We’re going back to Neosho to talk writing and stuff!

Some of you may recall that Kevin and I traveled from KC down to Neosho, Missouri earlier in the year to participate as guests to the first ever ArtCon. Sponsored by the Neosho Arts Council, this comic and pop culture convention featured several comics and art guests, along with Kevin and myself. For a first con, it was pretty well attended and the people hosting it and working as volunteers were on point all day. They treated us very well and invited us to come back at some point.

Then, they doubled down on that last bit a month or so ago, by asking Kevin and me if we’d be up for a return visit not for a con, but instead to “talk shop.”


“That’s great, Dayton,” I can hear some of you saying. “Um, whatcha gonna talk about for an hour or so?”

Good question!

In addition to talking about the challenges and fun to be had while writing in our chosen realms, it’s also been suggested that, with the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission looming on our calendars, maybe Kevin and I could also devote a bit of time to talking about the symbiotic relationship that NASA and science fiction in general and Star Trek in particular have enjoyed over the years. As we’ve both been able to talk with various folks who actually work at NASA (including, he says totally without shame, a couple of actual astronauts who’ve “been up there”) and even discussed this very thing, we can definitely speak a bit to this topic.

Our little author talk will be held at the Neosho Chamber of Commerce at 2pm on Saturday, June 22nd. Once we’re done, we’ll have a table set up where we’ll be happy to sign books (and maybe even sell a few).

Thanks very much to Sarah Serio and the Neosho Arts Council for inviting us back to hang with them for a bit!

Come find me and Kevin next month at the Freestate Comicon!

I have to tell you I thought I was done with the whole convention/book signing thing for the year. Not that I’m against such things, you understand. Instead, I simply figured I’d attended all the shows and whatnot I was going to see for a while, at least until next spring or so.

Nah. Looks like I’ve got one more in me.

Kevin and I have been invited to be guests at next month’s Freestate Comicon, a one-day show that along with the series of KC Fan Con events has been doing its thing here in the Kansas City area since 2006.

The puppetmaster behind these shindigs, Craig Klotz, has been a friend to Kevin and me for what seems like ever, and if we don’t see him at Planet Comicon or Kansas City Comicon, then we’ve been guests at some of his own shows over the years. So, when he asked us if we’d be interested in hanging out with him and a bunch of other KC-based creators, collectors, vendors, and fans, of course we had to say “Sure!”

So, if your plans for Saturday, September 8th have room for hanging out with this gang of folks, come on and see us! I’ll have copies of various titles including Star Trek: Discovery – Drastic Measures among other things, and we’ll definitely have copies of our issue of Star Trek: Waypoint and even the trade paperback collecting the entire miniseries.

It’ll be a day of comics and pop culture fun for the entire clan, so come on by the Douglas County Fairgrounds in beautiful Lawrence, Kansas, and say “Howdy!”

Changes to our Planet Comicon appearance plans.

So, hey!

Kevin and I were originally slated to appear as guests this coming weekend at Planet Comicon, the ginormous pop culture convention held each year at Kansas City’s Bartle Hall convention center.

Kevin was going to be there all three days, though the bulk of his Friday is committed to working at Hallmark’s PopMinded booth. I have to work that day, but we both had tables in the exhibitor area for the entire weekend, at which I’d planned to spend the bulk of Saturday and Sunday.

Circumstances have seen to it that neither Kevin nor I will be there on Saturday. With his prior commitment on Friday and our effective absence for two of the show’s three days, we felt it only proper to contact the con folks and give up our assigned table spaces. Our understanding is that there’s a waiting list, and we hope we’ve provided sufficient time to let those spaces go to other creators looking to show off their wares.

As of now, our plan is to be there Sunday, as we’d both previously agreed to appear with fellow writers Jeni Frontera and Jason Arnett on a writing panel at 11:30am that day. Though we won’t have assigned table space that day, we’re still happy to sign books/etc. for anyone who wants to find us. If that means sitting at one of the tables outside a panel room for a bit, I’m game for that, and I’ll even be schlepping along copies of Drastic Measures for those who may be interested. If you’re planning to be there on Sunday, hit me or Kevin up on Twitter, and we’ll find a way to connect.

