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KC-area peeps! Come see us at “Books in the Bottoms!”

Are you local to the Kansas City area, and just itching to come say “Howdy!” to me and Kevin Dilmore and see what we’ve been up to on the writerly front? Next weekend, the historic West Bottoms District of Kansas City … Continue reading

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New interview with me & Kevin @!

You think people would learn their lesson, and quit calling us, but nooooOOOOoooo. certainly hasn’t. Late last month, the popular fan-driven Star Trek news site, for reasons surpassing understanding, dispatched intrepid interviewer Rich Shepis to talk to me and … Continue reading

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Officially Official(tm): Kevin and me @ Kansas City Comic Con!

The headline pretty much says it all, folks. Adding to our list of appearances during 2016 is one right here in our home town. The Kansas City Comic Con is preparing for its second show after getting off to a … Continue reading

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Babbling again…this time in front of actual smart people!

Uh oh. Those of you who follow my antics, the shenanigans of my writing partner, Kevin Dilmore, and the mischief we unleash whenever we’re together in public know that on occasion, he and I get an opportunity to address other … Continue reading

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Novel Spaces – “Still Collaborating After All These Years.”

Well, whaddaya know? It’s the 18th, which means I was a day late taking my turn at bat over at the Novel Spaces blog. Well, I was on time in my time zone, but the blog’s clock is set to Eastern. Derp. … Continue reading

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Starfest bound!

Thanks to the wonder that is “scheduled posting” for ye olde blog, by the time this entry goes live, my hetero life mate, Kevin Dilmore, and I will be west bound and down and heading for picturesque Denver, Colorado. Why? … Continue reading

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My bro Kevin has an itty bitty new book out!

And it’s a big book! Or an itty bitty book. Or an itty bitty big book. DAMMIT. :: draws deep, calming breath :: My bro and frequent writing partner Kevin Dilmore has a new book out. Disguised as a mild-mannered senior … Continue reading

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Riddle Me This, by Kevin Dilmore!

My boy Blue’s been at it again. Those of you who read this space know that my hetero life mate and frequent writing collaborator, Kevin Dilmore, has many mad skillz of his own in the word pushing department. These days, … Continue reading

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Batman: You’re the Star of the Story, by Kevin Dilmore!

It’s time to pimp my hetero life mate, Kevin. Many of you know that my best bud and frequent collaborator, Kevin Dilmore, keeps his days busy as a senior writer for Hallmark Cards. There, he writes all manner of awesome … Continue reading

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The Batcave Podcast, Episode 19!

Hello, Bat fans! Checking the Bat-computer tells me it’s time for yet another scintillating installment of The Batcave Podcast! Host John S. Drew continues his review of the 1960s Batman television series starring Adam West and Burt Ward, moving on to the show’s second season. … Continue reading

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