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Your Moment of TrekZen*.

Somewhere, in an alternate timeline, these books exist, and they are glorious. This little slice of awesome was created by an artist who goes by the handle of “Johnny Radar.” Over on his DeviantArt page, this is just one of … Continue reading

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Your Moment of TrekZen*.

Because it’s better to have a bamboo cannon and not need it, than to need it and not have one. Just sayin’. (* = inspired by the “Your Moment of Zen” segments from The Daily Show)

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So, about that Ticonderoga trip….

I waited a week to see if the buzz from our excursion to the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour would wear off. Nope. Still there, and it renews itself every single time I look at photos of our little field trip. … Continue reading

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“Where’s My Book, 2016 Edition” – We haz winnahs!

The votes are in, the poll is closed, and the winners are now known! First place, earning 13 votes, is Jim Johnson: Second place with 11 votes is Gloria Johnston Porter: And in third place with 9 votes, Kimberly Winn … Continue reading

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Where’s My Book? 2016 Edition: The Poll!

“Finally.” Yep, I can hear some of you saying it. “What the hell’s he waiting for? Let’s get on with this!” Okay. Okay. I get it. The deadline’s closed and the pics are in! We had some interesting ones, this … Continue reading

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It’s a #WheresDaytonsBook update!

People are busy, yo. A couple of weeks ago, I announced that it was open season for the 2016 Edition of “Wheres My Book?” The premise is simple: Since it’s vacation season, find cool places or people in your travels, … Continue reading

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Where’s My Book? 2016 Edition!

Okay, okay, okay. I’ve been talked into it. I was reluctant to do it after letting things slide last summer, but enough folks asked after it that I decided to go with it again, albeit with some changes to make … Continue reading

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Your Moment of TrekZen*

It’s been a while since we had one of these. I figure we’re due, and since we’re all about Star Trek’s 50th anniversary this year, this seemed appropriate. Go ahead…give it a caption. You know you want to.   (* … Continue reading

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So, in nine years….

…we’ve gone from this… …to this. I’m a tad biased, but I think she’s coming along quite nicely. Happy Birthday, Addy. #ProudPapa

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An overdue “Where’s My Book 2015” update!

We’re entering the home stretch for summer. Vacations are winding down and kids will be heading back to school in the coming weeks. Soon, life for many parents will return to some semblance of normalcy. (Yep. Totally typed that last … Continue reading

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