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Pondering AbeBooks’ “Most Searched for Out-of-Print Books of 2016” list.

Because it’s the sort of weird thing I do, from time to time. I’m a frequent shopper/user of the portal, forever using it to hunt for books I’m wanting to my library. It’s a great resource for finding affordable copies of older … Continue reading

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30 years of Star Trek: The Next Generation novels. Wait….really?

Yeah, really. (Warning: Completely self-serving post ahead!) Thanks to an unrelated post I happened across on Facebook, I was reminded that 2017, in addition to marking the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation, means that novels based on … Continue reading

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Hey, wait. I’ve got my own “writer-versary,” this month!

I guess I’m getting old, and forgetful. A reader e-Mailed me this evening, responding to my blog post from last week about the “50th anniversary” of Star Trek fiction. What’s that? You didn’t read it? Well, here: Let me provide you … Continue reading

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Looking back at my 2016.

What a year. It’s definitely been something of a ride. Dominated by the protracted and ever-stupefying election cycle and its culmination with Biff Tannen’s ascendance to the presidency, 2016 on so many fronts just feels like a year that took five years to endure. A … Continue reading

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“Assignment: Earth,” the so-so Star Trek episode that keeps on giving.

WARNING: Nerdy rambling lay ahead. The other day on Facebook, noted science fiction author and all-around good guy Robert J. Sawyer mentioned that he’d stumbled across a fan website devoted to “Assignment: Earth,” the Star Trek original series episode that … Continue reading

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My irregularly recurring tie-in writing wish list.

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but since 2016 marked forays into writing for three new licensed property realms, I figure it was a good time to revise my “Tie-In Writing Bucket List.” Now, don’t get … Continue reading

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Vacation’s over. Back to work.

Previously on The Fog of Ward: Last week, Clan Ward headed south to our ancestral home for a week of fun in the Florida sun. There were excursions to Disney, the Kennedy Space Center, and Universal Studios, as well as visits … Continue reading

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Back on the air!

Previously on The Fog of Ward: A few of you may have noticed that I’ve been away for the past several days, owing to travel to Denver for this year’s awesome Starfest Convention. We sold a few books, purhased a few … Continue reading

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Of new Star Trek TV series and old books.

For those of you who aren’t dialed in to such things, CBS announced back in November that a new Star Trek television series was in development, with a premiere scheduled for January 2017. Unlike its previous TV incarnations, this new Trek was … Continue reading

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Looking back at my 2015.

So, that year flew by pretty quickly, eh? My first full calendar year as a freelancer was, in many respects, a damned blur. There was plenty of work, of course, but other things managed to keep me busy, as well. … Continue reading

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