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Star Trek Adventures: Pre-Orders are live!

I’m a little behind the curve posting about this, but hey! This is the kind of news that only gets better the longer it’s around, amirite? Modiphius, purveyors of cool games far and wide, kicked things up a few notches … Continue reading

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Is this thing on? An overdue update!

Previously, on The Fog of Ward: Yes, things have been quiet around here, lately. Sorry about that. My last couple of weeks were dominated by finishing up the manuscript for what will be my 25th novel, if the publishing gods … Continue reading

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Talking about Star Trek Adventures for MODIPHIA!

One of the more unexpected developments to come out of 2016 was my getting involved with Modiphius Entertainment and their still-gestating Star Trek Adventures role-playing game. Hey. I have a weird job, sometimes. I spent a good bit of last … Continue reading

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Interview with Priority One Podcast about Star Trek Adventures!

Yes, once again I have been yammering into a microphone while someone records it so that other people can listen to it. I don’t get it, either. This time, I was invited to sit down with hosts Elijah and Kenna … Continue reading

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Star Trek Adventures Living Playtest launches! Guess who’s mucking about behind the scenes?

For those who may not be aware, Modiphius, a UK-based publisher with its fingers in any number of creative pots such as roleplaying games, boardgames, miniatures, novels, and all sorts of other stuff, is currently neck deep in developing Star Trek Adventures. … Continue reading

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80s arcade goodness.

Yes, I am a child of the 80s. Specifically, I am a teen of the 80s. All those great movies and no small amount of memorable TV, some decent music, and a lot of shitty fashion (and I mean a lot) … Continue reading

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Ask Dayton #98 on the G and T Show: “Game on. Again.”

Three weeks in a row we’ve managed this! We now can officially call this a “streak.” Another Sunday means another episode of the G and T Show, with hosts Nick Minecci and Terry Lynn Shull (along with Mike Medeiros, who’s really the jam in their jelly … Continue reading

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Dino Hunt!

What’s that? I need another quick, easy-to-play game that I can stick in my travel bag so I can play it wherever I happen to plant my butt, and I can even play it with my kids? And it has … Continue reading

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Play these games. Felicia Day said so.

Felicia Day is telling us to play games. Good enough for me. What’s that? Context? Fine. A month or so ago, I babbled a bit about the approaching first-ever International TableTop Day, a new geeky grassroots movement started by Wil … Continue reading

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Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock: The Dice Game.

Because, WHY THE HELL NOT? I was trolling ThinkGeek the other day, looking for a way to spend most or all of my banked Geek Points, when I happened across this bit of whimsy: That’s right, folks! The good ThinkGeek … Continue reading

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