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Wait, what? Who’s 6 today?

Happy Birthday, Erin! Try not to get packed into a box, or something.

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Black belts x 2!

Those of you who remember my occasional comments about my daughters know that they both practice Taekwondo, and have been doing so for a handful of years. Addy started just before she turned 3, and Erin was about the same … Continue reading

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WE ARE IN A BOOK! makes my kids laugh. Me, too.

This should come as a shock to no one, but my kids like books. Yes, my wife and I pushed the book thing pretty hard from very early on. Even before our first daughter was born, I was prepping for … Continue reading

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There’s always room for Jello.

Especially when it’s all you can eat from the Chinese buffet’s dessert section. Discuss.

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A portrait of the writer as the guy who came to his kid’s school.

This is what I look like before make-up. For those wondering, this is not the special retailer incentive variant cover for my upcoming novel, as drawn by my 5-year-old and hinted about here. Though, I suppose it could be, if you … Continue reading

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Kid pics. Because.

Been a while since I gloated about the kids. They’ve been in school for a week now, Addy to 1st grade and Erin to Kindergarten, and both seem to be enjoying their teachers, catching up with friends and making new … Continue reading

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Introducing….The Graduate!

Five down. Thirteen to go. For those wondering what the fuss is about “graduating” pre-school, I guess I should clarify: Rather than regular ol’ daycare, we enrolled her (and her sister before her) in a Montessori early learning school. It … Continue reading

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So, in five years…

…we’ve gone from this: to this: By my calculations, I’ve lost four years, eleven months, and sixteen days’ sleep since then. Happy Birthday, Erin!

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Happy GeekDaddy Day…to me!

Because it’s Father’s Day, here are some of my favorite “GeekDaddy” pics with the girls. November 2006. Addy’s 2 months old, and already doomed: June 2008. There’s a new kid on the block, so now I can delegate the indoctrination … Continue reading

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She’ll make .5 past the toybox….

As some of you may know, my oldest daughter, all of 5, is a budding Star Wars geek. Don’t worry, she still digs Rapunzel from Tangled and various other Disney characters, but she migrates between those things and stuff that … Continue reading

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