittarius, who really were only supporting players in the Vanguard saga and now take center stage in Seekers. Any stories we choose to tell which might pull on a dangling Vanguard plot thread can—we believe—be handled by the characters from those ships, so that’s the way it’s going to be, at least so long as we have anything to say about it.

Okay, we’re done here. No more talking about Vanguard, because while I don’t know about you, I sure as shit don’t want Admiral Nogura coming to punch me in the junk.

This question and its answer was read during G&T Show Episode #160 on September 28th, 2014. You can hear Nick read the answers each week by listening live, or check out the replay/download options when the episode is loaded to their website: The G and T Show. Listeners are also encouraged to send in their own questions, one of which will be sent to me each week for a future episode.

And as always, many thanks to Nick, Terry and Mike for continuing to make me a part of the fun.

New interview over at the Priority One Podcast!

With Peaceable Kingdoms getting ready to be foisted upon an unsuspecting reading populace, I’m once again receiving requests for interviews, either the good old-fashioned print kind or else dropping in for the occasional podcast.

P1IBoxThis latest interview is from the former category and the fine folks over at the Priority One Podcast, and it’s also the first in a new series they’re launching, “Priority One Interviews.” For this virtual sit-down, we cover in brief, non-spoilery fashion the aforementioned Peaceable Kingdoms as well as working on the Star Trek: Vanguard series and its forthcoming literary offspring, Star Trek: Seekers.

As I said, my answers to the questions are all spoiler-free, so you can proceed with confidence that nothing about the fifth and final installment of Star Trek: The Fall will be ruined for you. After all, I’m saving all the ruining and disappointing and whatnot for the actual book, which is still slated to be inflicted upon you on or about December 31st.

Anyway, to read the new interview, click on Priority One’s nifty banner:


Thanks very much to the gang at Priority One for letting me take up a little bit of their real estate.

Almost game time again, folks!

In Tempest’s Wake is coming soon…in German!

This is what I get for missing staff meetings: updates about stuff o’ mine getting some love in a whole other language and whatnot.

Among the most recent announced offerings from Cross Cult, the German publisher who’s been grooving with various Star Trek releases over the past few years, is a translation of my Star Trek: Vanguard novella, In Tempest’s Wake. With this release, which currently is set for publication in January 2014, Cross Cult will have completed the translations of the entire Vanguard series.

So, you know….sweet!

In Tempests Wake-Spuren des Sturms

Cross Cult – Star Trek: Vanguard – Spuren des Sturms

As with the original edition, this will be an e-Book exclusive title, and as with the other Vanguard books, Cross Cult is sticking with the cover created by the loveable Doug Drexler, who provided super-awesome double ass-kicking art for all of the Vanguard titles.

Many thanks to the gang at Cross Cult for continuing to give Pocket’s Star Trek fiction their own special treatment!


This one’s going out to those of you who’ve ever thought to yourself or said aloud, “You know, those guys who wrote those Star Trek: Vanguard novels? Yeah. I wish they’d team up and do something else.”

Well, buckle up. Your wish is granted.

Now that David Mack has made the closest thing to an “official” announcement of our new collaborative venture at this year’s Shore Leave convention, I’m free to yell far and wide to anybody within screaming distance that after more than a year in the planning just to get us to this point, say hello to what’ll be keeping us busy for a while:

Early last year, David, Kevin Dilmore and I began talking about what we might do as a trio now that our duties on the Star Trek: Vanguard series had come to an end. Though our individual storytelling approaches differ from one another, the three of us are friends and we enjoy working together, hanging out together when opportunity presents itself, and talking shit about anyone and everyone who’s not the three of us.

(Note to self: Remove that last part before publishing final version of blog post.)

