More presents from the Book Fairy!

What’s this? New books with that new book smell? Awwwwwwwwwww, yeah.

The good folks at Insight Editions sent me a present yesterday, in the form of author copies of my two latest publications: a pair of IncrediBuilds wood model kits, each with their own book as scribbled by me! Check it out, y’all:

(Click to biggie size.)

Aimed at a younger audience, the models are designed for easy assembly and require no glue, tape, or anything else. Everything fits together all nice and snug. I’ve not yet built either of these, but my kids and I have experimented with a couple of the Star Wars IncrediBuilds offerings. These things are kinda fun. 🙂

I was first able to talk about these back at the end of March, when Insight and made the official announcement. Each book is 32 pages, stuffed to overflowing with various facts, stats, and little anecdotes about the ships as portrayed on TV and film, along with a few behind the scenes nuggets.

Both model/book sets are due in stores on or about on Tuesday, June 12th. I’m pretty happy with how these came out, and we’ve had conversations about potential future entries in this series. Stay tuned for more info as details develop!


Your Moment of TrekZen.*

From the StarFest Convention held a couple of weekends ago, this was one of my favorite entries in the con’s annual costume contest. She pulled this off with no tribble at all.


I laughed way hard the first time I saw this. I wish I’d had a chance to catch her name and let her know.

(* = inspired by the “Your Moment of Zen” segments from The Daily Show)

Talking Drastic Measures and other stuff at Discovering Trek!

Everybody look out! I’m talking. Again.

This time, I join Dan Davidson and Bill Smith, hosts of the Trek Geeks and Discovering Trek podcasts for a special installment of the latter show. Why? Well, as you may have heard, I wrote this one little Star Trek: Discovery novel called Drastic Measures, which came out a little bit ago.


In addition to the book and how it was developed (with the able assistance of Discovery‘s own Kirsten Beyer and my editor, Margaret Clark) and how the story’s events affect the characters of Philippa Georgiou and Gabriel Lorca ten years before the events of the series’ first season, we talk about the show itself and “Star Trek canon” and how my head explodes whenever that word comes up, how I got into writing Star Trek stories for Pocket, favorite Star Trek projects like the Vanguard novels, reading the novels as a fan before getting into the whole writing thing, and the close-knit circle of friends that is the Star Trek writing cabal.

Podcasters are getting wise to my antics, though. They’re smart enough to ask fairly open-ended questions, knowing that I’ll ramble and yammer long enough for them to run to the bathroom, pick up dinner, get their car detailed, or head out for a weekend in Vegas. Such is the case here, though Dan and Bill exercised great patience and grace by remaining with me throughout my answers, even staying conscious long enough to drop in the occasional “Uh-huh,” “yeah,” or, “oh, right.”

Thanks for indulging me, guys.

Anyway, the results of this latest stream-of-conscious babbling can be found here:

Discovering Trek Bonus Episode: Drastic Measures


Many thanks to Dan and Bill for having me on the show. I had a great time talking to these fine gents. With any luck, our paths will cross again in the near future at Vegas or some other swank con. 🙂

Pre-order links for my Star Trek IncrediBuilds book/model sets!


Remember last weekend when I finally was able to announce two of the mystery projects with which I’m currently involved? It was nice to come in from the darkness, albeit briefly, and talk about the pair of Star Trek-themed IncrediBuilds projects I’ve been working on for Insight Editions. Both book/model sets are due for publication on Tuesday, June 12th, and now we have pre-order links…well, sorta.


Because I know you want to buy copies for you and all of your friends:

Star Trek: The Original Series – U.S.S. Enterprise
Barnes & Noble

Star Trek: The Next Generation – U.S.S. Enterprise
Barnes and Noble

The TNG Enterprise set seems to be having some issues to sort out so far as its “availability.” Amazon is showing its pub date as May 2030, and B&N doesn’t even have it listed. Only Books-A-Million seems to have its act together. As things get sorted out, I’ll be sure to post updates, because I know you all want to get a jump on your holiday shopping.

In which I over-explain my Star Trek/American Chopper meme.

Lunch time is a dangerous time for Dayton. It’s during this period on may a day, as I eat my salad or sandwich, that I tend to contemplate mischief.

Yesterday was one such day.

Those of you into the whole meme thing know that they tend to come and go. Somewhere, somebody does something clever and/or funny and shares it to their circle of online friends, some of those friends share it with their friends and/or total strangers, and if the conditions are just right, said clever and/or funny thing suddenly finds itself going “viral.” Its ability to grab someone’s attention continues for a few days (or longer if it’s really nifty) before something else starts the vicious cycle all over again.

This past week, it was the “American Chopper” meme, which was actually created several years ago but is now enjoying renewed attention thanks to the recent announcement that the television show is returning to Discovery later this year.

Rather than explain the whole thing, here’s a handy link, which comes with several notable examples from this past week: The 20 Best ‘American Chopper’ Memes.

So, that brings us to me, sitting there at lunch, eating my sandwich, and contemplating mischief. Fresh off our April Fool’s gag, I was looking for something new to goof around with, and because I like to cross my streams and mix my drinks when I ponder this kind of silly stuff, I immediately began contemplating how to apply the AC meme formula to a Star Trek joke.

It didn’t take long:

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Happy First Contact Day, Trekkies!

April 5th, 2063: We’re only 45 years from this most excellent of events, yo.

While we wait, we continue to look to the future with hope and excitement. After all, we know that this monumental meeting between humanity and intelligent beings from a world beyond our own will usher in a new era of peace, optimism, prosperity and collaborative spirit as the people of Earth take their first tentative steps into a larger universe.


