Where’s My Book? 2016 Edition: The Poll!


Yep, I can hear some of you saying it. “What the hell’s he waiting for? Let’s get on with this!”

Okay. Okay. I get it.

The deadline’s closed and the pics are in! We had some interesting ones, dayton-24this time around, that’s for sure. In the interests of fairness, I opted to leave entries to the final poll at two per person, which made it hard to choose from those of you who sent in multiple pictures. Many, many thanks to those who opted to play my silly little game. 🙂

Now it’s your turn to decide! Vote for your favorites! Select as few or as many as you want, but let’s have some voting! The top three vote-getters will get an autographed Advance Reader Proof copy of Trial By Fire, my forthcoming 24 novel which isn’t due in stores until August 23rd.

The poll will run from Tuesday evening through Sunday, July 31st, with winners formally announced on August 1st.

So, what have we got in the way of pictures? Have a look,  then get on with the voting!

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TV’s iconic fight scenes? VOTE NOW!

As I was listening to latest episode of Cyborgs: A Bionic Podcast where we’re all talking about “The Secret of Bigfoot,” we get to the part where Steve Austin, The Six Million Dollar Man himself, is going Mano a Sasquatcho against ol’ Bigfoot.

As part of the discussion, I say that this is it – the iconic moment for the episode and the one bit about the show that pretty much everyone knows about, whether or not they’re a fan or if they’ve even watched the series. I liken the scene to Kirk’s epic battle against the Gorn in the classic Star Trek episode “Arena,” which is wildly known and has been parodied so often it should probably have its own page on TV Tropes.


That got me thinking: Which of these memorable battles represent television’s greatest fight? Are either of them worthy of that distinction, or do we have to add others? Jack Bauer, my hero from 24, has had his share of onscreen fisticuffs, but one of my favorites comes at the end of the show’s second season, when he takes on one particularly skilled bad guy and ends up running up the side of the wall while twisting the other dude’s head enough to snap his neck. Tasty! And I suppose no discussion of TV fights can go without mentioning Alexis and Krystle Carrington and their various dust-ups during the run of the classic Dynasty series.

Alexis-Krystle fight

So, just for laughs, what say you? I’ve tossed these few examples into a poll just to get us started, but do you think one of these classic TV fights is worthy of the title “Iconic” or even “Best Ever,” or do you have your own nominee? Obviously this has no bearing on anything beyond the confines of my goofy little blog, but the hell.

NOTE: For purposes of this poll, we’re talking about various flavors of hand-to-hand, rather than gun fights or battles.

Also, if you do vote “Other,” be sure to mention it in the comments. 

The Big-Assed 2012 “Ask Dayton” Poll.

Okay, so here’s the deal: Yesterday’s Sunday G and T Show hosted by Nick Minecci, Terry Lynn Shull and Mike Medeiros was the last show for 2012. They’re taking a well-earned vacation this coming weekend, and will be back in the saddle on January 6th to kick off their third season of Trekkie podcast goodness. As a consequence of this decision, there obviously will be no new “Ask Dayton” feature this coming Sunday.

Dry your eyes.

So, what’s a blogger to do when faced with a hole in his schedule of regular segments? Why, make up some shit, of course, and with that in mind I bring you The Big-Assed 2012 “Ask Dayton” Poll. Simply put, you get to vote for your favorite “Ask Dayton” question and answer as written for and read live on the G and T Show. Why? Well…I confess I have no good answer for this, but I promise I’ll give serious thought to concocting some sort of dumbass reason between now and whenever I decide the poll is over.

What to choose, what to choose? I think some responses came off better than others. A few I wish I could go back and refine this or that, while a couple still make me chuckle. But, this is all about you, right? If you’re feeling froggy, don’t be afraid to let us know in the comments why you selected a particular entry. We’re curious and kinda pervy, that way.

I figure we’ll leave the poll open for a little while, and see what happens. I have no idea what I might do if and when we determine a “winner,” but I suppose I could give that some thought the next time I’m in the loo or something. Therefore, without further ado, let’s unroll this beast:

Unreality SF’s “Story of the Year” – The Top 10!