We’re truly sorry for the late change of plans, and we’re grateful to the gang at Planet Comicon for being so understanding. We remain huge supporters of the show and those who work so hard to bring it to life each year, and it’s our sincere hope that we can be back as guests for 2019.

Star Trek: Waypoint

STWaypoint-TradeCoverShort stories that run the gamut of Star Trek‘s history, set during the Original Series, The Next Generation, Voyager, Deep Space Nine, Enterprise, and more, featuring all your favorite characters. Capturing a galaxy of emotions, these weird and wonderful stories may expand on rarely explored corners of the universe, or provide closure for long forgotten plot threads, but they all remind us why we love Trek.


Collecting the six-issue miniseries from IDW Publishing as part of celebrating Star Trek‘s 50th anniversary, Star Trek: Waypoint marks mine and Kevin’s first foray into the realm of comics writing. Editors Sarah Gaydos and Chris Cerasi let us run (almost) completely off leash once we pitched them our basic concept, which was pretty much “A love letter to the old, wacky Star Trek Gold Key comics from the 1960s and 70s.”


Then…then…they partnered us with veteran comics artist Gordon Purcell and colorist Jason Lewis, and holy crap! Did these two gents do an amazing job recreating the look and feel of those comics gone by.



I know, right?

Our story, “The Menace of the Mechanitrons!” appeared in Waypoint #2. Now it, along with the eleven other stories from the mini-series, have been collected into a single swank-looking trade paperback which now graces my “brag shelf” along with copies of my novels and other writerly shenanigans. Kevin and I join a stellar lineup of writers and artists including Gordon and Jason: Donny Cates, Sandra Lanz, Mark Chater, Sam Maggs, Rachael Stott, Mairghread Scott, Cecil Castellucci, Corin Howell, Megan Levens, Vivek J. Tiwary, Scott Bryan Wilson, Hugo Petrus, Capar Wijngaard, Simon Roy, Cavan Scott, Josh Hood, Gabriel Hardman, Corinna Bechko, and Christopher Herndon.

Where can you get your own copy? I’m so happy you asked:

IDW Publishing’s website
Trade Paperback and Kindle e-Book/Comixology format from Amazon.com
Trade Paperback from Barnes & Noble
Trade Paperback from Books-A-Million

The book might be a little big for a stocking stuffer, but I suspect you can manage well enough. Y’all are a pretty savvy bunch.

Come see me and Kevin at Kansas City Comic Con!

Awwwwww Yissssssssss.


Thanks to the con’s own swank and rather handy header graphic, I’m left with almost nothing to tell you about next weekend’s Kansas City Comic Con, which will take place next weekend, November 10-12, at Bartle Hall in downtown KC. Why did I just repeat everything that’s listed in the graphic? Because I just know that without fail, someone will ask when or where the con is taking place.

So, here I am…covering my bases.

Expect to see a lot going on at this year’s show. For one thing, the con is hosting a 40th anniversary reunion with cast members from 1978’s Superman: The Movie. Visiting our fair town next weekend will be Margot Kidder, Sarah Douglas, Jeff East, Diane Sherry Case, Jack O’Halloran, and Aaron Smolinski.

Representing the 1960s Batman TV show are Burt Ward and Lee Meriwether, and fresh off the set of Star Trek: Discovery and his breakout role as Lieutenant Commander Saru, actor Doug Jones. You’ll also see the one and only Silent Bob himself, Kevin Smith, along with Jason Mewes prowling the premises, along with several other guests from film and TV.

On the creator side of the guest list, hometown prolific AF comics writers like Jason Aaron and Dennis Hopeless will be on hand, anchoring a large slate of comics and prose creators. There is also a sizeable roster of cosplay personalities, showcasing their craft all weekend.

Oh, and hey! Kevin and I will be there, too.


We’ll have tables in the con’s vendor area, upon which you may find for sale limited quantities of – among other things – new and recent releases like the Star Trek: Waypoint trade paperback along with my Klingon Empire Travel Guide and Predator: If It Bleeds.

Or, bring whatever you want signed and we’ll do that for the low-low cost of Nuthin’.

