2018 Scribe Awards announced!

iamtwThe International Association of Media Tie-In Writers (IAMTW) has announced their nominees for this year’s Scribe Awards. Among the nominees several people I’m proud to call friends and colleagues, or just sources of inspiration and admiration. Some of the names listed are people whose work I’ve been reading for years. Behold this year’s list of nominees!

Short Story
Planet of the Apes: “Banana Republic” by Jonathan Maberry
Joe Ledger: “Ganbatte” by Keith DeCandido
Planet of the Apes: “Murderers’ Row” by John Jackson Miller
Planet of the Apes: “Pacing Place” by Bob Mayer
Deadworld: “Rear Guard” by Sarah Stegall
Predator: “Storm Blood” by Peter Wacks and David Boop

Adapted Speculative and General
Doctor Who: The Pirate Planet by James Goss
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter by Tim Waggoner
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets by Christie Golden
Kong: Skull Island by Tim Lebbon

Original Speculative
The Librarians and the Mother Goose Chase by Greg Cox
Interface Zero: Solar Singularity by Peter J. Wacks, Guy Anthony Demarco, and Josh Vogt
Halo: Legacy of Onyx by Matt Forbeck
Star Wars Battlefront II: Inferno Squad by Christie Golden
Star Trek: Discovery: Desperate Hours by David Mack
Supernatural: The Usual Sacrifices by Yvonne Navarro

Original General
Don Pendleton’s The Executioner: Fatal Prescription by Michael A. Black
The Will to Kill by Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins
Robert B. Parker’s The Hangman’s Sonnet: A Jesse Stone Novel by Reed Farrel Coleman

Young Adult Original
Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space – The Cold  by Cavan Scott
Warriors Three: Godhood’s End by Keith R. A. DeCandido
X-Files Origins: Devil’s Advocate by Jonathan Maberry

Doctor Who: Across the Darkened City by David Bartlett
Doctor Who: Cold Vengeance by Matt Fitton
Warhammer 40,000: Agent of the Throne, Blood and Lies by John French
Torchwood: Cascade by Scott Handcock
Torchwood: The Dying Room by Lizzie Hopley

Also announced was the winner of this year’s Faust Award,  in recognition of their significant contributions to the realm of tie-in writing over the course of a prolific career. This year, IAMTW has voted for author Greg Cox to be elevated to “Grandmaster” status.

The Scribe winners will be announced in July, at San Diego Comic-con. Congratulations to all of the nominees, and to Greg!


2017 Scribe Award winners announced!

iamtwLast week At Comic-con International in San Diego, the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers (IAMTW) held the annual “Scribe Awards,” which celebrates excellence in the field of writing licensed works that tie into other media such as television, movies, gaming, or comic books. They include original works set in established universes, and adaptations of stories that have appeared in these other formats, and which include every genre from mainstream police procedurals to science fiction, fantasy, and horror to romance.

Here’s the complete list of nominees, with the winner in each category in bold.

The Eleventh Annual Scribe Awards


Best Adapted – General and Speculative

Assassin’s Creed by Christie Golden
Road to Perdition by Max Allan Collins
Suicide Squad by Marv Wolfman

Best Audio

Dark Shadows: Blood & Fire by Roy Gill
Torchwood: Broken by Joseph Lidster
Torchwood: Uncanny Valley by David Llewellyn
Doctor Who: Mouthless Dead by John Pritchard

Best General Original

24: Trial by Fire by Dayton Ward
Don Pendleton’s The Executioner: Missile Intercept by Michael Black
Murder Never Knocks by Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins
Robert B. Parker’s Slow Burn by Ace Atkins
Tom Clancy’s True Faith and Allegiance by Mark Greaney

Short Fiction

“A Dangerous Cat” by Mickey Spillane & Max Allan Collins
The X-Files: “Drive Time” by Jon McGoran
The X-Files: “An Eye for an Eye” by George Ivanoff
The X-Files: “Love Lost” by Yvonne Navarro
The X-Files: “XXX” by Glenn Greenberg

Best Speculative Original

Assassin’s Creed: Heresy by Christie Golden
Warhammer 40,000: Warden of the Blade by David Annandale
Star Trek: Elusive Salvation by Dayton Ward
Supernatural: Mythmaker by Tim Waggoner

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees, especially to my good friend Christie Golden, who not only was a double winner this time around, but also received from IAMTW the Faust Award, elevating her to Grandmaster status within our little cabal. She now stands alongside previous recipients Alan Dean Foster, Terrance Dicks, William Johnston, Diane Duane, Donald Bain, Kevin J. Anderson, Ann Crispin, Peter David, and Keith R.A. DeCandido.

