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Yes, this thing still works.

I figure (read: “desperately hope”) there’s at least a couple of you out there wondering where I’ve been or what I’ve been doing the last week or so. The answer is that I’ve been bussssssssssssssssssssy. There are several things in … Continue reading

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Looking back at my 2016.

What a year. It’s definitely been something of a ride. Dominated by the protracted and ever-stupefying election cycle and its culmination with Biff Tannen’s ascendance to the presidency, 2016 on so many fronts just feels like a year that took five years to endure. A … Continue reading

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Vacation’s over. Back to work.

Previously on The Fog of Ward: Last week, Clan Ward headed south to our ancestral home for a week of fun in the Florida sun. There were excursions to Disney, the Kennedy Space Center, and Universal Studios, as well as visits … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Mom!

A few years ago, I wrote this for my mother’s birthday. When I went to do something similar the following year, I realized that I’d used up all of the funniest bits and cute little anecdotes the first time around. So, I decided … Continue reading

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My 2014 in review.

Well, it was definitely an interesting twelve months. A lot went down in 2014, professionally and personally, and overall I’m pleased with where I am as we ring in a new year. Things didn’t start off on the highest of notes, as we … Continue reading

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Is this thing on?

Yeah, I know. I’ve let things slide a bit this week, with that all that holiday stuff and whatnot going on. So, for those of you also are enjoying or enduring a holiday break, how’s things? Kids out of school? … Continue reading

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Novel Spaces – “Taking the Plunge”

Hey! It’s the 16th again! Didn’t we just do this, like, a month ago, or something? Anyway, you know that it means, right? It’s my turn in the queue over at the Novel Spaces blog! This time around, I talk a bit about my recent … Continue reading

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And so it goes.

I’ve been pretty busy the last several days, getting the novel in-progress whipped into something resembling a manuscript that won’t make my editor want to run in front of a bus. In and around all of that, there have been … Continue reading

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School’s out!

In honor of my daughters successfully completing their school year (1st grade for oldest, Kindergarten for youngest), it’s time to rattle the roofs a bit…..   (This blog entry brought to you by the Committee to Elect Dayton Responsible Daddy … Continue reading

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Belly of the Beast (or, “Dayton talks to a class of 1st graders.”)

And so it was that on the 27th day of May that our intrepid writer/blogger/dad ventured into the environs of his children’s school, after having been invited by his oldest daughter’s teacher to come and talk to their class about … Continue reading

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