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They’re not just for breakfast, anymore.


Gorn Flakes: When you need breakfast to be merciful and quick.

(* = inspired by the “Your Moment of Zen” segments from The Daily Show)


ReWard: The 7 Phases of Almost Any Writing Project.

Every once in a while, my little blog here strives to be something more than a platform for the shameless whoring of myself and my various scribblings. There are the infrequent reminiscences and ruminations about favorite books, films, or TV shows. On rare occasions, I might see fit to delve into a current events topic. Rarer still are those entries where I try to offer meaningful writing advice, or at least a pithy anecdote gleaned from my time in “the trenches” of writing for a so-called living.

This is one of those pieces.

A couple of years ago, while faced with a deadline to have a post ready for the Novel Spaces writing blog along with being caught up in the grips of a Writing Project That Would Not Die, I came up with a list of things that seem able to confront any writing project regardless of size or scope.

The result made for a handy Novel Spaces column, and now seems like a nice thing throw into this space as a “ReWard” piece, in a desperate bid to make this site look like it’s generating fresh content on a more or less regular schedule.

So, from January 2016, I offer the following:

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Yes, Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

die-hard-posterIt’s only November 25th, but apparently we’re already getting on with the “Is Die Hard a Christmas movie” debate. It’s been “raging” on Twitter, with a few people on both sides getting more than a tad wrapped around the axle.

Damn it, I hate being late to these things.

Look, it’s really quite simple: Die Hard, that 1980s action classic, is indeed “a Christmas movie.” Hell yeah, it is. In fact, it’s quite possibly the best Christmas movie ever. Check it out:

Die Hard is more of a Christmas movie than other films that actually try to pass themselves off as Christmas movies. Heck…it’s even got its own official Christmas book, and everything! The film showcases many of the familiar “Christmas movie tropes” without much of the pretentious, saccharine goobledygook that I think of when I consider the typical “Christmas movie.”

The story is set on Christmas Eve, at a Christmas party and the film’s soundtrack is littered with Christmas-themed music, while Christmas decorations and other related paraphernalia and sentiment contribute to pushing the story forward. John McClane has arrived there, quelling personal feelings of hurt and betrayal in order to be with his family during what’s supposed to be this most festive of seasons.

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That reunion is spoiled by people seeking to ruin others’ holidays for their own selfish ends. Hans Gruber is Scrooge in an Armani suit and carrying military-grade bad tidings, promising Christmas miracles for himself and his merry band of grinches.

But it’s John McClane who’s the Christmas miracle, bringing the gift of freedom and goodwill toward men (and women). He even made a list of who was naughty before handing out presents, and proceeds to show the bad people that good will always, ultimately curb-stomp the shit out of evil. Finally, he casts aside his immature, selfish feelings toward his wife and rekindles their damaged romance.

And then Vaughn Monroe sings us out. Let it snow, yo.

Suck on that, George Bailey.

TL;DR = There are two kinds of people: Those who think Die Hard is the best Christmas movie ever, and those who are wrong.


Now, this post is obviously meant in jest, but a casual glance at social media shows that there are people on both sides of this goofy debate who take it way too seriously, one way or the other. Lighten up, folks. It’s a damned movie.

Even if it is the best Christmas movie. 😀


Your Moment of TrekZen*, Classic Thanksgiving Edition.

We shall all sing songs of the Great Turkey Leg, on our way to the Stove O’ Kor.

Klingon Turkeys

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Here’s hoping you enjoy a restful holiday in the company of family and friends. For those unable to do so – service members, cops, fire fighters, EMT’s and lots of other fine people answering a higher calling which precludes them from taking the day off – we thank you for your service and wish you a safe return home.

(* = inspired by the “Your Moment of Zen” segments from The Daily Show)

Setting the record straight: the “Wardilmore Bromance.”

So, according to one source, Kevin and I ended our writing partnership this past Saturday.

Despite being published on April 1st, a very small handful of people still managed to ask if what they had read was A) true, B) might be true, C) done with our permission, and/or D) really true?

What the hell am I talking about? Behold, yo: Ward-Dilmore Writing Duo Calls It Quits


So, in order to head off any rumors, gossip, scuttlebutt, and whatever else we’re calling tabloid tales these days, I am here to set the record straight, once and for all.

Kevin and I are back together.

It got pretty heated here and there, especially in those areas of social media where we have a number of mutual friends, colleagues, and other acquaintances. For a while, things looked like they might take a turn toward the ugly side………


As for me? I was content to chart my own course following the release of Saturday’s news, but let’s get real for a sec: How can you resist somebody when they go to such lengths to let them know how they truly feel? For example, there was this scene outside my window on Monday evening:


He had me at, “Dude, let’s get some chicken wings and catch 2001: A Space Odyssey at the Alamo.”

Chief among the relieved parties was my wife, who is thankful I once again have someone for playdates and she can be left alone to drink wine and binge-watch Criminal Minds. Also relieved is prospective writing partner Scott Pearson, who won’t have to endure me and my overinflated ego and general lack of talent and work ethic.

You can catch Kevin and me together in a couple of weeks, in Denver for the annual Starfest Convention.

Your Moment of TrekZen*.

Because it’s not always about silly pictures and my shameless whoring around here. Sometimes, I offer bits and nuggets of practical knowledge which just might see you through a troubling time or two. For example:


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(* = inspired by the “Your Moment of Zen” segments from The Daily Show)

“Twas A Die Hard Christmas.”

What does one do when one’s TV and internet access was compromised for the bulk of the day?

I can’t speak for anybody else, but me? I make up shit.

It wasn’t a completely off day, of course. For one thing, I’m in the middle of finishing up an outline for what I hope is a novel project I’ll be able to tackle in 2017. No sooner is that one done then I’ll be turning my attention to another outline for a book I will be writing beginning early in the new year.

I’ve also got a cover blurb to polish, so that I can deliver it to the editor who requested it. Doing these is harder than it looks, and boiling down everything I want to say about this particular book has actually been pretty tough, because I’m definitely a fan of the work and want to do it justice. But, I’ve got what I want to say down, now, and I just need to buff it up a bit.

Oh, and then there was that period earlier this afternoon where I just started going off the rails a bit, because a goofy idea took hold and wouldn’t let go until I did something about it……


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