Catching Up: Interviews and Planet Comicon!

Well, last week was a thing.

I spent most of it battling illness, being stubborn about it and trying to keep all the balls in the air. It started midweek, and only went downhill from there, to the point that when Saturday came around, I was a sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy-headed, fevered, unable to really rest person.

planetcomiconBetween that and some family issues Kevin was dealing with, we made the decision to withdraw from the tables we’d planned to man all weekend at Planet Comicon, Kansas City’s awesome pop culture convention/party. It was the fair thing to do, given that Kevin was already scheduled to work a good portion of the weekend at Hallmark’s PopMinded booth and my not even being there at all on Friday due to my own work scheduled. With all of that and my being sick, we knew the con could reassign those tables to other creators/vendors who were on a waiting list. That said, both Kevin and I missed the opportunity to spend the weekend hanging out with friends, making new friends, and – yes – offering our various titles and other wares for sale.

On the other hand, we’d also both made a commitment to friends and fellow writers Jennifer Frontera and Jason Arnett to participate in a panel Jennifer was moderating on Sunday about writing “for hire” and/or for licensed properties. Kevin would be back at the con to continue helping out with the PopMinded booth on Sunday, so all that remained was for me to swallow enough meds to keep me upright and presentable for a few hours. So, I jammed a bunch of stuff down my throat with a Mountain Dew chaser and with my trusty sidekick, daughter Addison, set off for Bartle Hall.

The panel went off nicely, I thought. Jeni was a superb moderator, hitting us with a string of well-considered questions that generated some good discussion between the four of us and also prompted some great questions from our audience. After the panel, Jason graciously hosted Kevin and me at his table for a short while, where we were able to sign books for people who’d been trying to track us down throughout the weekend.

My biggest regret of the weekend was not being able to catch up with everybody I’d been hoping to see, but also that we needed to back out on our commitment to the con itself. The gang who runs Planet Comicon have always been incredibly supportive of me and Kevin, and we hate not being able to participate in the entire weekend’s fun and games. Hopefully we’ll be back to normal for next year, when Planet throws its 20th anniversary party!

DrasticMeasures-CoverElsewhere, last week’s distractions made me all but completely forget that yet another interview with me about Drastic Measures was made available for your listening torture enjoyment. Matthew Miller from contacted me a week or so ago to talk about the new book, and damned if we almost got through the thing before one of us remembered why we were talking in the first place. Matthew’s provided the results of that gabfest over at the TrekZone site, so you’re free to stick them in your ears at your convenience. Check it out: Author Dayton Ward On Writing Trek Novels

Many thanks to Matthew for hosting the interview!

Speaking of interviews, I know of two others which are prepping to drop in the coming days, and I have another phone interview scheduled for this evening. Between now and then, I’ll be finalizing the manuscript for a book project that’s due later this week.

Busy writer is busy!


Hey, it’s another Drastic Measures interview!

Last week and in the wake of the release of Drastic Measures, my Star Trek: Discovery novel, I conducted several interviews (and there are at least two more I can recall offhand still scheduled). I told you about one such Q&A yesterday, but wouldn’t you know that a new day also brings with it another link to share!

This time, it’s the fine folks over at, one of the more prominent fan-driven Star Trek news sites. Contributing writer Alex Perry hit me up with a nice batch of questions, such as how I managed to keep my big mouth shut not just during those months before the series premiere before I was announced as writing the book, but also from week to week as each new episode was made available. For example:

“I haven’t spilled anything even to my wife, who’s been watching the show each week with me, and there have been occasions where something happens and she’d turn to me and ask, “You knew that was going to happen, didn’t you? Didn’t you? What else is coming? What else? TELL ME!” while I just smile and shake my head.”

Babbling responses such as this to each of Alex’s queries are now available for your perusal. Check it, yo: – Interview: Dayton Ward’s “Drastic Measures.”

Many thanks to Alex and the entire TrekCore crew for letting me invade their space yet again!

New Drastic Measures interview!

People never learn.

They want to talk. To me, I mean.

They ask me questions, pay attention to my answers, and after reviewing my responses one last time, take the final leap of posting said questions and resulting answers for all the world to see. Such was the case (again) with Darren Perdue, host of the book-appreciating/book-loving site Ninetoes Loves Books.

Savvy readers of this space may recall that Darren interviewed me a short while back, but this time he’s picking my brain (mostly) about my new Star Trek: Discovery novel Drastic Measures.

The interview covers the book’s genesis and how folks working on the show (namely my honorary big sister, the always awesome Kirsten Beyer) helped me all while juggling the mighty task of creating and producing a television series. As I’ve already said, the writing of this book was unlike any of my previous Star Trek ventures, but it was a heck of a lot of fun.