Many thanks to the judges and the rest of the IAMTW membership for continuing to sponsor the Scribes and for helping to shine some light and attention on an oft-overlooked and unappreciated corner of the publishing world.

2017 Scribe Awards announced. Guess who?

Apologies for the lack of updates these past several days. Between travel and working to keep on track so far as pending deadlines, I’ve let this place get a little dusty. However, I’m back with some fresh updates, including a juicy one with lots of pictures from our recent visit to the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour in Ticonderoga, New York.

iamtwFor now, though, I’ve got something just as awesome. I realize I’m behind on posting something about this compared to…well…the rest of the world, but that doesn’t mean I’m any less jazzed than I was when I first heard about it.

The International Association of Media Tie-In Writers (IAMTW) has announced their nominees for this year’s Scribe Awards. Among the nominees several people I’m proud to call friends and colleagues, or just sources of inspiration and admiration. Some of the names listed are people whose work I’ve been reading for years, if not decades, which makes my being included among them pretty damned amazing. Check it out:

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Armageddon’s Arrow nabs a Scribe Award!

armageddons-arrow-coverA few months ago, I babbled that this year’s nominees for the 2016 Scribe Awards, sponsored by the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers (IAMTW) included a bunch of work by several friends of mine, as well as Armageddon’s Arrow, my Star Trek: The Next Generation novel that was published last year.

Last night, I was surprised to learn that I’d won!

I know it sounds like false modesty, but I honestly was pretty sure that one of my fellow nominees would take home the award. Indeed, my money was on the rather redoubtable Jonathan Maberry, who’s something of a force of nature right now when it comes to the written word. That said, I’m happy to bring the trophy to Ward Manor.

Courtesy of the IAMTW, here’s the complete list of nominees, with the winner in each category in bold. I’m thrilled that my brother in literary shenanigans, David Mack, also received an award for his awesome 24 novel, Rogue!

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2016 Scribe Awards nominees announced, and…HEY!

iamtwIt’s that time of year, again!

The International Association of Media Tie-In Writers (IAMTW) has announced their nominees for this year’s Scribe Awards. I’m very happy to see listed among the nominees several people I’m proud to call friends and colleagues, but I’m equally excited for…well…you’ll just have to read the list, I guess!

The IAMTW has formatted a proper press release and everything, so I’m just going to post that here:


The Tenth Annual Scribe Awards

The International Association of Media Tie-In Writers is pleased to announce the Scribe Award Nominees for 2016.

Acknowledging excellence in this very competitive field, IAMTW’s Scribe Awards honor licensed works that tie in with other media such as television, movies, gaming, or comic books. They include original works set in established universes, and adaptations of stories that have appeared in other formats and cross all genres. Tie-in works run the gamut from westerns to mysteries to procedurals, from science fiction to fantasy to horror, from action and adventure to superheroes. HALO, Elementary24, Star Trek, Mike Hammer,  Star Wars, ShadowrunDoctor Who…these represent just a few.

The Scribe Award winners will be announced at ComicCon San Diego in July. The exact day, time and location of the Scribes Panel including the award ceremony will be announced shortly.

IAMTW thanks everyone who sent all the wonderful entries for consideration. Congratulations to the following nominees:

Elementary: The Ghost Line by Adam Christopher
Kill Me, Darling by Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins
Don Pendleton’s Mack Bolan: Desert Falcons by Michael A. Black
24: Rogue by David Mack

armageddons-arrow-coverBEST ORIGINAL NOVEL – SPECULATIVE
Deadlands: Ghostwalkers by Jonathan Maberry
HALO: Last Light by Troy Denning
HALO: New Blood by Matt Forbeck
Pathfinder: Forge of Ashes by Josh Vogt
Shadowrun: Borrowed Time by R.L. King
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Armageddon’s Arrow by Dayton Ward
Star Trek: Seekers #3: Long Shot by David Mack


