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Another entry for my “People Are Assholes” file.

Note to drivers passing through unfamiliar residential neighborhoods because you’re impatient and in a hurry and you’ve gotten yourselves lost because you’re impatient and in a hurry, even if the reason for you being in a hurry and lost is … Continue reading

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Spam doesn’t even try, anymore.

There used to be a time when spam, if it didn’t just offer up a link to some bullshit product, at least attempted to look like a “real” blog comment or message board post. You might’ve had to read a … Continue reading

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“Brainwashing,” defined.

A little public service announcement. This, contrary to what One Million Moms Six Moms With Too Much Time On Their Hands and a Shitty Website* and some other folks might think, is not brainwashing: DC Comics’ New Gay Green Lantern … Continue reading

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You suck at parking.

Well, maybe not you you, but we both know that somewhere, somebody out there is sucking at parking right now. We’ve all seen such dumbasses in action, from crowding the lines in a parking lot to blocking driveways or doors … Continue reading

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The proper measurement for fun? 11′ 8″.

Michi was watching a “marathon” of some show called Caught On Camera today on MSNBC. Basically, each episode is a collection of video footage captured by personal video cameras, surveillance systems, and so on, and showing shocking, offbeat, or just … Continue reading

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Dear writers…

…whether you’re an old pro or someone just starting out, here’s a form of behavior you should avoid if you’re working to cultivate a reader base. The idiocy starts with the author’s first comment in response to the posted review, … Continue reading

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R-NY seeks SWF. WTF?

You know, there are some people who, quite simply, are too stupid to be allowed outside their home without a leash. Unfortunately, it appears that…sometimes…we elect such people to public office. Adding yet more weight to the prevailing theory that … Continue reading

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Karma. It’s a bitch.

A local indie paper here in Kansas City, The Pitch, has a knack for reporting stories from the metro area that always bring a smile to my face, and sometimes they even elicit an outright belly laugh. Today brought one … Continue reading

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Interesting viewing and reading.

Just links to a couple of things I found interesting today: First up? Jon Stewart takes Sarah Palin to the woodshed for…well…being Sarah Palin. (Hmm….”Being Sarah Palin.” There’s a story idea in there. Somewhere.) Anyway, while watching this clip, be … Continue reading

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Dear Stupid Parents: DO YOUR JOB.

As a parent, reading about something like this offends me: NPR: Consumer Group Sues McDonald’s Over Happy Meal Toys It sickens me how some people can so easily abdicate their responsibilities as parents, guardians, and teachers of the human beings … Continue reading

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