Give our little back-n-forth a read, whydontcha:

Ninetoes Loves Books: An Interview with Dayton Ward


Thanks again to Darren for graciously accepting the drop in property value by inviting me into his space!


5 Questions with…me?

After all this time, you’d think people would’ve heeded the harsh, painful lessons learned by others, and pointedly avoid asking me questions which I then answer so that those responses can be published for the world to see. Perhaps one day, that will happen.

Today is not that day.

bookloveThe next poor, tortured soul to step into the breach is Darren Perdue, who maintains Ninetoes Loves Books, a blog devoted to reading along with books and the people who make them. For his “5 Questions” feature, he sought out little old me.

Sorry, dude.

Actually, the questions were fine…at least until I started answering them. Those interested in seeing my responses should meander on over to Darren’s blog and check out the digs:

Ninetoes Loves Books: 5 Questions with Dayton Ward

In all seriousness, thanks to Darren for reaching out. I mean, it’s not like I really need much prompting to talk about books.

(Photo credit: Russ Colchamiro)

They told me to “Go Trek Yourself,” so I did!

DrasticMeasures-CoverHey! I’m babbling again.

This time, it’s with hosts J.K. Woodward and Darrell Taylor and their podcast Go Trek Yourself. Though the focus of the show is Star Trek: Discovery, with the show taking its winter break J.K. and Darrell are expanding their horizons a bit an reaching out to talk to other people with peripheral connections to the series. In their last episode, they interviewed my occasional partner in literary mischief, David Mack, and talked about his Discovery novel Desperate Hours.

Next up? Moi.

During this extended episode (which is a kind way of saying, “That Ward guy just. Won’t. Shut. Up.”), J.K. and Darrell ask me about my own forthcoming Disco novel, Drastic Measures, as well as my writing partnership with Kevin and our various collaborations. It’s a rollicking hour+plus of Trekkie goodness, including gushing on my part as I’m a big fan of J.K.’s comics artwork.

So, if you’ve got 75 or 80 minutes to kill, go and stick this in your ears:

Go Trek Yourself Episode 25: Dayton Ward

Many thanks to J.K. and Darrell for having me on to yammer for a bit. We’ve talked about a return engagement at some point, so I guess we’ll see what we see!

In Discussion with…me!

Tony Healey is a busy guy.

He’s a writer, for one thing, but when he’s not hard at work penning his own novels and short stories, he takes time here and there to talk with other writers. It’s a new segment on his website called “In Discussion With….” and I have the honor of batting third in the lineup of interviews he’s assembling.

What do we talk about? Well, the interview was prompted by my recent Star Trek: The Next Generation novel Hearts and Minds, but his questions to me cover a fair bit of ground, including my origin story as well as working for licensed properties like Star Trek and 24, and how I juggle the so-called life of being a freelance writer for hire. We also talk about my collaborations with Kevin and my upcoming Star Trek: Discovery novel along with various other topics. Then Tony hits me with a surprising round of “rapid fire” questions designed to keep me on my toes. It was a fun interview, and now it’s available for you to check out: – In Discussion With…Dayton Ward


Many thanks to Tony for the interview. Be sure to check out his own list of novels and short fiction over on his site!


“5 Questions” with me, @ Ninetoes Loves Books!

I don’t know how I managed to overlook yammering about this earlier in the week, but it seems I did. Chalk it up to trying to knock out a few pending projects and clear the decks for some new stuff getting ladled onto my plate during the coming week.

Anyway, I was contacted a month or so ago by Darren Perdue, who writes and maintains the blog Ninetoes Loves Books, which is devoted to exactly the topic its name implies. One of the blog’s recurring features is “5 Questions,” which Darren poses to various authors. My responses to his five queries were posted on September 11th, and I completely forgot to mention anything about it before now, because…well…because I’m a bonehead, or something.

Anyway, for those interested in seeing my answers to Darren’s “5 Questions” feature, you can mosey on over and check them out here:

Ninetoes Loves Books: 5 Questions With Dayton Ward

Many thanks to Darren for opting to feature me in his space and for giving me a chance to babble for a bit!


Talking “Run, Steve, Run” with The OSI Files!

OSI-Files-LogoIt’s been a while since I last chatted about various things bionic with John S. Drew, but hey! The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman never seem to be far from either of our thoughts, and John had been talking about corralling me for an episode of his bionic-themed podcast The OSI Files for a while, now. At long last, he makes good on his threat, and has me sit down for a chat with him about The Six Million Dollar Man‘s first season finale, “Run, Steve, Run.”

