So true….

E-Mailed to me by a friend. It’s funny, but also true. So very, very true. 😀

Interesting aside: I was at a local Borders the other day, and noted that the new Starfleet Academy young adult book, The Delta Anomaly, was not shelved in the YA section’s SF/Fantasy area. Instead, it was slotted in the “other” YA section with the…you guessed it…vampire/paranormal/urban fantasy YA books.

Can’t wait to see the next book, with nuUhura wearing leather pants and a back-tat (in the shape of a delta shield, of course)….


Vampire suckage.

With the renewed fanboy/fangirl maelstrom that’s accompanying the pending release of the new Twilight movie, to say nothing of the stacks of Twilight and other vampire/vampire hunter/vampire lover/etc. books I see whenever I walk into a book store, I’ve been thinking again about my back-burnered idea for a vampire book.

Maybe what I need is to give my would-be vampire hunter/pursuer/whatever a code he follows, whereby he only kills whiny emo vampires who insist on standing around moping and glowering at everybody with their head down and just generally annoying the fuck out of the rest of the vampire population (to say nothing of the humans who have to put up with their shit). Everybody knows that if a bloodsucker needs stakin’, it’s one of these blubbering bastards. What we need is a guy (or lady) who can deliver some hard truth smackdown and maybe even some common sense to these shrill crybabies, punctuating that tough love with the strike of a mallet.

You know: Dexter, the Vampire Interventionist.


Vampires. They suck….me right in.

I should be working on finishing the current Trek project. I could even be working on the outline for the next Trek project. Heck, I might even be well-served to be reading some specific Trek books in order to research the outline for said Trek project. Barring any of that, I could be writing up the next TNG trivia quiz for

What am I doing?

I’m dicking with the outline for the vampire story. Again.


“I fucking hate vampires.”

I already relayed this story, in somewhat abbreviated form, to infinitydog, but here’s a slightly longer version:

So, I’m at the bookstore today, and passing through the various fiction sections on my way to the history aisles, my brain registers the sheer number of different books featuring vampires, vampire hunters, vampire slayers, vampire hookers, vampire strippers, vampire private eyes, and so on. Cripes, but the damned things are everywhere.

I get it. Vampires are hot. Editors can’t seem to get enough of them, the people who hunt them, the people who lust after them, whatever. Me? I’ve read a few vampire books over the years (one of my favorite books of all time is I Am Legend), and despite a few tentative steps into this particular pool I must confess that the recent explosion of vampire chicks/vampire hunter chicks in tight leather pants and matching vests with back-tats just isn’t my thing. I don’t hate them, and I’ve been asked on occasion if I have an idea for a story or two that might take advantage of the current popularity. If you’d asked me as much yesterday, I’d have said "Nope. I don’t have anything new or original to bring to the table."

That was yesterday. Today? Different story. Maybe.

After glancing across the different vamp tales, I proceeded through the store and got the book I was after. On my way out the door, I paused long enough to grab a copy of the new edition of The Pitch, an independent weekly newspaper here in Kansas City. What’s the cover story? "True True Blood." The tagline? "As pop culture sucks on myths, some real Kansas City vampires tell their stories."

Come on. Are you shitting me? Whatever.

So, I mentioned this to the aforementioned infinitydog while adding that if ever I decided to write a vampire story, the first line would be the POV character saying, "Let’s get something straight: I fucking hate vampires," and figure out where to go from there.

I said it in jest, but then the wheels started turning. I started scribbling notes on a pad of paper in between various tasks at work, and before I knew it, I had two pages of crap which smelled suspiciously like the start of an outline.

Son of a bitch.

So, here I sit, doodling with this notion when I should either be A) working to finish a project that’s due soon, or B) beginning work on an outline that’s due in three weeks for a new tie-in project. I’ll set it aside shortly and go back to "A," but I must admit that I’m starting to like what I’m seeing in my scribblings. There might be something here.

Know any editors who might interested?