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An Animated review with Saturday Morning Trek!

Hey, whaddaya know? I’m babbling again. This time, I join Aaron Harvey, host of Saturday Morning Trek,’s podcast devoted to the animated Star Trek television series. On this occasion, we hung out to talk a bit about the recently released Blu-ray “complete series” set, … Continue reading

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A new Peaceable Kingdoms review.

So, I received this new review of Peaceable Kingdoms. Short and to the point, right? This actually is in response to a post made by friend Emmett Plant over on Facebook. He had posted a music sample and solicited feedback, … Continue reading

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My first Star Trek fan film review.

People have been after me to watch and comment on the various Star Trek fan film offerings available out here on the intrawebz. To this point, I’ve resisted the urge to say much about them for this or that reason. However, I … Continue reading

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Star Trek: The Original Topps Trading Card Series – THE BOOK!

“Okay, that book we did last year for Mars Attacks was really neat, and sold pretty well, and there are lots of other cool trading card sets from back in the day that are great candidates for similar books. What … Continue reading

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Recent reviews of older stuff!

Thanks to a reminder from friend and fellow word pusher Keith R.A. DeCandido, I’m happy to steer faithful readers to some recent reviews of some my oldest Star Trek work. Dan Gunther is a regular reader and reviewer of Star … Continue reading

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The Six Million Dollar Man – The Complete Collection.

“Steve Austin, astronaut; a man barely alive….” Unless you’ve been freeze-dried or living on an asteroid for the past 30-odd years, you know that those are the first words to one of the most iconic opening credits sequences in the … Continue reading

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“That movie is how old?!?”

Yeah. That was part of a conversation held at my house this past Sunday, while Michi and I were enjoying the Super Bowl(tm) “Big Game” with friends. I brought up the fact that Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home celebrates … Continue reading

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In which we answer for our Sins.

Our friend Jens Deffner (defcons_treklit) over at Unreality SF has reviewed the Star Trek anthology from earlier this year, Seven Deadly Sins. As is generally the case with this site, the review is balanced and thoughtful, even when the reviewer … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Back to the Future!

Back to the Future is 25 years old today. Let’s just pause a moment, and let that sink in. That’s right, folks. 25 summers ago this very day, Marty McFly took to the time stream in a tricked out DeLorean … Continue reading

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The Final Countdown.

No, not that song. However, it’s stuck in your head now, isn’t it? Nope, I’m talking about The Final Countdown, the movie about the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Nimitz being thrown back in time to December 6th, 1941…the eve of the … Continue reading

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