Another DHL story!

Yes! A DHL story is the perfect way to cap off a Monday. Though I wasn’t directly impacted (well, I might be…more on that in a bit), it affects my writing partner, Kevin, who was kind enough to relay this new tale to me.

He got a package today, Books. It contained a CD, with electronic versions of a few Trek novels we requested for research purposes (the ability to search the text, etc.). I can’t reveal the names of the books, as they sort of kinda relate to the outline we’re currently writing. Anyway, he opens the package, and…get this…not only is the jewel case for the CD cracked in two, but the CD inside has been split into six…count ’em…SIX…pieces.

Of course, I’m impacted if our friend at Pocket only sent one copy of the CD for us to share. However, I’m banking on her being her usual helpful and efficient self, and sending one to each of us so I can make a copy and get it to Kevin. I’ve not yet received any package, and as the sun’s gone down, I’m guessing all DHL drivers have headed home to observe their curfews.

Given what happened when bill_leisner posted his DHL story here, I’m sure some beleaguered DHL representative will sniff out this blog entry and be along in short order to explain just what bizarre set of events took place to cause that kind of damage. I’m sure it has something to do with the hectic post-MLK Day/pre-Super Bowl shipping season, or some such thing. I for one can’t wait.

“Hail, hail, fire and snow, call DHL we will go. Far away, for to see, DHL come to me.”


Ringing the DHL Bell.

It started with bill_leisner. Doesn’t it always?

Yesterday, Bill commented on his blog about issues he was having with DHL. Apparently, a DHL courier was searching for blog entries about DHL and happened across his journal, and took exception to the fact that Bill might actually expect a delivery company to…you know…deliver the shit they’ve been paid to deliver in a time at least approximating whatever it is the sender…you know…paid for. I then took the opportunity to share one of my own DHL horror stories.

Then, kradical got into the act, posting on his journal just to see if anyone would take similar notice. If one of the replies is to be believed (looks kinda fishy, tho), he got the response he was seeking.

So, now I just gotta know what happens if I try it, too.

“Hail, hail, fire and snow, call DHL we will go, far away, for to see, DHL come to me.”