TNG trivia mischief.

While writing up a trivia quiz spotlighting Worf, I came up with this question and the three possible answers:

Question: This Klingon opera is one of Worf’s favorites.

Possible Answers:

  • Aktuh and Maylota
  • By-Tor and the Snow Dog
  • Kahless and Morath



Assorted happenings, and a request!

Looks like the latest issue of Star Trek Magazine, #12 (US)/#139 (UK), is starting to show up on newsstands, even though I’ve not yet received my subscriber or contributor copies. In addition to the engaging articles and features you’ll find from other, more talented writers, Kevin and I also kick in a (hopefully) fun little piece highlighting Star Trek‘s Top 10 modes of time travel. It’s a sure bet you’ll want to clip this bit and stick it into whatever Frommer’s tour guidebook you’re carrying around this summer.

Elsewhere, I received notification today that The Best of the Bubbas of the Apocalypse, a new trade paperback anthology featuring a whole butt-load of BubbaGoodness, as well as my entry, “Jack and the Weird-Ass Box” (previously published in Yard Dog Press’ Houston: We’ve Got Bubbas!), is listed at as in stock and shipping. What…you haven’t ordered yours yet?

Cover for The Best of the Bubbas of the Apocalypse

And finally, a check of shows that an all-new Star Trek: The Next Generation trivia quiz is up. Quiz #2 is a primer on Captain Picard. Enjoy!

Now, you’re probably wondering why I really called you here this evening. I have a special request! 

Details behind the cut….

What’s old is new again.

A few people on my f-list (such as bill_leisner and kvaadk) know that many moons ago, I was for several years a volunteer staffer for the now-defunct Star Trek Club on America Online. As such, I was also a member of the staff’s “trivia team,” one of several folks who presented real time Star Trek trivia games in the club’s chat room. When I started out, I was doing a TNG game every Friday night. Then we added a once-monthly TOS game. When DS9 and Voyager came along, we added games for those shows, too.

Well, it’s many years later, and I’m getting back into the Trek Trivia game again, albeit in a much different manner.

The Sci Fi Channel’s website has launched a new section devoted to Star Trek: The Next Generation, which began airing in blocks on Monday evenings back on June 2nd. Part of the section’s content is a series of trivia quizzes, updated on a (more or less) bi-weekly basis. Now that the first quiz is up, I can be a shameless whore and direct Trekkies to try their hand. It’s nothing too hard, but hopefully not a total breeze, either.

Definitely not as harsh as some of my old AOL games, though…. 😀

Thanks are in order for my bud, Dave Mack (infinitydog) who took time out from his busy schedule torturing the various denizens of Star Trek fiction to lie his ass off and tell folks at the Sci Fi Channel that I was the man for the job. Drinks on me at Shore Leave, dude!