Cover art for Cross Cult’s German edition of Peaceable Kingdoms!

Wanna look at something pretty?

Cross Cult, our publishing friends who produce German language translations of–among other things–various Star Trek novels and comics, have been busy again. This time, they’re taking on the five books comprising the Star Trek: The Fall mini-series from last year.  As part of their translation “package,” Cross Cult often commissions new cover art to grace their editions of these books. The ones I’ve seen are quite eye-catching…not just the art but the books themselves, which usually are slightly oversized paperbacks with lots of spot varnish effects to really make the cover art pop.

Thanks to a heads up from friend Jens Deffner over on Twitter, I was made aware of this bit of sweetness: a “rough” version of what will be the cover for CrossCult’s edition of my novel from The Fall, Peaceable Kingdoms:

PeaceableKingdoms-CrossCult(Click to Biggie Size)

Pretty swank, right?

“Rough” is in quotes because–more often than not–CrossCult seems to hit pretty close to the final mark even when they offer up these “draft” versions.

Thanks to Jens for the heads-up, and to the gang at CrossCult for doing another bang-up job!

A new Peaceable Kingdoms review.

So, I received this new review of Peaceable Kingdoms. Short and to the point, right?


This actually is in response to a post made by friend Emmett Plant over on Facebook. He had posted a music sample and solicited feedback, and my comment on the post was, “More cowbell.”

(Sidebar: Are there really people out there who don’t get this reference? Ah, well.)

Anyway, Emmett gave back as good as he got, and posted this picture in response to my comment.

Heh. 😀

Talkin’ about The Fall with Trek Mate!

Last Saturday, Trek Mate host Sina Alvarado managed to corral four of the five authors who contributed to the recently concluded novel miniseries Star Trek: The Fall, about which you may or may not have read every so often if you’ve been lurking around here for any length of time.


Once assembled, we–David R. George III, David Mack, James Swallow, and myself–commenced to babble and ramble about all sorts of topics, returning to “the table” every so often to actually answer a question posed to us by Sina. Una McCormack was unable to join us, which was something of a bummer, because her presence most certainly would’ve lent an air of much-needed dignity to the proceedings. Still, the rest of us made sure during our discussion that her indelible contributions to the miniseries were not overlooked.

We talk about how the series came about, how this or that writer was given the task of writing for particular characters or dealing with specific plot points, and how the miniseries sets the course for things to come.

Oh, and we talk about drinking. A bit. Much.

It was a fast hour or so, and our host, Sina, displayed an extraordinary level of patience and grace while enduring our antics. The results of this confab (and Sina’s monumental editing efforts) now are available for your listening pleasure:

Trek Mate: Ten Forward – Episode 93:
A Round of Drinks for the Authors of Star Trek: The Fall!

Thanks very much to Sina and Trek Mate for giving us a forum to chat. Here’s hoping we can do it again soon!


New interview at

A couple of weeks ago, after we turned in our manuscript for our first Star Trek: Seekers novel, I was interviewed again by the good folks over at

trekcoreThis time, we talk about the writing of Peaceable Kingdoms and contributing along with my co-conspirators to the recently concluded mini-series Star Trek: The Fall. We also talk a bit about Seekers, and how the three of us (David Mack, me, and Kevin Dilmore) are very excited to be back together plotting and scheming and so on and so forth.

Read all about it here: TrekCore – Dayton Ward Interview: Peaceable Kingdoms

Thanks very much to Adam Walker and the gang for giving me a bit of their bandwidth in which to yammer and whatnot. 🙂

New interview over at Trek Mate!

Because I know you were thinking, “Hey, it’s been about a month or so since that Ward guy babbled to the point that I wanted to run an icepick through my ear drums.”

This time, I “sit down” with host Sina Alvarado for another installment of Trek Mate‘s “Ten Forward” podcast. We discuss the writing of Peaceable Kingdoms as well as collaborating with my friends and fellow word pushers on Star Trek: The Fall. We also get a little bit into upcoming projects and other things, but I don’t want to spoil your listening fun. Do we talk about Star Trek: Seekers? Could be, perhaps along with a few teases about upcoming happenings and whatnot, including my upcoming appearance schedule as I get set for the first of the conventions I’ll be attending this year.

