Making good on the last blog entry.

In my last post, I said readers could look forward to various things being entered here in the coming days. Among the list I provided was this item:

“At least one link to a news article which greatly amuses me, makes me roll my eyes, or instills within me the desire to smack a politician in the nutsack with a pipe wrench.”

Well, I’m making good on that one already. Here you go: Westboro Baptists Plan to Picket Comic-Con

Yep. You read that right. The line of the story is, of course, this morsel:

“They have turned comic book characters into ideals, and worship them they do!”

The jokes just write themselves, don’t they?

Of course, I could argue that the only such characters I so idolize are those females who choose to run around in skimpy costumes and fight crime – hopefully while taking time out every so often to engage in lewd activities with other females who choose to run around in skimpy costumes and fight crime. I extend that idolatry to those women here in the real world who do their level best to imitate said characters while attending gatherings such as the forthcoming Comic-con.

Oh, and I also dig Batman, because he’s awesome.

What would Jesus do if he ever came face to face with this bunch, and their ilk (who are not to be confused with good, decent people of faith)? I’d like to think it’d go something like this:

[Begin Dream Sequence]

Jesus: Come here.

Wackjob: Yes, Jesus?

Jesus: :: cock-slap :: Now, get out of my sight and send in the next asshole.

[End Dream Sequence]


Four consecutive blog entries of nothing but Twitter updates?

Oh, hell no.

I apologize for the lack of actual content these past few days.

What? You didn’t notice? Oh, well….never mind then.

As some folks know, I was in Baltimore the past few days, at the recently-concluded Shore Leave 32 convention. It was another fun time, I enjoyed getting to see old friends and meet new ones, and it all went by much too fast…as it always does.

But, now I’m home, and it’s time to get back to work.

What to expect in the coming days as I try to stuff some food down the throat of my starving blog:

  1. A complete recap of the chaos and mayhem that was my Shore Leave 32 experience. Highlights: The roast of Michael Jan Friedman; beginning to ponder the roast of Bob Greenberger; plotting the next installments of Star Trek: Vanguard; getting Admiral Adama’s autograph (So say we all, bitches!); getting divorced because of cool shit I brought back from the con despite explicit instructions from the spousal unit about the introduction of specific items into our domicile. Bruce Lee, patron saint of self-defense: Pray for me.
  2. More stupid things people say.
  3. With luck, the next Wayback Trek Review.
  4. Also with luck, the cover for my Star Trek: Typhon Pact novel, Paths of Disharmony.
  5. At least one link to a news article which greatly amuses me, makes me roll my eyes, or instills within me the desire to smack a politician in the nutsack with a pipe wrench.
  6. I might get to feelin’ nostalgic about something later in the week.
  7. Pictures of the kids? Maybe, because I’m shameless that way.

So, we’ll see what happens as the week unspools.

So, I decided to upgrade my LJ account…..

I decided I wanted some of the options afforded to paying LJ members, so I went ahead and took the plunge today.

The first thing I did was change the scheme to that nifty retro SF vibe I originally saw popfiend sporting. However, what I’m really after is some of the customization and embedding tools to make this blog a fixture within my actual website. I started sketching out some ideas today on what I want the overall look to be, and how best to integrate the blog and keep it front and center while not shirking the book info and other weirdness that pollutes my site.

I probably won’t start really playing around with redesigns until some time next month, after I turn in Paths of Disharmony as well as an outline I’ve been asked to turn in, but for the time being should probably remain unidentified.

I should probably get back to work, then. Thinking about making a change.

For a while now, I’ve been contemplating retiring my website,

I spend more time with this blog, Twitter, and Facebook now, anyway, all of which are interactive, vs. the static, “Web 1.0” nature of the website. The only thing the site has that’s not already here and worth transporting over is info on my books, short stories, etc., and that’s easy enough to fold into what’s already going on here. Example: a sample page I just created for my first Star Trek novel, In the Name of Honor. Everything you’d find (or want to find) at the website? Whoot, there it is.

Thoughts from the audience are solicited and appreciated, especially from folks who have more experience with establishing and maintaining a “web presence” than I do. Whatchoo think?

New blog stuff for 2010.

At the last minute, I remembered that I’d forgotten to pick up a desk/page-a-day calendar for 2010 (yes, The Year We Make Contact. Been there, said that.). My choice this year? Secret Lives of Great Authors & Artists.


From the box copy:

Not all renowned artists lead tormented, aberrant lives; many are really quite normal…but let’s not concern ourselves with them.

Fortunately for us, there were major head cases among the Renaissance Masters, and the Great Authors list is littered with broken homes, failed romances, insanity, and addiction. These brilliant minds were fraught with their fair share of drama, and we’ve captured some of their more sensational tales in this desktop companion calendar.

Secret Lives of Great Authors and Artists is a must-have, must-read for anyone who’s ever visited a museum or pored over a classic. One thing is certain for every reader: you’ll never view art the same way again.