Unreality SF has unveiled the Top 10 vote-getters from last week’s nomination process to find the media tie-in “Story of the Year.” Though none of my eligible works made the cut this time around, I still want to thank those of you who cast a vote my way. Still, the list of ten contenders is pretty impressive. Behold:

  • Borrowed Time by Naomi Alderman (a Doctor Who novel – BBC Books, June 2011)
  • Children of the Storm by Kirsten Beyer (a Star Trek novel – Pocket Books, June 2011)
  • Choices of One by Timothy Zahn (a Star Wars novel – Del Rey, July 2011)
  • The Cold Equations by Simon Guerrier (a Doctor Who audio drama – Big Finish, June 2011)
  • Darth Plagueis by James Luceno (a Star Wars novel – Del Rey, January 2012)
  • The First Wave by Simon Guerrier (a Doctor Who audio drama – Big Finish, November 2011)
  • The House of the Dead by James Goss (a Torchwood radio play – BBC Radio 4, July 2011)
  • Rise Like Lions by David Mack (a Star Trek novel – Pocket Books, November 2011)
  • To the Death by Nicholas Briggs (a Doctor Who audio drama – Big Finish, March 2011)
  • Watching the Clock by Christopher L. Bennett (a Star Trek novel – Pocket Books, May 2011)

Nice to see a mix of franchises represented here, as well as a few of my friends and colleagues. It’s also cool to see audio dramas and radio plays in there.

At this point, you’d be voting for your one favorite from this list. So, if yours is up there, toss some love at it between now and the end of the weekend. To see the list and cast your vote, clicky right here: Unreality SF: Top Ten Tie-ins

Good luck to the finalists!

Unreality SF’s annual “Story of the Year” poll!

Unreality SF is hosting their annual “Story of the Year” poll, looking to pronounce one media tie-in story “the best of the best.” For that, they need the help of you, the (I hope) readers of TV, film, and other tie-in fiction. Such folks are invited to submit their top/favorite three stories which were published during the eligibility period. In this case, the period includes all novels, novellas, short stories, comics, and audio dramas published between March 1st, 2011 and February 29, 2012.

The winning story’s author even will receive a trophy, by golly. I’m pleased to say that my novel for the Star Trek: Typhon Pact miniseries, Paths of Disharmony won this honor last year. Here, take a look at the shiny stuff they sent me:

Click me!(Click to biggie size.)

Now, since I think we long ago established that I’m a shameless attention whore, I’ll go the extra step of pointing out to you that I have stories eligible for consideration again this year:

Almost Tomorrow (Declassified, Star Trek: Vanguard, June 2011)
What Judgments Come, by me and Kevin Dilmore (Star Trek: Vanguard, September 2011)
That Which Divides (Star Trek, February 2012)

There’s been an awful lot of good stuff published during this past year, a lot of it by folks I consider friends and colleagues. So, even if our scribblings aren’t among your favorites, if you’re a follower of tie-in fiction and have some favorites which are eligible this year that you’d like to see recognized, wander on over to Unreality SF and participate in the new poll, whydontcha?

Vote for your favorite “Ask Dayton” answer!

Those precious few of you who read this blog with any regularity know that I contribute material to the Sunday G&T Show, the weekly Trek-themed internet radio show and podcast hosted by friend and fellow Trek-fiends Nick Minecci and Terry Lynn Shull. The idea is simple: listeners of the show can submit questions, and each week Nick and Terry pick the best one to send to me so that I can provide an answer to be read on air during the next week’s show. This was an idea cooked up by Nick several months ago, and though I thought it had the potential to be a cute bit, I figured my brand of humor and that of the show’s audience might not have that much overlap. Therefore, I guessed the idea would go for a few weeks before dying a quiet death.

Apparently, I was quite wrong.

This coming Sunday will mark my 20th contribution to the show’s “Ask Dayton” segment. That’s right, folks: I’ve answered 19 separate queries, ranging from the benign to the bizarre; the serious (or somewhat serious) to the silly; the run-of-the-mill to the ridiculous. I actually enjoy the challenge of coming up with an answer to each week’s question that I hope is funny, and doing so in a short time frame, which is why I often will wait until the Saturday afternoon or evening prior to the show to sit down and compose said answer. I like to work with a bit of “pressure” to move things along.

Anyway, since I’ve done 19 of these things, I’m curious as to which answer might be people’s favorites. Therefore, I offer this shameless poll:

Maybe I’ll record a reading of the winning answer, or something.

Anyway, if you’re a fan of Star Trek, and in particular Star Trek Online, the Star Trek fiction from Pocket Books, and Star Trek fandom, give the G&T Show a listen, whydontcha?

“Where’s My Book?” – The Big-Dang Cover Winners!

Okay, Big-Dang Book Cover Fans! The poll is closed and the results are in:

So, here’s what we have for a winner’s list:

  • Bryan Thomas Schmidt: In the Name of Honor (due to my setting that one aside before coming up with the idea for this contest.)

  • Terry Lynn Shull: The Sky’s the Limit

  • Josh Ward: Creative Couplings

  • 8of5: Constellations

  • Ronny Corral: Foundations

  • Johnny Blues: Summon the Thunder

That leaves Mary Jane Hetzlein and James Gillespie who each received fewer votes for than other participants vying for the same covers (Sorry, folks :<). But, I said no one who sent in a pic would be left empty-handed, so you two can choose from the remaining covers (A Time to Sow, A Time to Harvest, and Paths of Disharmony). I’ve also found some interesting goodies to divvy up when I package each cover for mailing.

