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Catch me if you can….

So, I’ll be getting around a bit during the next week, at least in an online sense. First, this coming Sunday morning, August 21st, I’m supposed to be dropping in to the Sunday G and T Show, a weekly internet-based … Continue reading

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Halloween story – 2011 edition?

Reading John Scalzi’s new short story that he posted to Twitter today in honor of reaching 20,000 followers reminded me that I should probably start thinking about what — if anything — I might do for my third annual “Halloween … Continue reading

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Twitter diversions: #sixwordnovels

Every once in a while, something fun happens on Twitter which rises above the usual background noise that is people telling each other where they’re eating or who they’re hanging out with, or spambots pimping you with some shitty product … Continue reading

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“Counter-Protest,” now available for normal folk.

For those who might care, I’ve put up a page for “Counter-Protest,” the short story I “live-tweeted” this past Halloween. This version lacks the Twitter hashtags and is formatted for viewing by…you know…regular folk, who can handle life events in … Continue reading

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Tor’s “Six Word SF Story” exercise on Twitter.

Last week, the good folks over at asked their followers on Twitter to create a six-word fantasy story. There were a slew of responses to that challenge, so Tor did something similar today, only this time hardy souls were … Continue reading

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Following on the fun we (supposedly) had for Halloween 2009 when I “live-tweeted” a piece of zombie flash fiction on Twitter, I was asked to repeat the exercise again for 2010. The result of that call was this story, “Counter-Protest.” … Continue reading

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Almost time for the “Counter-Protest.”

A week or so ago, I announced that I’d be doing another “Halloween Twitter Story” again this year, following the postive feedback I got from last year’s story in this vein, “Last Stand.” Now that we’re getting closer to Halloween, … Continue reading

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This year’s Halloween Twitter story.

Some of you might remember that last year, I “live tweeted” (what other kind of tweeting is there?) a piece of flash fiction to Twitter on Halloween night, switching between firing off a few tweets and handing out candy to … Continue reading

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Space Horrors TwitterParty!

All day today (okay, 9am-9pm Eastern), Flying Pen Press publisher David Rozansky (@DavidRozansky) is hosting a “TwitterParty” to celebrate the release of Space Horrors. For the Twitterati among us, follow the #FTST “hashtag” to keep tabs on the ongoing discussion(s). … Continue reading

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The trouble with tribble tweets.

This new entry at Doug Drexler’s website, The Drexfiles, is pretty amusing. It’s a photographic travelogue of a wayward tribble. Thanks to Doug’s rather storied career, the tribble goes on a pretty slick journey to various Hollywood locales. Be sure … Continue reading

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