The calendar is based on the book of the same name, authored by Robert Schnakenberg and Mario Zucca. As for the calendar’s contents, it varies from day to day; sometimes it’s a quote, others an anecdote. Not everything’s funny, but there are definitely some humorous bits throughout, and everything I read at random so far is damned interesting. So, we’ll see how sharing this goes.

I’ve also decided to do something that’s even a little more fun. Each week, I’m going to select an episode from the original Star Trek series, watch it fresh, and review it at length here. I’ll cover The Good, The Bad, and the Oh My Frikkin’ God, What Were They Thinking. I’ll try to give each review some relevant analysis as it plays in the year 2010 vs. when it was produced, but chances are I’ll just end up being a smart-ass about the whole thing. I’ve even set up an Excel spreadsheet with a random episode generator macro so that I don’t just stick to my favorites or “the good ones.” That means if the first one selected is “And the Children Shall Lead,” I’ll probably just kill myself and you’ll be spared 52 weeks of further banality here in this corner. Go, me.

I don’t know yet which day of the week I’ll try to do this, but it likely will be on the weekend. Go, me. Again.

Happy New Year, everybody!

My own twist on the “Year End Meme.”

As 2009 winds down and with The Year We Make Contact* waiting in the wings, I’ve been seeing folks across my friends list doing the “year end meme,” where they post info on the first LJ entry they wrote for each month of the previous year.

Since a review of my 2009 archive shows the entries on the first of each month to be rather boring, I’ve opted to give my version of the meme my own twist: My “favorite” entry from each month:

January: “Spock’s Brain,” from the prematurely cancelled series Star Trek: The Facebook Voyages.

February: I fucking hate vampires.

March: A tie – Finally being able to announce Counterstrike, and my wife kicks ass.

April: Announcing the author line-up for the Space Grunts anthology.

May: Indoctrinating my youngest daughter to the ways of the Trek.

June: Fueled by Doug Drexler on his blog, I get all nostalgic for the original Enterprise filming model.

July: The landing of Apollo 11 on the moon, as relayed via Twitter on the occasion of its 40th anniversary.

August: Trying to make sense of the new Star Trek timeline(s).

September: Thoughts on the movie Taking Chance.

October: Ruminations on how to succeed as a freelance writer.

November: Addy gettin’ her Nerd on.

December: 17 movies I watch over and over.

So, there you go, my 2009 LJ in Review.

* = C’mon, nerds. Show me whatchoo got.

LJ: Hmmm……

Anybody else not receiving notifications when somebody leaves a comment, or adds you as a friend? I had several comments received yesterday, and a couple of “XXXXX added you as a friend!” notes, but none of them made their way to my e-Mail box even though I have that option set in my profile.

Just curious.

And a happy Tuesday to you all.

Why you should follow infinitydog….

…both here on LJ as well as Facebook:

David Mack (infinitydog, bestselling author, Jack Daniel spokesperson, aspiring curmudgeon and all around good guy) wants you to friend him on Facebook. Why? Well, aside from his normal, insatiable need to be validated in the eyes of complete strangers, he’s also posted clips from The Shore Leave Roast of Keith R.A. DeCandido, which was conducted at the Shore Leave convention back in July. The clips feature all of the roasters doing their thing. It’s one thing to hear me say “Fuck,” but it’s another thing entirely when roastmaster Bob Greenberger employs the juicy F-word.


“Oh, myyyyyyyyyyy.”


Keith was a good sport about the whole thing, and managed several zingers in his own defense once he took the podium to deliver his final remarks. Despite the verbal beating he took that evening, I hope he knows we wouldn’t have gone to all that trouble if we didn’t love him like the annoying little brother we may or may not have.

To learn more about Dave’s shameless attempts to attract more friends, and how to view the roast clips, click on this linky-type thing right here.

Hello, new friends!

My e-Mail backlog tells me I’ve picked up a few friends during the past few days. I’m not sure what’s attracting folks to me (Hey, I showered!), but to all o’ youz, I say: “Welcome!”

If you’re so inclined, drop a comment and tell me what brought you to my corner of Internet Idiocy. For those of you who’ve been around a bit and lurk in the shadows, consider yourself invited to give up a little 411, too.

Emerging from the darkness….


It’s been rather quiet around here the past several days (not counting the nightly infodump courtesy of Twitter), and I know I’ve got some catching up to do. I’m reading through the backlog of e-Mails, trying to scan through the LJ f-list to see what I’ve missed, shaking my head at the various weirdness unfolding on different message boards, and so on. If you’ve posted something while I was gone that you think I should be reading, feel free to link it via the comments. I’ll do my best to check it out in short order.

A full report of this year’s Starfest con is still in the offing, but it ain’t gonna happen tonight. For now, suffice it to say Kevin and I enjoyed ourselves as we do every year, and we’re already looking forward to returning next year. For those wondering, Space Grunts is now a real, honest-to-golly book, and several copies found new homes during the weekend thanks to the indie book seller doing its thing at the con. Author contributor copies are en route, I’m told.

So…what’s up with all y’all?