So, if you’re not doing anything next weekend, such as celebrating the Marine Corps’ 242nd birthday or commemorating Veterans Day (perhaps by visiting the National World War I Museum and Memorial?), maybe we’ll see you at the con!

Come see me and Kevin at @StarFestDenver!


It’s almost that time again!


Come Thursday, my hetero life mate and frequent writing partner, Kevin Dilmore, will be aiming the Mirth Mobile west as we take on the grueling, unrelentingly boring drive across Kansas via I-70 on our way to bee-yootiful Denver, Colorado. Why? Because this year marks our 15th consecutive year attending the totally fun and kick-ass StarFest Convention.

We’re talking about nearly three full days’ worth of multi-media awesomeness, including SF and Fantasy, Horror, Comics, Gaming, Robotics, and Art, and all sorts of other good stuff, brought to us by the good people at Denver-based Starland, who’ve been putting on this show for 40 years. As it happens, a little bitty science fiction film you may have heard of, Star Wars, also celebrates its 40th birthday this year, so that seems reason enough to throw a party.

In addition to having space in the vendor/exhibitor/author alley area of the con all weekend, you’ll be able to find me and Kevin in various places all weekend. For example:


Guests Meet & Greet – Main Events – 7pm-8:30pm


Costume Contest – Main Events (we’re both judging) – 8pm-????


StarFest Talent Show  (Kevin’s hosting, I’m judging) – 9am-9:45am
“The Completely Unexpected Media Tie-In Panel” – 10:30am-11:25am

There may be other panels and activities about which I’ve not been informed, or we may just crash a few things because they sound fun. Who knows?

For those wondering, Kevin and I will have on hand copies of our most recent publications, including everything published since last year’s show, of which there are several. Check it out:

2113: Stories Inspired By the Music of Rush (I don’t remember if we had this last year)
Star Trek: The Original Series – Elusive Salvation
24: Trial by Fire
Hidden Universe Travel Guides – Star Trek: Vulcan
Star Trek: Legacies – Purgatory’s Key
Planet of the Apes: Tales from the Forbidden Zone
Star Trek: The Next Generation – Headlong Flight
our Star Trek: Waypoint comic

We’ll also have a varying number of copies of older titles.

So, if you’re attending the con, be sure to come by and say “Howdy.” Hope to see you there!



KC-area peeps! Come see us at “Books in the Bottoms!”

Are you local to the Kansas City area, and just itching to come say “Howdy!” to me and Kevin Dilmore and see what we’ve been up to on the writerly front?

newlogoblackNext weekend, the historic West Bottoms District of Kansas City is hosting its Second Annual “Books in the Bottoms” event. It’s part of the District’s monthly “First Festival Weekend” that they do on the first weekend of every month. Kevin and I will be joining a number of other area writers to hock our wares in and around sampling the food and shopping and just taking in the festive ambiance that’s sure to be permeating the area.

The event runs Friday thru Sunday, February 3rd-5th, with writers staged at different shops and eateries around the District. The entire weekend promises to be fun, but if you’re specifically looking for me and Kevin, you’ll find us on Saturday morning from 9am-Noon at Good Juju, a wonderful little treasure trove of antiques, vintage collectibles, and pop culture goodies.

Additionally, a scan of the author line-up shows a number of friends on the roster, including J.R.Frontera, Dennis Young, James Young, Thaddeus Nowak, and the one and only Robin Wayne Bailey.

Hey. Wait. Instead of reading me ramble on about this, why not just check out the official press release:

Contact:   Amber Arnett-Bequeaith
VP and Spokesperson – West Bottoms Entertainment District & Full Moon Productions 816.842.4280 / 913.406.7833 1401
W. 13th St., KCMO 64102

Authors on-hand at Second Annual Books in the Bottoms Event  First Festival Weekend February 3-5 

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, January 26, 2017 – Benjamin Franklin’s truism, “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing” has a special meaning for First Festival Weekend, February 3-5. Not only will the event host sixteen local authors at the Second Annual Books in the Bottoms coinciding with First Festival Weekend, but it will draw on those looking for extraordinary experiences worth writing about and sharing socially.

