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My second favorite “Rush in Kansas City!” story.

This past Thursday evening, the family and I ventured to the Sprint Center here in Kansas City to take in yet another concert featuring my favorite band. What made this outing special was that it was the first ever *real* rock … Continue reading

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Gone Rushin’.

If anybody’s looking for us this evening, we’re at the Sprint Center in downtown Kansas City. You know why. See you when it’s over. Maybe.

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We be Rushin’…..

Thanks to today’s mail delivery, it’s official: On July 9th, Michi and I will be taking the girls to their first real rock concert: Michi and I have been going to Rush concerts since 1990’s Presto tour. We haven’t missed a … Continue reading

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School’s out!

In honor of my daughters successfully completing their school year (1st grade for oldest, Kindergarten for youngest), it’s time to rattle the roofs a bit…..   (This blog entry brought to you by the Committee to Elect Dayton Responsible Daddy … Continue reading

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More TNG music on the way!

Those of you who read this space with any regularity (both of you) know that I loves me my music. Among the many types of music I enjoy there’s film and television series soundtracks. I particularly like these when I’m … Continue reading

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So, “Predator: The Musical” was a real thing.

Why the HELL didn’t anybody tell me about this last year? I stumbled across the above image yesterday. More accurately, it was a picture of an actual flyer bearing this artwork and taped to the inside of a window at … Continue reading

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Rush in Kansas City!

Yep. The Holy Trio came to Cowtown, as they almost always do at some point during their various concert tours. Of course we went. Michi and I have been going to Rush concerts together since before we were married, and … Continue reading

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Ask Dayton #69 on the G&T Show: “The Sax Talk.”

It’s Sunday, and with it comes a brand new episode of the Sunday G&T Show, hosted by friends Nick Minecci and Terry Lynn Shull, with the Mighty Morphin’ Mike Medeiros holding the whole thing together with the power of his … Continue reading

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I can name that Trekkie tune in two notes!

We’re almost there, boys and girls…. (Click to Biggie Size the Heck Out of This) Tomorrow, December 4th, is the day La-La Land Records will release what many folks consider to be (one of) the Holy Grail(s) of film and … Continue reading

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Star Trek Generations – expanded soundtrack on the way!

How in the name of Jupiter’s taint did I miss this when it was reported earlier this week? Expanded Generations Soundtrack Set Out Oct. 29th Yep, that’s right: another expanded/complete Star Trek film soundtrack is a’coming, and this time … Continue reading

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