My 2009 Calendar.

Well, January 1st, 2009 is almost upon us, and with that, I have a new day-by-day calendar, which I will share with all y’all as the year progresses. Also, since the calendar is, essentially, a year-long trivia quiz, I’ve decided to try and have some additional fun with it. Here’s what I’m gonna do:

  1. Post each day’s question, and screen the answers.
  2. Tally the correct answers day to day.
  3. At the end of each month, the top scorer will (assuming they want one) win an autographed book from my/Kevin’s and my backlist, assuming: A) I have it here in storage, or B) I can obtain a new copy relatively painlessly. We’ll work it out as necessary.

Some rules/points of order:

  1. One question per day, except for weekends, since the calendar combines Saturdays/Sundays. I’ll probably post the weekend question on Saturday, and leave it up until I post the following Monday’s question.
  2. No need to sign up. If you answer, I’ll tally your score(s).
  3. If you currently post anonymously and want to play (because you just don’t have LJ, or you just prefer not to actually reveal your ID to the public at large), either leave your name in the comment with your answer, or shoot me a private message through LJ that tells me who you are.
  4. The answer to the previous days question will be posted along with a tally of who got it right, and the new day’s question. Eligibility to answer a previous question ends once I post a new question, which likely will happen in the evenings on most weekdays. For purposes of displaying scores, anonymous folks will retain their anonymity.
  5. The same person won’t be eligible to win during consecutive months. I haven’t yet decided if I’ll limit the total number of times a single person can win; let’s see if anybody besides my mother opts in to even play this thing.
  6. I’ll cover the postage to get the book to you.

I know I haven’t come right out yet and said what the calendar is, but a hint is running around out there somewhere in a past LJ entry. So, any takers?