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Two new interviews!

That Vegas convention, man. Just when I think it’s behind me, it keeps reaching out and grabbing me by the collar and yanking me back. While my hetero life mate, Kevin Dilmore, and I were in Las Vegas a couple … Continue reading

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New interview about the Vulcan Travel Guide.

Yes, summer is winding down and kids will soon be heading back to school, but there’s still time left to sneak in one last quick vacation. Why not head to Vulcan? (Insert joke about Vulcan being destroyed thanks to the … Continue reading

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Saturday news roundup: 24! Vegas! Interview! Polls!

It seems I’ve been remiss with this blogging thing, so I figure a single post to address all the stuff I keep forgetting to write about is in order. Might want to refresh your drinks, folks. We could be here a while.

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Interview with “Some Kind of Star Trek!”

Gather ’round, kids. Dayton is babbling again. A week or so ago, I was contacted by the good folks over at Some Kind of Star Trek, a Star Trek fan news site based in the UK, for an interview. With … Continue reading

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Talking with Nerd for A Living!

Yes, I’m still in vacation mode. No, you can’t really see me. Just pretend I’m not here. Back in May during Planet Comicon, I was interviewed by Adron Buske, one half of Nerd for A Living, who — in their own words … Continue reading

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Back on the air.

Previously, on The Fog of Ward: Yeah, I’ve been busy of late. Overlapping projects and successive deadlines saw to it that much of the last month has been a blur. Other things like this space had to take a back … Continue reading

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Kevin and me, blabbing on the G&T Show!

Yep, it was another interview. Our friends Nick Minecci, Terry Lynn Shull, and Mike Medeiros invited us to take part in a special live edition of “Supplemental Logs,” a sort of extra channel of programming they sometimes do in addition … Continue reading

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Talking about Apes over at UnderDiscussion!

A couple of weeks ago, the gang over at UnderDiscussion managed to lure me yet again into the lair of the UnderGopher, so that we might once more talk about all matter of geeky things. This time around? It was … Continue reading

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Talking ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ with the SciFi Diner!

Hey, it happens. Occasionally, I’m invited to come and sit with friends who are of the Geek Body and we talk about this or that, and someone sees fit to record the resulting conversation and make it available to the … Continue reading

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New interview with Literary Treks!

And this time it’s a two-fer! That’s right! My hetero life mate, Kevin Dilmore, and I join hosts Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther for another episode of Literary Treks, a podcast from the gang at that focuses on the … Continue reading

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