These discussions were triggered by the artwork of one Rob Caswell, who among his various credits lists some notable artistic contributions to the Star Trek: The Next Generation Officer’s Manual sourcebook for FASA’s Star Trek: The Role Playing Game. He’s done a ton of stuff since then, in a variety of media. He’s also an unabashed old-school Trekkie, and a lot of the pieces on his DeviantArt page pay tribute to Star Trek and in particular the original series. One of my favorite things of his is the set of book cover mock-ups he did as an “updating” of the great covers gracing the James Blish Star Trek novelizations from the 1970s. I even gushed a bit about those covers a couple of years ago. One image in particular stuck with me, because HEY! VANGUARD!

But what really got David, Kevin and me talking was a series of faux covers Rob started doing early in 2012 for an imagined series of Star Trek spinoff novels titled The Seekers. His cover mockups featured an Archer-class scout ship (based on the Sagittarius from Star Trek: Vanguard), in a style very reminiscent of those great Star Trek covers from the 1970s. For example:

Spurred on by these images, David, Kevin and I started talking in April 2012 about the possibility of revisiting the Sagittarius, along with the Constitution-class U.S.S. Endeavour and their crews from Star Trek: Vanguard. Though we did and still believe that we have put to bed the Vanguard series and its core cast of characters, there still existed these two ships and their crews, who would be given new assignments in the aftermath of Operation Vanguard. The seeds of one possible idea already had been sown, in that both ships had received orders to return to the Taurus Reach to carry out more traditional exploration of strange new worlds, the seeking out of new life and new civilizations, and so on and so forth.

“Okay,” one of us may have said, because I’m paraphrasing to compensate for not being able to recall the exact wording of our conversation, “but how would we do it? We don’t want to repeat ourselves, but we can’t have separate series for each ship/crew. Pocket would never go for that.”

“No,” another of us probably said, “but what if we pitch the idea of taking turns like we did with Vanguard, and we each take one of the two ships. We tell (mostly) standalone tales, but we alternate from book to book, and run them all under a single banner title?”

“That could work,” yet another of us almost certainly said, “but what would we call it?”

The answer was obvious: SEEKERS. After all, it was Rob Caswell’s fault, right?

Not long after that initial conversation, I sat down and put together a “pitch,” for the series, which I then handed off to the guys to mark up as we all worked to refine our ideas. Our biggest concern was that Seekers not simply be “Vanguard, Part II.” We wanted a different tone for this new series, something closer to the original Star Trek while still bringing to bear some of what we most enjoyed about writing Vanguard:

Unlike the Star Trek: Vanguard saga, Seekers is not intended to be a sweeping, serialized tale. Instead, most books would be “stand-alone” stories within the shared continuity, though the premise will allow for occasional “team-up” or multi-book adventures. Our intention is to bring to this new series the same “TOS-plus” storytelling style that made Vanguard so much fun, also while serving up a broader range of stories with an emphasis on exploration and discovery as characterized by the original Star Trek and, more recently, the Star Trek: Titan novel series.

Also, whereas Vanguard by design was intrinsically linked to the “canon” and even specific events and episodes of the original Star Trek, Seekers has for its playground the period following the original series (starting in 2269) as well as the largely untapped early movie era of 2270 and beyond.

The pitch and any other related work had to get back-burnered for a while, owing in large part to other books Dave and I were writing for Pocket (From History’s Shadow for me, and we each have a novel for the upcoming Star Trek: The Fall miniseries, and so on), but once most of that was done, Dave went to work a few months ago crafting a series bible. As he had done for Star Trek: Vanguard, he wrote and updated copious notes on the Sagittarius and the Endeavour and their crews (including several replacements for characters lost over the course of Vanguard), as well as laying the groundwork for their new mission and the antagonists they might face. Once that was approved, contracts were signed and here we are!

(Now, all we need are our own custom T-shirts, emblazoned with the slogan, “THEY CALL US THE SEEKERS.” Somebody get on that, eh?)

Whereas the covers for all of the Star Trek: Vanguard books were rendered by our wonderful friend, Doug Drexler, we wanted this new series to have its own distinctive look. To that end, our masters at Pocket Books granted our wish to enlist Rob Caswell’s services as cover artist for Seekers, which is fitting considering it was he who inspired us to take a chance on pitching this new idea in the first place. With that in mind, Rob and Dave already have worked to give us a taste of what readers can expect once we get this thing cranking on all cylinders:

(Click to Biggie Size.)

