Star Trek: Waypoint

STWaypoint-TradeCoverShort stories that run the gamut of Star Trek‘s history, set during the Original Series, The Next Generation, Voyager, Deep Space Nine, Enterprise, and more, featuring all your favorite characters. Capturing a galaxy of emotions, these weird and wonderful stories may expand on rarely explored corners of the universe, or provide closure for long forgotten plot threads, but they all remind us why we love Trek.


Collecting the six-issue miniseries from IDW Publishing as part of celebrating Star Trek‘s 50th anniversary, Star Trek: Waypoint marks mine and Kevin’s first foray into the realm of comics writing. Editors Sarah Gaydos and Chris Cerasi let us run (almost) completely off leash once we pitched them our basic concept, which was pretty much “A love letter to the old, wacky Star Trek Gold Key comics from the 1960s and 70s.”


Then…then…they partnered us with veteran comics artist Gordon Purcell and colorist Jason Lewis, and holy crap! Did these two gents do an amazing job recreating the look and feel of those comics gone by.



I know, right?

Our story, “The Menace of the Mechanitrons!” appeared in Waypoint #2. Now it, along with the eleven other stories from the mini-series, have been collected into a single swank-looking trade paperback which now graces my “brag shelf” along with copies of my novels and other writerly shenanigans. Kevin and I join a stellar lineup of writers and artists including Gordon and Jason: Donny Cates, Sandra Lanz, Mark Chater, Sam Maggs, Rachael Stott, Mairghread Scott, Cecil Castellucci, Corin Howell, Megan Levens, Vivek J. Tiwary, Scott Bryan Wilson, Hugo Petrus, Capar Wijngaard, Simon Roy, Cavan Scott, Josh Hood, Gabriel Hardman, Corinna Bechko, and Christopher Herndon.

Where can you get your own copy? I’m so happy you asked:

IDW Publishing’s website
Trade Paperback and Kindle e-Book/Comixology format from
Trade Paperback from Barnes & Noble
Trade Paperback from Books-A-Million

The book might be a little big for a stocking stuffer, but I suspect you can manage well enough. Y’all are a pretty savvy bunch.

Star Trek: Waypoint – the trade paperback has a shiny new cover!

st-waypoint2-subscriptioncoverSome of you who visit this space from time to time may recall that, last year, Kevin and I got to cross a pretty cool item off our respective Bucket Lists: Write a Star Trek comic. This took the form of IDW editor Sarah Gaydos inviting us to contribute a story to Star Trek: Waypoint, the six-issue comics mini-series she was developing as part of the celebration for Star Trek‘s 50th anniversary in 2016.

Because Kevin and I are a bit insane, we decided to pitch to Sarah our idea of doing a story in the style of the old 1960s/1970s Gold Key Star Trek comics. Sarah liked the notion to pull us aboard the IDW Trek ship, and partnered us with comics veteran Gordon Purcell, who contributed the art. Our story, “The Menace of the Mechanitrons!,” is what we hoped would be a love-letter to those wacky Trek comics of old, and was one of two stories included in Waypoint #2. Indeed, each of the series’ six issues contained two 10-page stories, spanning the various Star Trek series over its 50-year history.

As is common in comics, and particularly with limited run projects such as this, the entire Waypoint series will be collected and made available for purchase in a sparkling new trade paperback format, complete with a new cover! Check it out:

STWaypoint-TradeCover(Click to Biggie Size)

Star Trek: Waypoint – the collected mini-series – is slated for publication on Tuesday, November 28th. You’ll be able to get it from your local comic shop or bookstore, or order it via IDW’s website or the usual online book haunts. For example:

Trade Paperback and Kindle e-Book/Comixology format from
Trade Paperback from Barnes & Noble
Trade Paperback from Books-A-Million

Just in time for holiday gift shopping. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat a coincidence, amirite?

Star Trek: Waypoint collection: Comin’ at ya in November!

Good news, everyone!

For those of you who haven’t yet partaken of IDW Publishing‘s bi-monthly Star Trek: Waypoint mini-series (and really…what’s up with that?), you’ll be pleased to know that the entire 8-issue run will be collected into a trade paperback and officially made available for your reading pleasure on November 28th.

