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Happy 40th Birthday, Star Wars!

A long time ago, in a theater far, far away…. I was just shy of my 10th birthday in the summer of 1977, when some friends and I went to see Star Wars because out of the movies playing at my neighborhood … Continue reading

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Happy 30th Anniversary, Lethal Weapon!

“Have you ever met anybody you didn’t kill?” “Well, I haven’t killed you yet.” Spring, 1987: Some friends and I head out from the base to the movie theater, ready to check out what looks to be a pretty fun … Continue reading

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Talking Rogue One at the SciFi Diner!

So, hey! It’s me, again. Babbling. Again. And so it was last week or so that I sat down (virtually speaking, of course) to hang with Scott, Miles, and M at the fabulous SciFi Diner. It’s been a while since … Continue reading

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Happy 25th Anniversary, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country!

“Captain’s log, stardate 9529.1: This is the final cruise of the Starship Enterprise under my command. This ship and her history will shortly become the care of another crew. To them and their posterity will we commit our future. They … Continue reading

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Talking about Midnight Run with the Gettysburg’s Address podcast!

My friend Nick Minecci launched a new podcast a while back, The Gettysburg’s Address. The show’s name is derived from Nick’s online handle, “Gettysburg7,” and it’s here that he invites various creators to discuss pop culture and whatever else seems … Continue reading

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Happy 117th Birthday, Indiana Jones!

Today marks the birth date of Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Jr., famed archaeologist, renowned professor, traveled adventurer, and all around nice guy. If ever you need an historical artifact or object of the occult located and liberated from uptight French … Continue reading

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2016 Edition! Marvel Movie Tip: Stay for the credits, yo.

All right, movie peeps! It’s almost time to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Now, after all these years, you’d think some of the basic protocols would be all but engrained into our collective consciousness, but we all know someone who’s … Continue reading

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Finally, we’re all back to the future!

After years of false internet memes, the date and time has finally arrived. That’s right! Today is the day that Marty McFly and his girlfriend, Jennifer Parker, travel with Doctor Emmett Brown from October 26th, 1985, to the future, arriving … Continue reading

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We’re gonna Die Hard again?

Seems that way. Last night, I saw this bit of news flash across my Facebook feed: ComingSoon.Net: Die Hard 6 Planned as Both a Prequel and a Sequel To say that I was bitterly disappointed in the previous outing, 2013’s … Continue reading

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Alien Next Door and Warped: Funny books coming our way.

So, I received an e-Mail from Amazon this morning, informing me about the updated status of a couple of books I’d pre-ordered. To be honest, I’d forgotten I’d ordered them, let alone both together, but for reasons known only to … Continue reading

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