Which brings me to the next point: I need mailing addresses! Please e-Mail me those (daytonward AT kc DOT rr DOT com) while I figure out exactly how I’m going to get these things to you without them being destroyed in transit.

Thanks to you seven hearty souls for participating in the contest, and to everyone who took the time to vote. I may cook up another contest of some sort in the near future.

“Where’s My Book?” – The Poll!

Well, here we are.

A few brave souls saw fit to submit their photographic genius for our shared ogling and amusement. For those of you who participated, I thank you for your indulgence, for we have now arrived at the Moment of Truth!

(Sidebar, for those of you reading this and wondering what the hell it’s all about: A week or so ago, I made it known that I had a bunch of cover blow-ups featuring art from some of my various books. I want to give them a new home, and since none of these people would take me up on my requests for them to sing karaoke versions of lesser-known Rush songs for me, I opted instead to launch a brief contest. Simply put: They had to have a picture taken with the book representing the cover blow-up they wanted, in an interesting location and/or being held by a person dressed in some odd way. Being as Halloween was this past Monday, I figure I had a lock to see some zombies, pirates, vampires, or at least some strippers.

Here, read all about it.)

Everybody caught up? Okay, then.

Given the number of entrants, I’ve decided to include them all in a single poll, and give readers the option to make multiple selections. I know we have one person with two entries, and one picture with two books, but I figure that the multiple choice option will help mitigate that. Rest assured that no one who entered the contest will come away empty-handed.

So, go forth and vote! Anyone can vote, whether you sent in a pic or have just been observing all this weirdness from the sidelines. Voting will be open between now and 11:59pm (Central Time) Saturday, November 5th. I’ll be out that evening, celebrating the 56th anniversary of Doctor Emmett Brown’s discovery of time travel, so I’ll get back to you once voting closes in due…uh…time.

(EDIT, Nov. 6th: This poll has ended. You can view the results and list of contest winners HERE.)

Thanks again, folks!

Look! Shiny stuff!

So, this arrived in today’s mail, having completed its safe and successful journey across the pond from the home offices of Unreality SF to stately Ward Manor:

Click me!
(Click to biggie size.)

I was relieved to see that it had arrived intact, after hearing that the award sent to writer/actor John Dorney, this year’s runner up in the Unreality poll for his Doctor Who audio play Solitaire, traveled but a fraction of the distance only to arrive at his home in three pieces. No assembly required for me, though.

Thanks again to everyone who voted for Paths of Disharmony, and to the kind folk at Unreality for holding the poll as they have the previous two years, and for the very nice award which has already found a place of distinction on one of the shelves in my home office. I will do my best to protect it from the curious eyes and unsteady hands of my two offspring.

Unreality SF “Story of the Year” Poll, Part 2!

Last week, I pointed you kind reader folk to a poll being conducted by Unreality SF to select their third annual “Story of the Year.” I was shameless in the way I pointed out to the innocent visitors of this blog that two stories in particular were eligible for nomination:


Anywho, the nominations have been tabulated, and the list of finalists has been…uh…finalized. As posted at the Unreality SF site, the list of nominees, in alphabetical order, are:

  • A Death in the Family by Steven Hall (a Doctor Who audio play)
  • Haunted by Scott Tipton (an Angel: Illyria comic miniseries)
  • The King’s Dragon by Una McCormack (a Doctor Who novel)
  • Lucie Miller by Nicholas Briggs (a Doctor Who audio play)
  • Nuclear Time by Oli Smith (a Doctor Who novel)
  • Paths of Disharmony by Dayton Ward (a Star Trek novel)
  • Red Sky at Morning by Keith R.A. DeCandido (a Farscape comic miniseries)
  • Solitaire by John Dorney (a Doctor Who audio play)
  • Special Features by John Dorney (a Doctor Who audio play)
  • Zero Sum Game by David Mack (a Star Trek novel)

First, let me offer my congratulations to all the finalists, and in particular I’d like to give fistbumps to Keith DeCandido (aka kradical), David Mack (aka infinitydog), and Una McCormack, my fellow Trek word-slingers. Of the other nominated, I’ve only met Scott Tipton, and he’s a good Trek egg like the rest of us.

So, we’re now at Round 2, where you go and select the one finalist you want to win the poll. So, head on over to Unreality SF, read the update and instructions for voting, and do your thing. Obviously I’d be happy if you decided Paths of Disharmony was worthy of your vote, but I figure every title on the list is there for a reason (yes, even Keith’s), so vote for somebody just to show your support of media tie-in fiction, be it prose, comics, audio plays…what have ya.

What are you standin’ around about for? Go vote!