Participating authors will represent a range of fiction genre from science fiction, fantasy and the supernatural, to children’s books, thrillers, and history-based fiction.  Fiction authors include David Pederson, Duane Porter, Jennifer Frontera, Claire Ashgrove, Ted Nowak, Kevin Dilmore, Dayton Ward, Aaron Hollingsworth, Dennis Young, Robin Wayne Bailey, and Anita Young.

Books in the Bottoms will also have five non-fiction authors, including Kansas City crime writer Phil LeVota, poet and prose writer Carol Estes, beer recipe author Pete Dulin, military analyst author James Young and Kansas City historian Pat O’Neill.

The free, three-day West Bottoms First Festival Weekend averages around 20,000 people looking for vintage, antique and one-of-a-kind statement pieces for their wardrobe and décor and enjoying the many cafés, drinks and food truck options.  The area’s six-blocks of multistory buildings makes it the largest indoor, year-round antique and vintage district in the country.

“The creativity in Kansas City is over-flowing, so it is no surprise we are able to gather so many talented authors,” said Amber Arnett-Bequeaith, VP of the West Bottoms Business District. “People are looking for unique experiences that are worth writing about and sharing with others. The West Bottoms’ First Festival offers a fun place to shop and the rare chance to actually meet and interact with authors.”  

West Bottom’s First Festival Weekend
Opens Friday through Sunday  –  Shops Open around 9 A.M. 
Food Truck Wine & Dine
Available Friday, Saturday and Sunday, off the 12th St. Bridge

About the West Bottoms Historic Entertainment District: 
The West Bottoms Historic Entertainment District has more than thirty-five stores in a six block area.  Many of the large, multi-story buildings off the 12th Street Bridge offer several floors of vintage and antique finds. The District is the destination for interior decorators and designers, collectors and consumers seeking stylish décor and gift options that have a history and patina that cannot be duplicated.

So, hey! If you’re out and about next Saturday, bring your bottom to the Bottoms, stop by Good Juju and say “Aloha!”



New interview with me & Kevin @ TrekMovie.com!

You think people would learn their lesson, and quit calling us, but nooooOOOOoooo.

TrekMovie.com certainly hasn’t.

st-waypoint2-subscriptioncoverLate last month, the popular fan-driven Star Trek news site, for reasons surpassing understanding, dispatched intrepid interviewer Rich Shepis to talk to me and Kevin, without even the courtesy of giving him combat pay or even body armor. Nope. They just threw him at us, like the innocent little lamb that he is. I mean, “was.”

The result? A new joint interview with me and Kevin, which has now gone live over on TrekMovie. The topic? Mostly, it’s us yammering at length about our recent foray into comics writing. Specifically, that spiffy second issue of the Star Trek: Waypoint mini-series from IDW Publishing, as so ably overseen by the wonderful Sarah Gaydos and Christopher Cerasi, who almost without doubt are only now coming to grips with the horror of having invited us into their sandbox to play even for a brief while.

The interview was conducted via teleconference, with Rich transcribing our non-stop, ear-splitting cacophony of stream-of-conscious babbling. Hey, Kevin and I have been doing this for a long, long time by this point, so anybody daring to interview us both at the same time should really know better, don’t you think?

Everybody give it up for Rich. He weathered the storm, and lived to tell the tale.

Anyway, go check out our new confab, courtesy of Rich and TrekMovie, if only so you can behold the line that gave me my first true out-loud laugh of the day:

“Chemistry is that one intangible that either exists in a situation or doesn’t, and has contributed to form some of the greatest partnerships of all-time, including Lennon/McCartney, Kirk/Spock, and Star Trek writing partners Kevin Dilmore and Dayton Ward. In fact, the duo is perhaps the greatest off-screen bromance seen in the franchise’s history.”

Dammit. That’s funny.

TrekMovie.Com: INTERVIEW – Authors Kevin Dilmore & Dayton Ward

(Photo Credit: Janice Sanborn)

Officially Official(tm): Kevin and me @ Kansas City Comic Con!

KCCC-logoThe headline pretty much says it all, folks.

