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Come see me and Kevin at Kansas City Comic Con!

Awwwwww Yissssssssss. Thanks to the con’s own swank and rather handy header graphic, I’m left with almost nothing to tell you about next weekend’s Kansas City Comic Con, which will take place next weekend, November 10-12, at Bartle Hall in … Continue reading

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KC-area peeps! Come see us at “Books in the Bottoms!”

Are you local to the Kansas City area, and just itching to come say “Howdy!” to me and Kevin Dilmore and see what we’ve been up to on the writerly front? Next weekend, the historic West Bottoms District of Kansas City … Continue reading

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World Series 2014 musings.

So, it’s been a bit of an exciting time here in Kansas City. The last time the Kansas City Royals were in the World Series was the year I graduated high school. I’ve spent 21 of the ensuing 29 years … Continue reading

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Planet Comicon…THIS WEEKEND!

Awwww, yeah. This weekend is the annual Planet Comicon here in Kansas City. As they state with pride on their website, it indeed is KC’s largest pop culture and comic book convention. No, it’s nowhere near San Diego-sized, but a … Continue reading

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Curfew! Gesundheit!

Those of you who don’t live in or near the Kansas City area but perhaps have a news fetish for the goings-on in other parts of the country/world may be aware that our fair town is experiencing some “issues” of … Continue reading

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SModcast in Kansas City!

Thanks to some pinch-hitting mercy bestowed upon us by friends after our primary and secondary kid-sitting options fell through, Michi and I were able to meet up with Kevin at the beautiful Midland Theater in Kansas City, and attend our … Continue reading

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Karma. It’s a bitch.

A local indie paper here in Kansas City, The Pitch, has a knack for reporting stories from the metro area that always bring a smile to my face, and sometimes they even elicit an outright belly laugh. Today brought one … Continue reading

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KHAAAAAN! His vengeance lives on!

One of the highlights of last week’s uber-cool Kansas City Fringe Festival was KHAAAAAN! The Musical, a 45-minute parody play based very, very loosely on the Enterprise crew’s encounter with the nefarious Khan Noonien Singh (original series episode “Space Seed” … Continue reading

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Ladies and gentlemen: the KCMO City Council.

Does our city council spend its hours reining in our bloated budget, drunken sailor-esque spending, growing list of all-but ignored critical capital improvement projects, beleaguered school system, or…you know…anything of worth? No. Instead, these are the issues our city council … Continue reading

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Kansas City drivers are morons.

So, we got our first “real” snow today. Nothing significant in the way of accumulation. That is, it really shouldn’t have been. It started around 9:30am, and by 11:20 or so when I left the office, it was only just … Continue reading

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