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ReWard: Writing for “Exposure?” We’re Still On That?

While culling through this morning’s batch of e-Mail, I came across not one but two — count ’em, TWO — “invitations” to write for someone or something. No payment was offered, of course, and the language of the e-Mails themselves … Continue reading

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ReWard: “Dayton’s 10 Commandments of Writing.”

In one of the…let’s see, three, four, carry the one…six bazillion Facebook threads or updates I post, or the ones I visit, the topic of my personal writing “rules” came up. I was reminded of an “Ask Dayton” question I … Continue reading

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ReWard: “The ONLY canon Star Trek book.”

I found myself involved in two separate conversations on Facebook today, both relating in some manner to one of my favorite topics in the history of ever, “the Star Trek canon.” Of course, anybody who’s hung out around here for any length of time knows how … Continue reading

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ReWard: “What Forgotten Flix Are You Thankful For?”

With Thanksgiving upon us and the holiday eating/shopping/binge-watching season looming on the not-so distant horizon, we’re getting set to host friends and family tomorrow at Ward Manor 2.0. Michi’s mom will be here, along with a pair of our dear … Continue reading

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ReWard: “Getting Over the Post-Con Blues”

Holy crap, people. While working up my infodump of this year’s Star Trek convention in Las Vegas (a work in progress, by the way), it occurred to me that I have the perfect warm up to that post-mission report, in … Continue reading

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ReWard: “Singin’ lo-righta-lay-ho…”

Earlier this evening, I Tweeted about the sauna that was my daughter’s Taekwondo dojang: “The A/C at my kid’s Taekwondo studio is broken. The main room smells like parboiled armpit, with a hint of old jockstrap.” This generated a handful … Continue reading

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ReWard: When books went to war.

Earlier today, I spent a few minutes exchanging e-Mails with a friend about a book pertaining to the Second World War that’s currently in development. I made a comment that the proposed art for the cover reminded me of something … Continue reading

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ReWard: Feelin’ Nostalgic for the Star Trek poster books.

Because Doug Drexler is being mischievous over on his Facebook page today, I was prompted to go digging into the archives to pull up something I once wrote about one of his creations from Way Back When. Back in the 1970s, after … Continue reading

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ReWard: More original series Trek stories? Yes, please. Always.

I got an odd e-Mail this morning: “I see in your blog that you’ve just finished writing an original series novel. I don’t really like those, so I won’t be buying or reading yours. I like to support writers whose … Continue reading

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ReWard: “The trouble with tribble tweets.”

Hey! Star Trek‘s got another cool anniversary worth noting today! Tonight marks the forty-fifth anniversary of the original broadcast of “The Trouble With Tribbles,” regarded by many as one of Star Trek‘s most memorable episodes. Written by David Gerrold as … Continue reading

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