This means that the story Kevin and I wrote for issue #2, “The Menace of the Mechanitrons” (and which was gloriously illustrated by the great Gordon Purcell), will be able to annoy the people we missed the first time around last fall, or perhaps irritate you all over again if you went in on the individual issues.

While this will be mine and Kevin’s first time having a comic story collected in such a manner, longtime readers and supporters may recall that it’s not our first time being in such an anthology in any capacity. Au contraire! Indeed,  our short story “First, Do No Harm” from 2006’s Star Trek: Constellations anthology was also included in Tokyopop’s Shinsei Shinsei, the first edition of their Star Trek manga collections. One of their manga stories was also included in the back of Constellations, as part of a marketing crossover in observance of Star Trek‘s 40th anniversary in 2006.


Holy crap….2006? My, how time flies.

Speaking of time flying, I know November sounds like it’s a ways off, right? Particularly when you consider that the fourth Waypoint issue only came out yesterday and with the remaining four issues in the pipeline for (presumably) May, July, September, and November releases. But, if 2017 is anything like the last couple of years, November will be here before I know it or I’m ready for it.

In the meantime, pre-order links are already active at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You an also take the book’s ISBN,  978-1684050178, to your local independent bookseller and have them set up a pre-order for you. I’m betting your hometown merchant would love you for that.

Besides, it’ll be out just in time for Christmas, and I’m betting copies of this will make great presents. No, really.

Check out a preview for Star Trek: Waypoint #2!

Awwwwwwwwww, yeah.

So, you know that my hetero life mate, Kevin, and I got a chance to write a Star Trek comic story for IDW Publishing earlier in the year. Never content to do things in anything resembling “a normal fashion,” we pitched an idea that was so crazy, we figured that we’d either be told to go away and never come back, or else we’d be welcomed because our odd notion was just weird enough to work. What did we come up with?


Working with veteran comic artist Gordon Purcell, the results of our unchecked nerdity is “The Menace of the Mechanitrons!” It’s what we hope is a loving homage to the delightfully wacky Gold Key Star Trek comics of old. Come on. You remember those, right?


Our story is partnered with a new tale penned by Sam Maggs (The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy) and illustrated by one of my favorite comics artists currently in the game, Rachael Stott, which will focus on the backstory of Yeoman Leslie Thompson, who holds the dubious distinction of being the only female “redshirt” to die in an episode of the original Star Trek series (“By Any Other Name,” for those of you keeping score).

According to comics release schedules, Star Trek: Waypoint #2 is due in stores on Wednesday, November 16th, but pop culture news site Adventures in Poor Taste has a preview of the new issue, including some page previews of our story! Check it out:

AITP: [EXCLUSIVE] IDW Preview: Star Trek: Waypoint #2


Gordon’s art really sells the whole thing, and he also provided the art for the issue’s “subscription variant” cover, which is one of three created for the issue, including the “regular” cover illustrated by artist David Malan.


I recommend buying ten or twenty copies of each cover. You may as well get an early start on holiday shopping, amirite?

Many, many thanks to editors Sarah Gaydos and Chris Cerasi for inviting us into her corner of the Star Trek “expanded universe” to play for a while, and to Gordon and colorist Jason Lewis for taking our nutty idea and truly making it sing. I can’t wait to hold an actual copy of this baby in my grubby little paws. 🙂

Cover for Star Trek: Waypoint #2!

:: reviews Bucket List ::

:: notes entry, “Write Comic Book; See Name on Cover” ::

:: checks off Bucket List Item ::

:: dances around home office ::


Thanks to editor Sarah Gaydos and the good folks at IDW Publishing, my bro Kevin and I are getting to do something we’ve always wanted to do. For me, it’s a dream that goes back to when I was…what? Eight years old? Whenever I started reading comics with any regularity and occasionally took pencil or Crayon to paper in order to create my own horribly rendered comic adventures.

(No, none of those early efforts survived. All evidence has been purged. All witnesses have been silenced.)

“The Menace of the Mechanitrons!” is our contribution to Star Trek: Waypoint, a six-issue mini-series in which IDW is showcasing all-new stories penned and drawn by various folks with some sort of Star Trek connection past or present, as part of celebrating Star Trek‘s 50th anniversary. Sarah invited us to participate several months ago, and immediately took a liking to our pitch to write an all-new story that pays homage to those gloriously off-beat Gold Key Star Trek comics of the late 1960s and 1970s. Such tales were my first exposure to comics featuring Captain Kirk and the gang, and for all the many, many ways they are so totally inconsistent with the show from which they take their cue, they possess a charm that is all but impossible to deny.

