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Happy Birthday, Mom!

A few years ago, I wrote this for my mother’s birthday. When I went to do something similar the following year, I realized that I’d used up all of the funniest bits and cute little anecdotes the first time around. So, I decided … Continue reading

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See you when it’s over.

Today’s the day!

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Ward Manor 2.0 is officially ours.

Earlier today, we signed the papers and took possession of the new house!  “Meanwhile, at stately Ward Manor….” I’ll certainly miss Ward Manor 1.0. It’s in a quiet subdivision that’s off the beaten path. There’s undeveloped forest land behind our … Continue reading

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Black belts x 2!

Those of you who remember my occasional comments about my daughters know that they both practice Taekwondo, and have been doing so for a handful of years. Addy started just before she turned 3, and Erin was about the same … Continue reading

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WE ARE IN A BOOK! makes my kids laugh. Me, too.

This should come as a shock to no one, but my kids like books. Yes, my wife and I pushed the book thing pretty hard from very early on. Even before our first daughter was born, I was prepping for … Continue reading

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There’s always room for Jello.

Especially when it’s all you can eat from the Chinese buffet’s dessert section. Discuss.

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Kid pics. Because.

Been a while since I gloated about the kids. They’ve been in school for a week now, Addy to 1st grade and Erin to Kindergarten, and both seem to be enjoying their teachers, catching up with friends and making new … Continue reading

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Introducing….The Graduate!

Five down. Thirteen to go. For those wondering what the fuss is about “graduating” pre-school, I guess I should clarify: Rather than regular ol’ daycare, we enrolled her (and her sister before her) in a Montessori early learning school. It … Continue reading

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When the books talk back.

As you may have surmised after spending any time here, I like books. As a consequence of me being their daddy, my kids like books, too. Of course, they’re still learning to read. My 6-year old handles herself pretty well, … Continue reading

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A new addition to Clan Ward!

Relax. This new member is of the four-legged variety. Say hello to “Dexter.” He’s a stray taken in by a friend, who then offered him to us, as the girls had been clamoring for a “kitty cat” for a while … Continue reading

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