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Facebook…if it’d existed in other times.

I know this has to have been around for a while, bit I only just saw it for the first time today. Yes, I chuckled. Advertisements

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Star Wars Facebook Updates.

Snurched without guilt or remorse from torenheksje: “5 Star Wars Status Updates” Among my favorites: Obi-Wan Kenobi: She’s your sister, bro. Luke Skywalker: wut. Han Solo: I AM SO IN.

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Why you should follow infinitydog….

…both here on LJ as well as Facebook: David Mack (infinitydog, bestselling author, Jack Daniel spokesperson, aspiring curmudgeon and all around good guy) wants you to friend him on Facebook. Why? Well, aside from his normal, insatiable need to be … Continue reading

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How to lose your job via Facebook.

Via friend Jane Hamilton @janehamilton: Whoops.

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“Spock’s Brain: Facebook’d”

This was one of those ideas that sounded better in my head, but as I’m up late, unable to sleep, and there’s nothing good on TV, I give you: Star Trek: The Facebook Voyages. The guinea pig episode? “Spock’s Brain,” of course: TEASER

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