Backcountry by D.E. McDonald
Batman: Arkham Knight by Marv Wolfman
Crimson Peak by Nancy Holder
MANOS – The Hands of Fate by Stephen D. Sullivan
Star Wars: Dark Disciple by Christie Golden

Mike Hammer: “Fallout” by Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins
Shadowrun: “Swamp of Spirits” by Jason Hardy
The X-Files: “Back in El Paso My Life Will Be Worthless” by Keith R.A. DeCandido
The X-Files: “Dusk” by Paul Crilley
The X-Files: “Non Gratum Anus Rodentum” by Brian Keene
The X-Files: “Statues” by Kevin J. Anderson

  • “Fallout” first appeared in The Strand Magazine
  • “Swamp of Spirits” first appeared in Shadowrun: World of Shadows
  • All four X-Files stories first appeared in The X-Files: Trust No One

Dark Shadows: Bloodlust by Alan Flanagan, Will Howells and Joseph Lidste
Dark Shadows: In the Twinkling of An Eye by Penelope Faith
Doctor Who: The Red Lady by John Dorney
Doctor Who: Damaged Goods by Jonathan Morris, adapted from a novel by Russell T. Davies
Pathfinder Legends: Mummy’s Mask: “Empty Gravesby Cavan Scott, adapted from a story Crystal Frasier


Congratulations to all of the nominees, and to the judges for each category who had to read through all the submissions to arrive at a final list and determine winners in each category. Good luck to everyone!

2015 Scribe nominees announced!

iamtwIt’s that time of year, again!

The International Association of Media Tie-In Writers (IAMTW) has announced their nominees for this year’s Scribe Awards, as well as the recipient of the 2015 “Faust” Grandmaster Award. I’m not going to steal any of the thunder from the formal announcements, but instead post the organization’s official press releases here. First up? The Scribe nominees, which includes a number of names familiar to me as well as several people I’m proud to call friends:

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2014 Scribe Award nominees announced. Guess who?

Earlier this morning, nominees were announced for the 2014 Scribe Awards. Presented by the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers (IAMTW), the Scribes “acknowledge and celebrate excellence in licensed tie-in writing—novels based on TV shows, movies, and games.”

And yet, there’s From History’s Shadow, right there on the list.

The 2014 Scribes Nominees:

Novel Adapted

Man of Steel by Greg Cox
Pacific Rim by Alex Irvine
47 Ronin by Joan D. Vinge

General Novel Original

Murder She Wrote: Close-Up on Murder by Donald Bain
The Executioner: Sleeping Dragons
by Michael A. Black
Mr. Monk Helps Himself by Hy Conrad
Leverage: The Bestseller Job
by Greg Cox
Leverage: The Zoo Job by Keith R. A. DeCandidoCover for From History's Shadow

Speculative Novel Original

Fringe: The Zodiac Paradox by Christa Faust
Supernatural: Fresh Meat by Alice Henderson
Star Wars: Kenobi by John Jackson Miller
Supernatural: The Roads not Taken by Tim Waggoner
Star Trek: From History’s Shadow by Dayton Ward

Short Stories

Warhammer 40,000: “The Dark Hollows of Memory” by David Annandale
Shadowrun: “Locks and Keys” by Jennifer Brozek
Mike Hammer: “So Long, Chief” by Max Allan Collins and Mickey Spillane
After Earth: “Savior” by Michael Jan Friedman
After Earth: “Redemption” by Robert Greenberger
Star Trek: “Mirror Image” by Christine M. Thompson

Young Adult

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 by Stacia Deutsch
Kevin by Paul Kupperberg
The Croods by Tracey West


Dark Shadows – 33. The Phantom Bride by Mark Thomas Passmore
Dark Shadows – 37. The Flip Side by Cody Quijano-Schell
Blake’s 7: The Armageddon Storm by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright

The winners will be announced at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

In all seriousness, I’m very, very jazzed that Shadow has been nominated. I really did have (too much) fun writing this particular book, and this is all the better because several people I call friends also have works on the list. I’m in some august company, including within the “Speculative Novel Original” category. Congratulations to all the nominees, and thanks so much to the judges who deemed the book worthy of nomination, and to the IAMTW and its membership for continuing to push for excellence within the field.

