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Dino Hunt!

What’s that? I need another quick, easy-to-play game that I can stick in my travel bag so I can play it wherever I happen to plant my butt, and I can even play it with my kids? And it has … Continue reading

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Play these games. Felicia Day said so.

Felicia Day is telling us to play games. Good enough for me. What’s that? Context? Fine. A month or so ago, I babbled a bit about the approaching first-ever International TableTop Day, a new geeky grassroots movement started by Wil … Continue reading

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Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock: The Dice Game.

Because, WHY THE HELL NOT? I was trolling ThinkGeek the other day, looking for a way to spend most or all of my banked Geek Points, when I happened across this bit of whimsy: That’s right, folks! The good ThinkGeek … Continue reading

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International TableTop Day!

Like games? Yes, computer games are cool. Going on quests or undertaking hazardous combat missions as you join forces in real time with other players through the wonders of the internet can be fun, but that’s not we’re talking about … Continue reading

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Ask Dayton #63 on the G&T Show: “The games Dayton plays.”

Hey, it’s Sunday again, and that brings with it another exciting episode of the Sunday G&T Show, hosted by friends Nick Minecci and Terry Lynn Shull! Usually. Terry’s off this week, in Los Angeles hobnobbing with celebs and other pretty people as she attends one … Continue reading

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Old-school nerd gaming at stately Ward Manor.

Today being “Martin Luther King, Jr. Day,” Addy was granted a one-day reprieve from Kindergarten. I was off from the day job, as well, so naturally mischief ensued. We started easy, with a few rounds of “Hide and Seek,” during … Continue reading

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30 years of Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator.

Fair warning: It’s gonna get nerdy in here. We’re good? Sweet. Set the Wayback Machine for 1983, and me the wayward teen wandering into one of the numerous video game arcades taking up space inside pool halls or in strip … Continue reading

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2012 Presidential Debate Drinking Game!

Drinkers, this will be your first stage of consumption in the 2012 Presidential Debate Series, consisting of an as-yet undetermined number of questions as can be asked and answered in a time limit of ninety minutes. Drinkers, at this time, … Continue reading

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Ask Dayton #33 on the G&T Show – “Game On?”

What? Sunday again, already? Yep, even on Father’s Day, there’s still another episode of the Sunday G&T Show, the weekly Trek-themed internet radio program and podcast, hosted by friends Nick Minecci and Terry Lynn Shull. It’s either this or more golf, … Continue reading

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“Ten for Ward” #3 at Ten Favorite Star Trek Games

Just in time for the weekend, I’m once again a guest blogger over at today! Yep, it’s the third installment of “Ten for Ward,” in which I provide a list of ten favorite Trek-related whatevers based on…uh…whatever shiny things … Continue reading

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