Go ahead, give it a listen:

Ten Forward Episode #87 – Behind the Scenes with Dayton Ward

Thanks again to Sina and the rest of the Trek Mate family for having me on. I’m sure we’ll be getting together to talk again at some point in the not-so distant future.

Consider yourselves warned.

Peaceable Kingdoms contest winners: Another update!

All righty, then.

With things starting to slow down ever so slightly on multiple fronts (I’m at the editing/polishing stage of the new novel, the house selling/buying thing is in a lull while we wait for paperwork to get finalized, etc.), I finally remembered to do something that had been hanging around far too long on my list of chores!


On our way to pick up the kids this evening, I stopped at the store and got some pseudo-fancy non-bendy photo mailers, so that I can put these card thingees into them and dispatch them to the contest winners.

As of this writing, I’m still missing mailing info for David Hewitt, so if you’re reading this, David, e-Mail me off list so I can get one sent to you.

With luck, I’ll have these winging their way to their various destinations in the next day or so (and hopefully we won’t have a repeat of the craziness that occurred the last time I tried something like this).

Thanks for your patience, folks.

Peaceable Kingdoms contest winners: An update!

Lookie what arrived in the mail today, courtesy of my editor at Pocket Books:


So, for those of you winners who saw this post and have provided me with your mailing info, I’ll be signing cards and getting them into the mail to you shortly. If you’re a winner and you haven’t yet sent me your info, you need to get on that, yo.

Also, if you’re tapped to receive one of these things and you want me to write something specific, you should probably let me know that. Otherwise, I’m just going to make something up, and you know the risk that carries….

You’ve been warned.

So, that happened.

Okay, so some of you know I got some cool news yesterday. For those of you who didn’t get the memo, it goes like this:


(Yes, they forgot to pluralize Kingdoms there, but that’s okay. It’s not like I didn’t know what they were talking about.)

Since word broke, I’ve been asked by a number of people what it feels like, what it means for the future, what I might do for my next trick, and so on and so forth.

Quick answers to those queries:

1) It feels kinda groovy.

2) I have no frappin’ idea.

3) See Answer #2.

My first reaction upon being called with the news was, “HOLY SHIT! THAT JUST HAPPENED.” I then thanked my editor profusely, not just for the news but for all the support she’s given me over the years. I’ve been fortunate to work with some kick-ass editors, including my entire time writing for Pocket Books and their Star Trek line. PeaceableKingdoms-cover

The list of people to thank is a long one. In addition to my editors at Pocket, there’s everyone else who works to get a novel from delivered manuscript to shiny new book for the store shelves (or sparkling electronic file for your e-Reader, tablet, smartphone, or whatever other gadget one might use to read books these days). In the case of The Fall, there’s also my friends and fellow word pushers: David R. George III, Una McCormack, David Mack, and James Swallow. Even though we each went to our respective corners to write our books, the miniseries as a whole was a team effort from concept through all five novels. It was a daunting challenge, but one made all the more fun by being able to face it alongside my colleagues.

There’s my hetero life mate, Kevin Dilmore, who even when he doesn’t share writing duties on a book is there for me to brainstorm with, or just to make sure I get up and away from my desk every so often to do something else besides stare at my computer screen.

My wife and kids gets their own special paragraph for thanks, as they’re the ones who put up with my crazy hours and constant need for time to write on the latest project, and the associated stress and grumpiness that often manifests itself when deadlines are looming and I’m getting fewer hours of sleep per night than I have fingers on one hand. This book was no different.

Then, of course, there’s you, the person reading this who plunked down your coin to buy the book in physical or electronic form. I’m not allowed to give out specific numbers, but I’m told that first week sales of Peaceable Kingdoms were better than any of my previous books. Yes, even the one I wrote about alternate history Steampunk zombie vampire Bigfoot bondage erotica.

