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ReWard: “Dayton’s 10 Commandments of Writing.”

In one of the…let’s see, three, four, carry the one…six bazillion Facebook threads or updates I post, or the ones I visit, the topic of my personal writing “rules” came up. I was reminded of an “Ask Dayton” question I … Continue reading

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Pondering AbeBooks’ “Most Searched for Out-of-Print Books of 2016” list.

Because it’s the sort of weird thing I do, from time to time. I’m a frequent shopper/user of the portal, forever using it to hunt for books I’m wanting to my library. It’s a great resource for finding affordable copies of older … Continue reading

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“Ten for Ward” #18 at 10 Star Trek Books I Wish I’d Written.

And so the good, innocent folk over at asked me yet again to provide a new column, having obviously failed to heed the lessons of articles past. Because of that error in judgment, I was once again afforded the opportunity … Continue reading

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Holiday gift ideas for writers. Because.

What to get the writer in your life? Or, maybe you’re the writer in the lives of those around you, and you’re hoping they might see fit to give you something useful or desired as you chase your muse. Since … Continue reading

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Novel Spaces – “The 7 Phases of Almost Any Writing Project.”

What? It’s the 17th again? Didn’t we just do one of these, like, a month or so ago? Of course, being the 17th means it must once again be my turn at bat over at the Novel Spaces blog! This time … Continue reading

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Novel Spaces – “Holiday Gifts for Writers: 2015 Edition!”

Well, whaddaya know? It’s the 17th again, and that brings with it my next time in the spotlight over at the Novel Spaces blog! This month, and with most us neck-deep in the insanity of the holiday season, I decided it … Continue reading

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Recommending Trek fiction for Non-Trekkie folks.

So, I’m behind on this, but apparently has put up a list of “Essential” Star Trek novels that are good recommendations for people who either are new to Trek, or else aren’t “die-hard” fans who don’t get into the … Continue reading

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Twitter diversions: #FiveWordStories

So, at a point earlier in the day when I should’ve been writing, I instead decided to check out my Twitter feed for a few minutes. Just a quick look and then back to work, right? Uh huh. Instead, my … Continue reading

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My Survivor “Dream Team” roster.

Friday on Twitter, I made a joke. I know, I know…contain your surprise. Anyway, every so often I throw out a fake “Breaking News”-type tweet, with something ridiculous and usually pertaining to some issue or news item of the day. … Continue reading

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Twitter diversions: #sixwordnovels

Every once in a while, something fun happens on Twitter which rises above the usual background noise that is people telling each other where they’re eating or who they’re hanging out with, or spambots pimping you with some shitty product … Continue reading

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