Kinda makes me want to get on with writing a sequel, too.

Raymond Benson on writing tie-ins.

If you read James Bond novels, you’ve probably heard of Raymond Benson. In addition to writing several all-new 007 stories as well as novelizations for a few of the more recent films, Mr. Benson has written a whole truckload of stuff over the years, including a variety of tie-ins.

I’ve never met Mr. Benson in person, but we both are members of the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers. The organization features among its membership writers spanning the spectrum of experience and notoriety from nobody-types like me to international best-sellers like the group’s co-founders, Lee Goldberg and Max Allan Collins. Mr. Benson is very much in that latter group, so it’s always nice when someone of his pedigree takes the time to offer some insight into what is often an unappreciated area of the writing field.

He’s recently completed work on a novel called Homefront: The Voice of Freedom, a prequel story for a forthcoming videogame called, as you might imagine, Homefront. He explains the concept and development of the novel, and also talks about writing tie-ins in general, in a new article he’s written for Suvudu.com:

Suvudu.com: “The Tie-In Life” by Raymond Benson

If you like reading tie-ins (and if you’re reading this then you probably do, at least to some extent), then take a few minutes and go check this out. It’s good stuff.

Comic-con is coming!

I’m busting my hump with dayjob stuff for the next three days, so that I’m ahead of schedule when I leave Thursday morning for sunny San Diego and Comic-con!

For those interested in where I might be during the ensuing three days, my “official” schedule is very light. In fact, I’m only scheduled to be at one actual event on the list of things to do at SDCC:

Friday, 7/23: 5pm-6:30pm, Room 4
Panel: Scribe Awards/Media Tie-in Writers

Presenting the fourth annual International Association of Media-Tie-in Writers (IAMTW) “Scribe” awards. Nominees on hand include Alina Adams (“As the World Turns”), Max Allan Collins (“G.I. Joe”), Keith R. A. DeCandido (“Star Trek”), Stacia Deutsch (“Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”), Jeff Mariotte (“CSI”), Nathan Long (“Warhammer”), and Dayton Ward (“Star Trek”). Awards presenter Lee Goldberg (“Monk”).

The Scribe Awards will be handed out first, after which the actual panel will get underway. I’m honored to have a book nominated for an award this year (Star Trek: Vanguard – Open Secrets), as well as being invited to sit on the panel with some pretty big names in this particular line of work.

After the panel, the panelists as well as pretty much every tie-in writer who shows up will hang around for a bit and sign books, programs, body parts, and whatever else you might have brought with you. We won’t have books of our own to sell, but as I understand it, at least some copies of titles nominated for this year’s Scribes will be available for sale at the Mysterious Galaxy booth in the Exhibitor’s Hall (Booth #1119).

Speaking of book signings, there will also be a signing at the Pocket Books booth (#1017) on Sunday, 7/25, at 11am, with Keith DeCandido (kradical) and my writing partner Kevin Dilmore. They’ll be signing copies of the Star Trek: Seven Deadly Sins anthology, which Pocket is giving away while supplies last, so get there early!

As for the rest of my weekend? I’ll be browsing the Exhibitor’s Hall, crashing panels, hoping to introduce myself to folks of the editing and publishing persuasion(s), and with any luck at all, catching up with old friends as well as putting faces to the names of several new friends I’ve made this past couple of years via Twitter, Facebook, and so on. Kevin and I are supposed to be at a couple of different parties on Friday night, and I’m hoping to crash one or two others during the weekend. Now that I have a swank new iPhone that lets me text my ass off, I’ll be doing a better job of staying in the loop so far as meet-ups, surprise booth offerings, and the like.

If you’re going, I hope to see you there!

It’s an honor just to be nominated.

Cover for Open Secrets
No, I meant that with all sincerity.

The International Association of Media Tie-in Writers has announced its nominations for the 2010 Scribe awards, to recognize standout media tie-in works published during 2009. The awards are given for books falling into the categories of Best Original Novels for speculative and general fiction, Best Adaptation (general or speculative), and Young Adult (original and adapted; all genres). This year’s short list in each category features a lot of people I call friends and colleagues, and people I just friggin’ admire.

And somehow, Open Secrets snuck in there, too.

Complete list of nominees behind the cut.