Game on, old school!

This story is almost a week old now, but I only just read about it today thanks to a link sent to me by a friend.

Got an iPhone or iPad? Like those old school Atari arcade and/or 2600 games from way, way back in the day? Well, Apple and Atari have conspired to hook you up, big time: Atari Brings 100 Retro Titles to iOS in “Atari’s Greatest Hits”!

That’s right, 100 titles, both arcade games and games created for the old Atari 2600 home system. Among the titles, which are available as “in-app purchases” once you install the free shell app, is one of my favorites from the early 80s, Tempest, a forerunner of sorts to another game I’d come to love, Gyruss. One of these days, I wouldn’t mind putting a Gyruss or even a Tempest cabinet in my basement (yes, right next to the Star Trek game), but for now? This is a bit more convenient than pulling my old 8-bit Nintendo system out of mothballs:

Awww, yeah.

Anything that lets you relive 80s arcade gaming goodness can’t be a bad thing, right?


The (cr)app on my phone.

So, I’ve had an iPhone since last summer. My wife and I were needing to change up phones and rework our plan, and they were having sweet deals on the 3GS just prior to the iPhone 4 hitting the market. I was a tough sell, but Michi really dug them when we were playing with them in the store. I would’ve been happy with any phone that featured a QWERTY keyboard for texting and accessing the internet, but the sales rep at the store was good at what she did, so in short order the missus and I had shiny new iPhones.

I, of course, being cynical and resistant to change…wasted no time loading up my new toy with crap.

Oddly, I actually didn’t copy over a lot of music or video. I already had an mp3/video player with something like 10 times the storage capacity, and I wasn’t really the biggest fan of iTunes. Still, I’ve come around to it, slowly, and now my phone has some video and music content on it. But what else is on it? Apps, of course. In addition to the usual apps that are already pre-loaded (Weather, Maps/GPS, etc.), I started some of the more fun stuff: Games, a few tools for accessing certain sites, news feeds, and so on. For instance:

A list of portable time sinks…behind the cut!