Oh, and you won’t have to worry about wondering what the books’ titles will be. In the tradition of the Blish Star Trek adaptations, we’ve decided we’re going to just go with numbers for each new installment.

Anybody need a minute? Anybody need a cigarette?

Star Trek: Seekers will launch next summer, with the first two books scheduled for publication in August and September 2014. As we did for the final two Vanguard novels, the three of us are working together to develop the storyline to drive these first two books and — as you likely can imagine — we’re rather jazzed to be teaming up again. As I write this, Dave’s outline for Seekers 1 has been submitted, and Kevin and I are working on the proposal for Seekers 2, big fat curvy numbers on the front, and everything.

So, how’s that grab you?

UPDATE! August 3rd – Dave Mack prepared a brief slide show for presentation last night at the Shore Leave convention, and had it running on his laptop during that con’s traditional “Meet the Pros” author signing event. He’s loaded the slides to his website, so here you go: DavidMack.pro: STAR TREK: SEEKERS – SERIES PREVIEW

UPDATE! August 4th – Artist Rob Caswell, who inspired the series with his imaginative “What If?” covers, weighs in with his own thoughts: Arcas-Art: Art Imitates Life Imitates Art Imitates Life…

Talking Vanguard, Captain Proton, and whatever over at Trek.fm!

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Christopher Jones over at Trek.fm. During that conversation, we discussed That Which Divides, which at the time was still minty-fresh, along with a few other Trek and writing-related topics.

Now, Christopher and his partner in crime, Matthew Rushing, have launched a new podcast under the Trek.fm banner, called Literary Treks. Their aim with this show is to turn the spotlight on the various Star Trek fiction, be they novels, comics, and so on. I was asked to be a part of their inaugural installment, and over the course of an hour or so we talk about my recently published novella In Tempest’s Wake as well as my experiences writing and collaborating for the Star Trek: Vanguard novel series. As you may recall, I have something of a soft spot for those books.

We also cover ground in a couple of other areas, such as my ongoing fetish desire to write Captain Proton stories, collaboration in general, other projects I have in the hopper, and what I like to read for fun when I’m not writing, working, or otherwise comatose.

It was a fun discussion, the first of what I hope will be many with Christopher and Matthew. Literary Treks already has lined up a similar interview with pal o’ mine and current Star Trek: Voyager novel-master Kirsten Beyer, with still others waiting in the wings. So, before they get on with talking to those far more interesting people, you’ll have to settle for me:

Trek.fm: Literary Treks – In Tempest’s Wake and the Development of Vanguard.

Many thanks to Christopher and Matthew for having me on!

In Tempest’s Wake

Star Trek: Vanguard
Cover for Vanguard: In Tempest's Wake
The U.S.S. Enterprise and other starships that participated in the final battle in the Taurus Reach have been remanded to a remote starbase. While evacuees from the station are processed and the ships repaired, restocked, and re-staffed as needed, Captain James T. Kirk is ordered to report to Admiral Heihachiro Nogura, Starbase 47’s second and final commanding officer.

Through flashbacks intercut with the ongoing conversation between Kirk and Nogura, the Enterprise’s involvement in the last days of Operation Vanguard—and the conflict between Starfleet and Tholian forces at Starbase 47—is now told from the perspective of Kirk and his crew.”

NOTE: For those wondering, this is a novella, approximately 30,000 words in length, as opposed to the 70-100,000+ range typical of full-length novels. It’s intended to serve as a sort of “coda” to the Star Trek: Vanguard novel series, which received its rather honest to goodness explosive finale in May 2012 with Storming Heaven. The best way to describe this story is that it’s intended as a “bonus” for readers and fans of the series, and designed to be read after you’ve read all of the other books in their proper order.

Amazon Kindle eBook
Barnes & Noble Nook eBook
Kobo eBook