Adding to our list of appearances during 2016 is one right here in our home town. The Kansas City Comic Con is preparing for its second show after getting off to a damned fine start last year. Though we were invited to attend last year, scheduling conflicts and prior commitments saw to it that we were elsewhere that weekend.

Not so, this time around!

Kevin and I have accepted invitations to appear as guests at KCCC 2016, which will be held the weekend of August 12-14. We’ll be surrounded by a multitude of media and creator guests spanning TV and film, novels, comics, games, and whatever other creative coolness someone can conjure. As is our habit, you’ll be able to find us somewhere in the convention’s creator area/artists alley, and we’ll almost certainly be participating in programming throughout the weekend.

Also, it’s possible…possible…that I may have copies of our latest novels, 24: Trial By Fire and Star Trek: Legacies – Purgatory’s Key, both of which will be very minty fresh at the time of the con.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

(Click on the pics to see our Officially Official(tm) pages at the con’s website.)

So, if you’re in the area and want to come hang with us and a lot of other, perhaps far cooler people, you’ll know where to find us.

Thanks very much to the good folk at KCCC for inviting us to be a part of their fun and games. Should be a blast!

Babbling again…this time in front of actual smart people!

Uh oh.

Those of you who follow my antics, the shenanigans of my writing partner, Kevin Dilmore, and the mischief we unleash whenever we’re together in public know that on occasion, he and I get an opportunity to address other members of our species. These interactions often take the form of Q&A sessions or “discussion panels” at conventions, along with the occasional signing at an area book store or library.

The bar for these sorts of things got upped a bit a few years ago when I and a small group of my fellow Star Trek scribes got to participate in a symposium at the Johnson Space Center down in Houston, Texas. Yep, the NASA place. That actually happened. There’s photographic and video proof, and everything. We talked to people who work at sending other people and various objects into space, about Star Trek‘s influence on the space program and vice versa. So far as being cool while writing Star Trek novels goes, I’m fairly confident when I say we peaked with that little shin-dig. The only thing that might outdo it is if Hef invites us all out to the Playboy Mansion, or something.


While it might not be NASA, our next public engagement is still setting up to be very cool. Kevin and I have been invited by the Linda Hall Library here in Kansas City to come and speak to an audience for one of the library’s “Second Saturday Lectures.” On Saturday, May 14th, we’ll be talking to (and with) this assembled group of curious onlookers about Star Trek‘s influence on science and technology, and its continuing resonance in pop culture as we approach the original series’ 50th anniversary.

From their program guide:

Of Tribbles and Technology: Star Trek at 50
(Saturday, May 14th, 11:00am-12:00pm)

Since 1966, Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the 23rd Century (and beyond) has inspired uncounted people to explore ideas and pursue careers in the creative arts as well as in fields of science and technology. Join Kansas City-area Star Trek novelists Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore in a discussion on how the imaginings of Star Trek’s creators have shaped our world of today—and given optimism to what lies ahead for us all. They also will share their insights and experiences with the creative process of Star Trek storytelling beyond movies and television. Audience participation will be encouraged.

For those of you in the KC area, admission to the Q&A is free, but you will need a ticket/reservation. You can read more about the program and the library itself by following this handy dandy link I’m providing right here.

This is probably as good a time as any to state for the record that I’m a bit nervous about addressing this particular crowd. As was the case with the NASA folks, I feel somewhat (read: “tremendously”) out of my depth in these types of situations. The Linda Hall Library is not home to a bunch of slouches, by any stretch. As an independent research library, it’s one of the most important institutions of its type in the world, with a focus on science, technology, and engineering. Smart people work there, or go there to avail themselves of its resources.

And yet, they invited me into their realm. However, I know I can outrun Kevin once they figure out what’s going on and chase us out of there with torches and pitchforks.

Our Q&A session promises to be somewhat less formal than the lectures the library typically hosts, and we always do our part to (hopefully) make sure things are fun as well as informative. So, if you’re in the area with nothing to do on Saturday, May 14th around lunch time, come find me and Kevin at the Linda Hall Library.

What could possibly go wrong?

Dayton-Kevin-ShoreLeave2016(Photo by Janice Sanborn.)