You say you want to buy my books to give as presents? All righty, then!

KlingonSantaHoliday shopping is in full swing, and plenty of writerly and other creative folks are advertising their respective wares. I’ve gotten a few emails or other messages from people here and there, asking for suggestions about which of my books might make for good gift-giving and whatnot.

Setting aside my kneejerk initial answer (“Um, all of them? Get one of each, and make a nice gift basket.”), I’ve pondered this a bit over the last couple of days, and settled on a handful of titles I think might have broad(er) appeal to the Trekkie on your shopping list. Also? You’ll be helping me to do things like pay my mortgage and put food in my kids’ faces. Everybody wins!

Here, have a look:

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Talking Klingons and travel guides with Literary Treks!

It’s been almost five years since launched their Literary Treks podcast. I know, because I was there, invited by then hosts Christopher Jones and Matthew Rushing to sit in as the show’s very first guest.

Since then, and even through a couple of changes in hosting duties, Literary Treks has continued to shine a spotlight on the world of Star Trek fiction in prose and comics form. Nearly every episode has featured an interview with an author, editor, artist, or other creative contributor. I did a quick count, and it turns out I’ve been on the show ten times since being Guest #1.

Wait! Correction: eleven times.

It turns out that the 200th episode of Literary Treks was also an opportunity for me to sit with current hosts Dan Gunther and Bruce Gibson and talk at length about my recently released tome, Hidden Universe Travel Guides – Star Trek: The Klingon Empire.

HUTG Klingon Lifestyle (Twitter)

In addition to discussing how the book came together, we also talked about all the crazy places from which I drew ideas and inspiration, all of that gorgeous art littering the pages, and so on. It’s a rollicking hour or so, during which we also discuss – briefly and in the vaguest possible terms – my upcoming Star Trek: Discovery novel and some other stuff I’m working on.

Go on, have a listen:

Literary Treks #200: Klingon-It Up A Little Bit

Many thanks to Dan and Bruce for having me on yet again to talk Trek. As always, I enjoy these interviews and how you always keep me and my fellow scribes on our toes.


Talking with TrekCore about the Klingon Travel Guide!

What happens when you spend 20-30 minutes spewing stream-of-consciousness blathering into a phone, pausing for the occasional breath while the person on the other end recovers from that maelstrom and attempts to ask another question?

Sometimes, it ends up printed as an interview somewhere.

That was the case last week when I spoke to Rich Schepis, who walked into the fire burning hot inside the lion’s mouth long enough to talk to me for about my recently released tome, Hidden Universe Travel Guides – Star Trek: The Klingon Empire.

HUTG Klingon Lifestyle (Twitter)

Rich is a patient, understanding sort, and he was able to pull apart the verbal hairball I hacked his way, and turn my yammering into something intelligible. I hope they pay him pretty well, over there.

Have a read, if you’re so inclined: – INTERVIEW: Dayton Ward’s Guide to the KLINGON EMPIRE

Many thanks to Rich and the gang at TrekCore for putting up with my shenanigans.

In related news, I found out this morning that the Vulcan Travel Guide is included as one of the juicy items in the second edition of the “ThinkGeek Capsule,” which is ThinkGeek’s super cool version of a LootCrate subscription box. So, if you were looking for a reason to pick up that book AND something snazzy to subscribe to on a regular basis, well then BOOM! Two birds with one stone, and all that. – Let’s Look Inside ThinkGeek Capsule #2


Neat, amirite?



USA Today: “10 great sites for a ‘Star Trek’ pilgrimage.”

klingon travel guide-coverAs part of the ramp-up leading to the release of Hidden Universe Travel Guides – Star Trek: The Klingon Empire, the nice folks in charge of marketing and publicizing the book had me talk to a number of people. I did a few podcasts (more to come!), of course, particularly some of the higher profile ones within the Star Trek (and Trek fandom) community.

One of the more interesting – and atypical, at least for me – interview opportunities came from journalist Larry Bleiberg and a special feature for USA Today. Rather than just write a simple piece about the Klingon Guide, Larry instead picked my brain for some real-world locations with ties to Star Trek, be they locations referenced in the shows or films or else places that go “above and beyond” so far as celebrating Star Trek in some manner. The result?

USA Today: 10 great sites for a ‘Star Trek‘ pilgrimage

Many thanks to Larry for asking me to help out with this piece, and to Eric and Matthew at Insight Editions for hitting the marketing and publicity pedals hard on this one. It’s been fun!

Oh, and be sure to check out that Klingon Travel Guide. I hear it’s pretty cool. 🙂

Talking Klingons, Travel Guides, and vacations with Engage: The official Star Trek Podcast!

Again, with the babbling. Again, with people recording the babbling.

engage-logoLast week, I sat down for a brief chit-chat with Jordan Hoffman, host of Engage: The Official Star Trek Podcast. During our little jawing session, we talk (mostly) about the recently released Hidden Universe Travel Guides: Star Trek – The Klingon Empire from Insight Editions. Yeah, that book I’ve been pimping, lately. Yes, I’m pimping it again, because it’s pretty and awesome and is filled with unicorns and rainbows and bat’leths, oh my.

klingon travel guide-coverThe truth is that like the Vulcan book, I had a tremendous amount of fun writing the Klingon guide. Yes, it was a lot of work — much more than you might expect, particularly when compared to writing a novel — but the end result is so worth it. Naturally, my text is only a part of the package; it’s the efforts of artists Livio Ramondelli and Peter Markowski that truly make the book sing, to say nothing of the sweat invested by art director Chrissy Kwasnik, designer Ashley Quackenbush, and my editor, Chris Prince. I honestly can’t lavish enough praise on these folks.

Don’t believe me? Come stick this in your ears:

Engage, Episode 55: Hidden Universe Guides with Dayton Ward


Many thanks to Jordan for having me on to chat Trek and travel guides. Hopefully our paths will cross, however briefly, in a few weeks at the upcoming ginormous Star Trek convention in Las Vegas!

“7 Common Offworlder Questions Klingons Are Tired of Hearing.”

So, you’ve decided to include the Klingon Empire in your summer vacation travel plans. Maybe you’ve even acquired yourself a copy of the brand spankin’ new  Hidden Universe Travel Guides – Star Trek: The Klingon Empire.

What? You haven’t done that last thing? Egads! Read no farther until you can get thee to a purveyor of tomes and lay hands on one of these things, all right? What the hell are you thinking, planning a trip to the Empire without such a helpful, handy reference?

Are you back yet? Okay, then. Where were we? Oh, right. Klingon Empire. Vacation plans. Cool new book. Etc.

There’s always a bit of a learning curve when visiting a strange new world or civilization, amirite? That goes double for a place like the Empire, where the locals have a long history of rejecting outsiders. It’s only recently that Klingons have warmed to the idea of tourists in their midst, but you can bet there are already all sorts of things they’re tired of seeing from offworlders, along with several things they’re damned tired of hearing.

Therefore, in the interest of enhancing your visit to the Klingon Empire, allow me to provide you with some hopefully helpful tips which might spare you the dreaded “Klingon Eyeroll.”

Insight Editions:
Traveling to the Klingon Empire?
Beware These 7 Common Offworlders Questions
Klingons Are Tired of Hearing

All righty, then. I’ve given you the information. The rest is up to you. Happy traveling, and Qapla’!