Go figure.

Anyway, suffice it to say that a number of people had a hand in this. Thanks very much.

And now? I’m back to work on the next book.

Peaceable Kingdoms

PeaceableKingdoms-coverStar Trek: The Fall

* * * * * * * SPOILERS BELOW * * * * * * *




* * * * * * * I MEAN IT * * * * * * *




* * * * * * *  NO WHINING AFTER THIS POINT  * * * * * * *

Following the resolution of the fertility crisis that nearly caused their extinction, the Andorian people now stand ready to rejoin the United Federation of Planets. The return of one of its founding member worlds is viewed by many as the first hopeful step beyond the uncertainty and tragedy that have overshadowed recent events in the Alpha Quadrant. But as the Federation looks to the future and the special election to name President Bacco’s permanent successor, time is running out to apprehend those responsible for the respected leader’s brutal assassination. Even as elements of the Typhon Pact are implicated for the murder, Admiral William Riker holds key knowledge of the true assassins— a revelation that could threaten the fragile Federation-Cardassian alliance.

Questions and concerns also continue to swell around Bacco’s interim successor, Ishan Anjar, who uses the recent bloodshed to further a belligerent, hawkish political agenda against the Typhon Pact. With the election looming, Riker dispatches his closest friend, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, in a desperate attempt to uncover the truth. But as Picard and the Enterprise crew pursue the few remaining clues, Riker must act on growing suspicions that someone within Ishan’s inner circle has been in league with the assassins from the very beginning . . . .

* * * * * * * END SPOILERY SECTION * * * * * * *




* * * * * * * BACK TO NORMAL PROGRAMMING * * * * * * *

Mass-Market Paperback from
Kindle e-Book from
Mass-Market Paperback or Nook e-Book from Barnes & Noble

So, yes, this is the fifth and final novel in the Star Trek: The Fall miniseries. The other four books are:

Revelation and Dust, by David R. George III
The Crimson Shadow, by Una McCormack
A Ceremony of Losses, by David Mack
The Poisoned Chalice, by James Swallow

People have asked me if writing Peaceable Kingdoms was a similar experience to writing Paths of Disharmony for the initial four-part Typhon Pact miniseries, and I think that this one was more challenging. While the Typhon Pact books largely kept to themselves, each of The Fall books were more dependent upon each other, mine perhaps more so since I was the one tasked with wrapping up the whole thing. It also was tremendous fun, and I like where things end up at the end of this arc with respect to Captain Picard and the Enterprise-E. What’s next? Who knows? Stay tuned 🙂

In addition to providing a permanent home for links to find and order the book, this entry also will serve as the book’s “official” Q&A thread. Those of you who want to chat about the book, feel free to post your questions/etc. to the comments section. For those of you who’ve found this page and perhaps not yet read the book, BEWARE THAT SPOILERS ARE POSSIBLE FROM THIS POINT FORWARD.

Peaceable Kingdoms previewed at!

PeaceableKingdoms-coverWith Peaceable Kingdoms hitting shelves and its “official” publication due on the morrow, continues its regular preview of the latest Star Trek novels with a quick look at the new book.

As is their habit, the editors at the site ask the author to help introduce the book with some brief comments about its story as well as–in this case–how it fits with the other four books comprising Star Trek: The Fall. On the latter, I also offer some quick insights into how it was to work in concert with my friends and fellow word pushers David R. George III, Una McCormack, David Mack and James Swallow, how challenging it was to bring to a close everything they put into motion, and hopefully doing so in a manner that lives up to their work.

So, you know…no pressure, or anything. Dayton Ward Previews The Fall: Peaceable Kingdoms

Many thanks to the folks from for giving up a bit of their virtual real estate to promote the new book. There are some other interviews scheduled for in the coming weeks, including a return visit to the gang from for a new installment of their “Literary Treks” podcast series. More on these as details firm up.

You’ve all already bought your copies of the book, right?