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Jade Helm is over. VICTORY!

That’s right, patriots! After a long, arduous campaign, the forces of tyranny are in retreat. We have successfully defended our homeland from those who would seek to oppress us. Outstanding job, warriors. This will be a day long remembered. Official reports are … Continue reading

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Jade Helm sitrep: D-Day.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you likely know that today, July 15th, was the first day of the “controversial” military training exercise Jade Helm 15. Now, depending on whom you ask, this is either the latest in a … Continue reading

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It’s the War on Christmas, Charlie Brown!

After a long cease-fire, hostilities once more are heating up, with reports coming in from checkout lanes and talking heads stationed all along the front lines. “Remember the 25th!” and all that jazz. Yep, the “War on Christmas” is back. … Continue reading

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Add some zing to the remaining debates!

Back in January, at the height of the auto-fellatio tour that was the seemingly endless series of GOP debates, I pondered some ideas on how to make the proceedings a bit more interesting for Joe and Jane Viewer. After the … Continue reading

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2012 Presidential Debate #1. (or, “Whuhbuhduhwhuhbuhduh hah?”)

Well, that was interesting. For those who didn’t watch it, you can read a transcript by clicking on this linky-type thing right here. The highlights: Romney was the same arrogant, entitled jack-ass accustomed to getting his way and the last … Continue reading

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2012 Presidential Debate Drinking Game!

Drinkers, this will be your first stage of consumption in the 2012 Presidential Debate Series, consisting of an as-yet undetermined number of questions as can be asked and answered in a time limit of ninety minutes. Drinkers, at this time, … Continue reading

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Looking for an alternative this election season?

Here you go. Their schwag is way cooler, at any rate. Ain’t nobody gonna be talking to any empty chairs, either. Rock the Vote, yo.

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Spicing up the GOP debates.

So, another day, another debate between the ever-dwindling number of Republican presidential hopefuls. If you’re thinking, “Geez, wasn’t there one of these just the other day,” well, you’d be right. It’s the second debate this week. It’s the second one … Continue reading

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Without Wikipedia, we’re left to our own devices.

As many/most of you know by now, a number of high-profile sites around the web “went dark” today, taking part in a fairly large-scale protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA), two pieces of … Continue reading

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R-NY seeks SWF. WTF?

You know, there are some people who, quite simply, are too stupid to be allowed outside their home without a leash. Unfortunately, it appears that…sometimes…we elect such people to public office. Adding yet more weight to the prevailing theory that … Continue reading

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