Facebook…if it’d existed in other times.

I know this has to have been around for a while, bit I only just saw it for the first time today. Yes, I chuckled.


Why you should follow infinitydog….

…both here on LJ as well as Facebook:

David Mack (infinitydog, bestselling author, Jack Daniel spokesperson, aspiring curmudgeon and all around good guy) wants you to friend him on Facebook. Why? Well, aside from his normal, insatiable need to be validated in the eyes of complete strangers, he’s also posted clips from The Shore Leave Roast of Keith R.A. DeCandido, which was conducted at the Shore Leave convention back in July. The clips feature all of the roasters doing their thing. It’s one thing to hear me say “Fuck,” but it’s another thing entirely when roastmaster Bob Greenberger employs the juicy F-word.


“Oh, myyyyyyyyyyy.”


Keith was a good sport about the whole thing, and managed several zingers in his own defense once he took the podium to deliver his final remarks. Despite the verbal beating he took that evening, I hope he knows we wouldn’t have gone to all that trouble if we didn’t love him like the annoying little brother we may or may not have.

To learn more about Dave’s shameless attempts to attract more friends, and how to view the roast clips, click on this linky-type thing right here.