This episode is the midpoint of a loose trilogy of episodes that begins with “Day of the Robot,” the first season’s fourth episode, and ends with the second season’s “Return of the Robot Maker.” I call it “loose” because the only robots we see in this episode appear in flashback sequences from “Day of the Robot.” However, the robot’s creator, Dr. Jeffrey Dolenz (later changed to “Chester Dolenz”) is on hand, with the story focusing on his obsession with learning the secret of how Steve Austin was able to defeat his robot in the first episode (hint: Steve’s bionic). Once Dolenz realizes what makes Steve tick, he’s like a kid in a candy store….or maybe a Radio Shack, as he contemplates the possibilities of exploiting Steve’s bionics to improve the army of robots he wants to build.

While the other episodes–admittedly dated and even ridiculous by modern TV standards–retain huge nostalgic appeal for me as favorites from my childhood, I’m less enamored with this installment. Part of that is that I always thought the Dolenz character was criminally underserved, in all of these stories. Unlike other bad guys who decide they need to teach Oscar Goldman and the OSI a lesson for overlooking their genius when it comes to tech goodness like robots, Dolenz never really gets a chance to shine with this role. That’s a shame, as veteran character actor Henry Jones creates in Dolenz one of those “recurring nemesis” characters like Star Trek‘s Harry Mudd you want to see every so often.

That said, “Run, Steve, Run” is certainly not the series’ worst offering, and full credit to John for helping me soften my stance, as I went into this chat with this episode most definitely not on my “ones I’ll watch on a rainy day” list.

Check out the conversation, which is followed by an interview with “Run, Steve, Run” guest star Melissa Greene, here:

The OSI Files Episode 004: “Run, Steve, Run”

Many thanks to John, with whom I always enjoy talking all things bionic, for having me on. We’ve already discussed possibilities for follow-up chats, so who knows?


Talking Klingons and travel guides with Literary Treks!

It’s been almost five years since launched their Literary Treks podcast. I know, because I was there, invited by then hosts Christopher Jones and Matthew Rushing to sit in as the show’s very first guest.

Since then, and even through a couple of changes in hosting duties, Literary Treks has continued to shine a spotlight on the world of Star Trek fiction in prose and comics form. Nearly every episode has featured an interview with an author, editor, artist, or other creative contributor. I did a quick count, and it turns out I’ve been on the show ten times since being Guest #1.

Wait! Correction: eleven times.

It turns out that the 200th episode of Literary Treks was also an opportunity for me to sit with current hosts Dan Gunther and Bruce Gibson and talk at length about my recently released tome, Hidden Universe Travel Guides – Star Trek: The Klingon Empire.

HUTG Klingon Lifestyle (Twitter)

In addition to discussing how the book came together, we also talked about all the crazy places from which I drew ideas and inspiration, all of that gorgeous art littering the pages, and so on. It’s a rollicking hour or so, during which we also discuss – briefly and in the vaguest possible terms – my upcoming Star Trek: Discovery novel and some other stuff I’m working on.

Go on, have a listen:

Literary Treks #200: Klingon-It Up A Little Bit

Many thanks to Dan and Bruce for having me on yet again to talk Trek. As always, I enjoy these interviews and how you always keep me and my fellow scribes on our toes.


Talking with TrekCore about the Klingon Travel Guide!

What happens when you spend 20-30 minutes spewing stream-of-consciousness blathering into a phone, pausing for the occasional breath while the person on the other end recovers from that maelstrom and attempts to ask another question?

Sometimes, it ends up printed as an interview somewhere.

That was the case last week when I spoke to Rich Schepis, who walked into the fire burning hot inside the lion’s mouth long enough to talk to me for about my recently released tome, Hidden Universe Travel Guides – Star Trek: The Klingon Empire.

HUTG Klingon Lifestyle (Twitter)

Rich is a patient, understanding sort, and he was able to pull apart the verbal hairball I hacked his way, and turn my yammering into something intelligible. I hope they pay him pretty well, over there.

Have a read, if you’re so inclined: – INTERVIEW: Dayton Ward’s Guide to the KLINGON EMPIRE

Many thanks to Rich and the gang at TrekCore for putting up with my shenanigans.

In related news, I found out this morning that the Vulcan Travel Guide is included as one of the juicy items in the second edition of the “ThinkGeek Capsule,” which is ThinkGeek’s super cool version of a LootCrate subscription box. So, if you were looking for a reason to pick up that book AND something snazzy to subscribe to on a regular basis, well then BOOM! Two birds with one stone, and all that. – Let’s Look Inside ThinkGeek Capsule #2


Neat, amirite?