So, grab yourself the first Vulcan (or other non-terrestrial biological entity) you meet, wriggle to the left, wriggle to the right, and do the Ooby Dooby with all of your might. Let’s get this party started, all while living long and prospering in forthright, logical fashion, of course.

Talking Star Trek Adventures with the Continuing Mission STA blog!

People, people, people.

When are you going to learn?

Despite all my attempts to dissuade danger seekers, people insist on wanting to interview me. I do everything I can to make them reconsider the wisdom of granting me airtime or space in their publications. I routinely ignore such requests as, “You need to take this seriously,” “I wish you wouldn’t drink while we’re recording,” or “No, you really, really have to wear pants for this and holy shit but what’s with the purple underwear,” but do they listen?


So, here we are. Again.

This time, the poor soul who stepped into the breach is one Michael Dismuke, he of Continuing Mission, a blog devoted to the Star Trek Adventures role-playing game produced by Modiphius. Those of you who follow this space know that I was involved in some work for the game back during its development and early rollout of its “living campaign” setup.

The game is firing on all thrusters now, with the living campaign in full swing and the core rulebook and other supplements being released at a fairly regular pace. So far as I can tell, response to STA has been overwhelmingly positive, and I know lots of good things are still waiting in the wings as the development team continues to march merrily along.

Michael tossed me a handful of questions about my involvement with the game and how I approached writing for this new platform and audience. As I’ve said before, it was a bit of a learning experience, but also a lot of fun, thanks in large part to friend and fellow writer Scott Pearson, with whom I worked on the living campaign, and other friend and also fellow scribe Jim Johnson, who invited me aboard in the first place. Both of these gents, along with a whole bunch of other cool people, are continuing to create new material for the game, and I’m as interested as anyone in seeing where things go next.

Meanwhile, you can read my interview with Michael here:

Continuing Mission:
New York Times Bestselling Author Dayton Ward Talks STA!

Many thanks to Michael for reaching out. If you’re an STA player, be sure to check back with Continuing Mission, as he has interviewed Jim as well as other game contributors.

My latest Star Trek project!*

I know that I’ve been vague and evasive these past several months with respect to the different projects I’ve got going. Most of that is due to the wishes of my various employers and their desires to roll out “official” announcements at what they feel is the right time. Then there’s my own weirdness about making sure everything’s nailed down, dialed in, and whatever else before going public with news. Sometimes it’s because I’m fussy about every last detail and want to make sure there are no typos or other goofs in artwork or other aspects of a particular project.

As often as not, it’s because the timing has to be “just right.”

Example? Today’s announcement. Come along as I unveil the all-new Star Trek tale Kevin and I have been brewing! Behold, yo:

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Come build some Star Trek with me!

After several months hinting, vaguebooking, and yammering about “unannounced projects” I’ve been working on, I’m finally able to talk about a couple of them.

I’ve been having some fun with new projects for Insight Editions, the publisher of my Vulcan and Klingon Empire travel guides. Last year, I was asked about my interest in writing a couple of new offerings for Insight’s IncrediBuilds imprint.


From their own website: “The IncrediBuilds collection features do-it-yourself, customizable, freestanding models that are sure to delight fans of all ages. Each model is made of Earth-friendly, FSC®-certified wood, and all products include step-by-step directions and coloring and crafting ideas. No glue or tools necessary. Informative and interactive, both kids and adults can use these projects to explore their creativity and create unique, displayable art.”

IncrediBuilds projects cover subjects from a variety of categories, including famous buildings from around the world, animals, and several licensed properties including Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter, and Star Wars.

Anybody want to guess where this is going?


That’s right, kids! IncrediBuilds is venturing into the Final Frontier, and the first projects out of the gate are the original U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701 and its Galaxy-class counterpart from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Check out’s preview of these new kits by clicking on this linky-type thing right here: Craft Your Own Enterprises

IB_MillFalcon_Env_final_withstars.inddSeveral of the IncrediBuilds kits are offered in what are called “Deluxe Editions,” in which the model comes with a special 32-page book that offers all sorts of juicy details about the item being…you know…built. For example, the book accompanying the Millennium Falcon build offers some history of the ship, “tech specs” and a tour of its features, its owners, “famous flights, and so on. There’s also a bit of “behind the scenes” info about its creation for the Star Wars films, including an interview with one of the people responsible for designing and building the original model.

For both Enterprise editions, I took a similar approach with the books I was asked to write, so you’ll get a brief rundown of the ships and their place in Starfleet history, as well as a look at each filming model’s design and creation for their respective television series. Lots of pictures are jammed into both books, as well.

Hey. Wanna sneak peek?


The original and still the best, U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701
(click to biggie size)


Aaaaaaand an Enterprise for the Next Generation (see what I did, there?).

Both “Deluxe” book/model sets are currently slated for release on Tuesday, June 12th, each with a retail price of $16.99.

I had a ton of fun with these, and I can’t wait to see the models they’re making to go with them. Writing anything Star Trek with a younger audience in mind is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long, long time. This will hopefully be the first of several such Trek-themed IncrediBuilds projects, and we’ve already had a brief discussion about possible follow-ups for these two. Meanwhile, I’m currently working on two additional, non-Trek IB books.

More on those later, so if you’ll excuse me…I need to get my butt back to work.

“Assignment: Earth” at 50.

Though we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the original Star Trek series premiere back in September 2016, it’s been fun to recognize various favorite episodes as they each reach their own respective golden milestone. Landmark installments like “Arena,” “The City on the Edge of Forever,” and “The Doomsday Machine” have all gotten a bit of love as they turned 50, but it’s also fun to recognize those episodes which might not often show up on various “Best of” lists while still being personal favorites.

For me, “Assignment: Earth” is one such episode.

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