Making things even better was Sarah’s enlisting of artist and Star Trek comics veteran Gordon Purcell, who as I write this is studiously working to complete his work drawing the pretty pictures which will breathe life into our pithy words. If the cover he came up with is any indication, this whole thing is going to be epic. Check it out:

(Click to Biggie Size)

Look! It’s our names! On the cover! I need a cigarette! I don’t even smoke!

:: ahem ::

The art provided by Gordon is for the issue’s “subscription variant” cover. The “regular” version for stores will feature art by David Malan.

Our story is one of two which will fill out Star Trek: Waypoint #2’s thirty-two pages. The other story featured in this special issue is being written by Sam Maggs, author of (among other things), The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy. Handling art duties for Sam’s story is one of my favorite comic artists currently toiling in the trenches, Rachael Stott. The issue will be out in November.

Check out more info on this issue and other Star Trek comics goodness coming later this year from IDW by reading this new article over at IDW Preps Four Trek Adventures for November

Many thanks to Sarah Gaydos and IDW for inviting us into their sandbox to play for a short while!

Now, if you’ll excuse me……………..I need another cigarette.

We’re gonna write a Star Trek comic!


Several months ago, IDW Star Trek comics editor Sarah Gaydos reached out to me via e-Mail, asking if I might be interested in participating in a special comics project she was developing to celebrate Trek‘s 50th anniversary. The conversation kinda sorta went like this:

Sarah: So, you want to write a Trek comic?
Sarah: Um, cool. I guess. Hang on. Let me rethink this.
Me: I should probably admit up front that I have no comics writing experience.
Sarah: That’s okay. You can hold somebody’s hand.
Me: I’ve got my writing partner, Kevin! He knows how to do this stuff!
Sarah: Great. He can hold your hand.
Me: It’s not like that between us.
Sarah: Whatevs, dude. I’ve seen the pictures.


So, naturally the first step was to submit a couple of quick pitches to get the brainstorming into gear. She asked us to send her a few ideas just to see if we could hit on something that we might then further develop. I immediately hit on an idea that I was sure would either be received with great enthusiasm or else convince Sarah that she’d made a colossal mistake in reaching out to me in the first place. Thankfully, she was as excited by my notion as I was, and very quickly gave us a thumbs up and a green light. What did I suggest?

That’s right, y’all: She went with our pitch to write a story that pays homage to the old Gold Key Trek comics of yesteryear. We are so totally journeying back to the days of landing parties with backpacks and utility belts, Spock with oversized ears, and the Enterprise belching fire from its warp nacelles.

GoldKey-01Because why the hell not? Sooner or later, somebody was going to try something like this, so why not us? Isn’t this just the sort of crazy thing you’d expect from me and Kevin?


Ours will be one of two stories set to appear in the second issue of Star Trek: Waypoint, a six-issue mini-series of special one-off tales written by veteran Trek comics scribes as well as newcomers and your favorite boneheads, me and Kevin. The tale which will accompany ours hasn’t yet been announced, and I don’t even know what it will be about or who will be creating it. All I know at this point is that the issue is set to hit stores in November. I’ve heard rumors about who might be contributing stories to the other issues, but I’m waiting to see those announcements just like everybody else.

Oh, and making this whole deal even sweeter? The art for our gloriously insane Gold Key-esque story will be provided by none other than Gordon Purcell, who lists among his rather lengthy list of comics credits numerous issues of Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation from DC’s late 1980s/early 1990s run, as well as Malibu Comics’ Star Trek: Deep Space Nine from the mid 90s (“All of which I bought month to month, back in the day,” Dayton says without shame). Indeed, he’s already provided the cover art that will pay tribute to those glorious Gold Key covers from way back when, with colors by Jason Lewis. Check it out, yo:


(Click to Biggie Size)

So, to say I’m rather excited by this project is pretty much the stupidest understatement ever uttered by any member of any sentient species anywhere in the universe, ever.

Many, many thanks to Sarah and IDW for inviting us into their corner of the Star Trek sandbox. This is going to be so much fun.