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New interview with Literary Treks!

And this time it’s a two-fer! That’s right! My hetero life mate, Kevin Dilmore, and I join hosts Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther for another episode of Literary Treks, a podcast from the gang at that focuses on the … Continue reading

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All That’s Left

Star Trek: Seekers Initially charted by Starfleet probes dispatched to survey the Taurus Reach, the planet Cantrel V now plays host to a budding Federation colony as well as a combined civilian/Starfleet exploration team. Ancient ruins of an unknown civilization … Continue reading

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So the Book Fairy paid me a visit….

He actually did this yesterday, but I only checked the mail this morning, and lookie what I found waiting for me in the parcel locker, all minty-fresh and whatnot: Awwwwwww, yeah. So, I’ve got mine, which means copies are or shortly will … Continue reading

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Guest blog by Seekers cover artist Rob Caswell on!

As a follow-up to last Saturday’s reveal of the covers for the next two Star Trek: Seekers novels, also invited our accidental muse for these books, artist Rob Caswell, to offer his thoughts on his rather important part of the … Continue reading

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Star Trek: Seekers 3 and 4 covers revealed!

Our friends over at have posted a new article featuring the cover art and back cover descriptions for the next two Star Trek: Seekers novels. As with the first two books, the covers were created by talented artist Rob … Continue reading

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Cover blurb for Star Trek: Seekers – All That’s Left!

Now that it’s been spotted in the wild, I’m free to post new info for All That’s Left, the upcoming fourth novel in the still kinda sorta minty fresh Star Trek: Seekers series. After fellow word pusher David Mack comes along … Continue reading

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It’s a Sagittarius model!

Check out what one talented fan is doing. This is insanely cool. (Photo: SRS Prototyping, LLC) From their Facebook page, “SRS Prototyping is a professional prototyping, model making and sculpting company, dedicated to providing exacting detail, excellent quality and total … Continue reading

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Listen to Kevin and me babbling about Seekers with!

As is known to happen on occasion and for reasons that continue to surpass understanding, people want to interview us about our books. Go figure. This time, it’s Christopher Jones and Matthew Rushing, our friends from over at, for … Continue reading

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Ask Dayton #105 on the G and T Show: “Who Dares Talk About Vanguard?”

Hey! We’re back! Well, to be fair, the G and T Show never really went anywhere. Hosts Nick Minecci, Terry Lynn Shull, and Mike Medeiros kept on keeping on, doing their usual weekly bit of discussing all the various happenings across the “Star Trek Universe.” There was talk of latest … Continue reading

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Star Trek: Seekers contest – We have winners!

I know at least a handful of you have been sitting on pins and needles, waiting to discover the outcome of this legen…….wait for it…….dary contest celebrating the launch of the all-new Star Trek: Seekers novel series, which included the … Continue reading

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