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Hey! About those German-language versions of the Typhon Pact books….

While I was busy with this and that, the world kept spinning, the planets kept moving, and so on and so forth. Along the way, German publisher Cross Cult also was doing its thing, and over the last few months … Continue reading

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Listen to me live on Trek Radio this Saturday!

Tis true, boys and girls! I have been invited by the fine folks over at Trek Radio to round out their special “Typhon Pact Author Series” of interviews for their site’s “Captain’s Table” feature. The show already interviewed fellow Typhon … Continue reading

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Final covers for German-edition Typhon Pact books.

Back in July, we found out that German publisher Cross Cult had posted preliminary cover art for their forthcoming translations of the first four Star Trek: Typhon Pact novels. Now thanks to “8of5” over at The Trek Collective, we know that the … Continue reading

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Star Trek: Typhon Pact…Cross Cult Style!

This morning’s check of Facebook brought with it this little bit of Trekkie goodness, being preliminary cover art for Cross Cult‘s forthcoming German-language translation of my Star Trek: Typhon Pact novel, Paths of Disharmony: (Click to Biggie Size) Since mine … Continue reading

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Look! Shiny stuff!

So, this arrived in today’s mail, having completed its safe and successful journey across the pond from the home offices of Unreality SF to stately Ward Manor: (Click to biggie size.) I was relieved to see that it had arrived … Continue reading

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What a naughty blogger I’ve been.

Yes, I’ve been remiss in my social media responsibilities these past several days. Chalk it up to being first on the road to Denver, then consumed by the awesome chaos that is the annual Starfest Convention, during which I had … Continue reading

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New interview at Unreality SF.

Jens Deffner over at Unreality SF has posted a new interview he conducted with me. I’m assuming I was the subject of this latest interview because Charlie Sheen isn’t returning any phone calls. Anyway, during the course of our latest … Continue reading

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