Blogging about Trek and Doctor Who over at!

Back in February, I babbled about pondered IDW’s forthcoming Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover comic miniseries Assimilation2. Perhaps you recall that little bit of internet banality, but if not, then BOOM! Here you go.

Anyway, skip ahead to earlier this month, when I was contacted by Ryan Britt, staff writer for the Giant Tub of AwesomeSauce that is To paraphrase Ryan, one of his numerous tasks for the site is looking around the internet for all manner of interesting topics, and my aforementioned little blog piece caught his attention. He invited me to post it on the Tor site, either as is or–if I felt like it–expanded or reworked if I decided that was the way to go.

Well, I ended up choosing Door #2. The result? “Make It So Timey-Wimey! Doctor Who/Star Trek Crossovers Then and Now

Yes, the Turtles made it to the new version.

Thanks very much to Ryan and the folks at Tor for inviting me back to their sandbox to play for a while!


Fall in! They’re talking about military SF over at!

Thanks to a heads-up from fellow word slinger Jason Schmetzer (translation: I read his Facebook update about his new blog post), I remembered that is in the midst of running a series of essays about different facets of military science fiction. Check it, yo:

Military Science Fiction on

The topics run the gamut, from appreciating classics of the genre to examining and questioning its various tropes from both the writer’s and reader’s (or viewer’s) perspective. Contributors to this set of features include such fine folks as John Scalzi, Jo Walton, David Drake, Robert Buettner and a host of others. So far, things have managed a nice balance of subjects and viewpoints, and while not everything grabbed me the same way, I think there’s at least something there for anyone who might be interested in some interesting takes on the topic. Among my personal favorites (aside from my predictable “Whatever Scalzi wrote” response) is a pair of articles provided by Myke Cole titled “Why Every Writer Should Join the US Military.”

(No, it’s not like that. Do yourself a favor and read both pieces, and see where the man’s coming from. Being one of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, I was able to relate to how he feels his service days helped him achieve his goals as a writer.)

Like I said, there’s a lot to read over at good old Tor, and I rather enjoyed going down the list and taking it all in. Those of you who dig mil-SF should give it a look-see.

Thanks again to Jason for alerting me (and his other readers) to this!


The torch has been passed….

Over the weekend, friend and fellow word-slinger Keith R.A. DeCandido (kradical) announced over on the website that he now had the conn with the ongoing Star Trek Re-Watch, taking the regular site feature into the Next Generation!

Keith’s takes over re-watch duties from me and David Mack (infinitydog) beginning…well, today! Appropriately enough, his tenure as Tor’s resident Star Trek re-watcher kicks off with the TNG pilot, “Encounter at Farpoint.”

Be sure to bookmark the TNG Re-Watch Index, and be on the lookout for regular updates. Perhaps hoping to complete this task in something less than an eternity, Keith will be bringing you a new installment of this re-watch twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays.

Good luck, dude!

The Star Trek movie marathon continues at!

On Monday, I provided a heads-up about the “Star Trek Movie Marathon” week over at I was asked to participate in the fun, and I provided a some reminiscing about Star Trek: The Motion Picture. While I knew that Dave Mack would also be providing a piece for the theme week, I didn’t know that other folks I knew were involved, as well.

So, here we are at Wednesday, and the batting order through the first four movies is as follows:

There’s also an excerpt from Star Trek film director, producer, and director Nicholas Meyer from his book The View from the Bridge: Memories of Star Trek and A Life in Hollywood

After that? I have no idea who might be contributing blogs for the remaining films, but I’ll be sure to update this list as appropriate. 🙂

Blathering about Star Trek: The Motion Picture at!

Today marks the start of “Star Trek Movie Marathon Week” over at, who as some of you know has been very nice to David Mack (infinitydog) and me in recent months. The good Tor-folks are spending the week celebrating the Star Trek movies featuring the original cast, and they asked Dave and me if we were interested in getting in on the fun.

Mr. Mack volunteered to write about Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, whereas I accepted the challenge of reminiscing and trying to find something nice to say about the movie which brought Kirk and Company to the silver screen for the very first time, Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Actually, it wasn’t all that hard to do. Despite its faults (of which there are more than a few), I really do have a soft spot for the flick, warts and all.

You can read my contribution to what promises to be a fun week over at Tor, here:

Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Big Ideas Worthy of a Return

Each day will bring with it a new piece about the next film in the sequence, as well as a special giveaway contest hosted by Tor. Today’s contest is right here: Star Trek: The Motion Picture Appreciation Giveaway

Star Trek Re-Watch: ….

Hey, it’s Thursday kids, and you know what that means! Another exciting installment of Star Trek Re-Watch, brought to you by me and David Mack (aka infinitydog) and hosted by our benevolent masters at


It’s over?

Damn. Okay. Musta been a reflex.

Anyway, if nothing else, this will serve as the final “Re-Watch Archive” post which points you to the articles Dave and I wrote as we reviewed, recapped, and released our lunches over the third season of the original Star Trek series. Our reviews were capped off by a third-season “wrap-up” post, and then a special bonus recap/analysis of “The Cage.”

