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Guest Blogger Kirsten Beyer: “Rockets Big…Space Station Pretty…”

Okay, folks…now you’re in for a treat. After enduring my long-winded recounting of our trip to Houston and the Johnson Space Center, now you get to enjoy the more stylish recollections of someone who was able to bring an air … Continue reading

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More on that Houston trip!

In the event you’re not totally exhausted after reading my rather wordy treatise recounting our trip to Houston and the Johnson Space Center, friend and fellow word pusher David Mack has done us a great service by providing his own … Continue reading

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So, about that Houston trip….

Okay, okay. It’s time to spill all the gory details about our recently concluded adventure. WARNING: This is a long-assed post. Here’s your chance to take the emergency exit. Give me the “TLDR” bit and I will travel to your home … Continue reading

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I’m outa here…

…temporarily, anyway. I’m heading out for the next week or so. There may be sporadic updates here and there, but don’t count on it. Sure, I’ll have my mini laptop with me, with an eye toward maybe pecking on a … Continue reading

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We interrupt this program….

Kevin and I are headed out to Vegas this afternoon. While I’m away, there likely won’t be any updates here, owing mostly to the fact that I ain’t takin’ a laptop. I’ll have my phone with me, though, so that … Continue reading

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Twas the day before Christmas….

So, here we are: Christmas Eve. My shopping is long done. Anybody still fighting crowds at Walmart or the malls has a death wish, so far as I’m concerned. The only people for whom I feel sorry on this day … Continue reading

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Various updatery, etc.

The final leg of Clan Ward’s VacationQuest 2010 began on Tuesday evening, though we would take our sweet time leaving Florida. Our first stop? Orlando, so that we might spend Wednesday in the Kingdom of the Mouse. Holy bejeezus, but … Continue reading

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