The Mack/Ward Star Trek Re-Watch Archive:

And that really is all we wrote. Stay tuned for updates about any future “Re-Watch” efforts or other blogging by Dave and/or me over at Ya just never know what might happen.

Star Trek Re-Watch: “The Cage”

Well, here we are at the last day of the month; the last Thursday in March, and the last installment of Star Trek Re-Watch, brought to you by me and David Mack (aka infinitydog) and hosted by our benevolent masters at

We bring things to a close with a special bonus edition of the re-watch, with a visit to the original Star Trek series pilot, “The Cage.” Captain Pike, Number One, Dr. Boyce, a bunch of other people, and Spock…the crew of the Enterprise that wasn’t to be, in their only filmed mission. Evil Buttheaded Aliens, hotty green slave chicks, and…well….


So, mosey on over to and check out our latest blatherings, and jump into the comment mosh pit, if you’re so inclined. Our sugar mamas and daddys like it when we lure unsuspecting NetNerds to their recently-revamped website.

The Mack/Ward Star Trek Re-Watch Archive:

Next Week: ….

What, haven’t you been paying attention? You’re still here? It’s over! Go home! Go.

Star Trek Re-Watch: Season 3 Wrap-up!

Thursday, yo! You know what that means: another exciting installment of Star Trek Re-Watch, brought to you by me and David Mack (infinitydog) and hosted by our sugar mamas and daddys over at

This week, we pause for breath after 24 weeks and offer up our final thoughts on the original Star Trek‘s beleaguered third season. It’s our Season 3 Wrap-up, in which we recount the good, the bad, and the “WTF WAS THAT?” It’s been an interesting exercise, revisiting the season over the past several months. I’ve gained (or regained) new respect for a handful of episodes, while my hatred for other installments was only strengthened. Dave and I certainly had fun along the way, and I hope those who took the trip with us enjoyed themselves, as well.

So, mosey on over to and check out our latest yammerings. Feel free to join the discussion in the post’s comment section, too. Our bosses like it when we sucker people drive traffic to the website.

The Mack/Ward Star Trek Re-Watch Archive:

Next Week: Dave and provide an extra-special helping of re-watching goodness to close out our initial run with, recapping and “analyzing” the original series’ first pilot, “The Cage.” After that…well, who knows? If you want to see more re-watch action from me and the Infinity Dog, be sure to post in recap’s comments section!

Star Trek Re-Watch: “Turnabout Intruder”

Hey, it’s Thursday! The penultimate day of the work week brings with it another scintillating installment of Star Trek Re-Watch, brought to you by me and David Mack (infinitydog) and hosted by our benevolent masters at

This week, we reach the end of the original Star Trek‘s broadcast run with that complex, thought-provoking morality tale that turns its scrutinizing spotlight on the ongoing issue of gender equality. Okay, not really. It’s the one where James Kirk switches bodies with a woman, and we’re supposed to believe he never let his fingers do the walking, if you know what I mean. It’s “Turnabout Intruder,” which serves as the original series’ swan song before fading into television oblivion…never to be heard from again.


So, wander on over to, whydontcha, and check out our latest blatherings. Feel free to join the comment train, too. Our bosses like it when we sucker people drive traffic to the website.

The Mack/Ward Star Trek Re-Watch Archive:

Next Week: Dave and I offer our “final thoughts” on Star Trek‘s third season. Join us as we run down the Good, the Bad, and the Oh-What-the-Hell-Were-They-Thinking. The week after that? A special edition of Star Trek Re-Watch, as we turn our Snarkometers on the original series first pilot, “The Cage.” Why? Because we really can’t end this shin-dig with such a crappy taste in our mouths, right?

Star Trek Re-Watch: “All Our Yesterdays”

Thursday, yo! You know what that means, right? Right! Another thrilling installment of Star Trek Re-Watch, brought to you by me and David Mack (infinitydog) and hosted by people who are only just now beginning to figure out that they probably could’ve gotten someone else to do this cheaper,

This week, we look back at a rare gem from Star Trek‘s final season which is also the series’ penultimate episode, “All Our Yesterdays.” Cranky librarians, Kirk hassling the natives, and Mariette Hartley in a leather bikini. What’s not to love? Mr. Mack provides the episode recap this time around, and I get to remember that there was more to love than hate during this rare third-season bright spot.

So, head on over to, and partake of our latest scribblings and musings, whydontcha? Jump on in and offer up some comment action, too. The Tor-folk have just unveiled a new look for their website, and they want people to “Oooo” and “Ahhh” over it, anyway.

The Mack/Ward Star Trek Re-Watch Archive:

Next Voyage: It’s the series finale, “Turnabout Intruder,” which brings to an end the original Star Trek‘s broadcast run. Is it a bang, or a whimper? More like a tortured wease, really. I get to provide the episode recap, and Mr. Mack will almost certainly eviscerate it during his analysis. Then we’ll all gather ’round for a rousing chorus of “Auld Lang Syne.”

Well, maybe, “Hit the Road Jack.”