“Dayton Made Me Do This” @SDCC…UPDATE!

So, the three or four regular readers of this space saw this entry the other day, in which I made the semi-sorta-kinda challenge to those attending this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Short version: Seek out my bud Kevin Dilmore — and/or any other colorful character willing to get in on the action — and post with him and a pic that reads, basically, “Dayton made me do this.”

Fun for the whole family, right?

So far, a few brave souls have accepted the challenge either of posing themselves or enlisting the aid of fellow good sports. Here’s what we have so far:

From @MarkStreed, with a confused yet tolerant Kevin.

From @starfleetmom, showing us how it’s done, and giving us the two-fer, as she also met the requirements of the “Where’s My Book?” challenge!

@starfleetmom also found this lovely lady willing to play along. At least…she doesn’t appear to be under duress. And again…the two-fer!

And there’s this one, also captured by @starfleetmom’s camera. GeekPoints to those who can spot what’s wrong with this picture.

UPDATE FROM FRIDAY: Here’s another one from @starfleetmom. Kevin finally looks to be getting into the spirit of things. What do you think?

UPDATE FROM SATURDAY: Lots more new pics, thank to the awesome efforts of @starfleetmom (I so love that lady):

This is the con he’s looking for.


@starfleetmom with Kevin, and check out her rocking the Galaxy Quest uniform!


“Judge me by my taste in friends, do you?”

Gary Graham, aka Matt Sikes from the Alien Nation TV series and Ambassador Soval from Star Trek: Enterprise:

PetCo Pets!

Wonder Woman!

Highlight of their day? I think so.

@Grimagination from Twitter!

More ladies in awesome costumes being good sports.

John Champion, he of DVD Geeks and Roddenberry.com‘s Mission Log Podcast!

Hulk sad.

Best landing party ever!

@starfleetmom again, this time in front of the Falling Skies backdrop.

Two poor souls who got cornered. I think.

Thanks to these fine folks for rolling with my goofy notion. With three full days of #SDCC action still ahead, there’s plenty of time for fearless adventurers to get in on this. Full details —-> HERE.

And remember to pace yourselves. It’s a long weekend.


“Dayton Made Me Do This,” the SDCC 2013 Edition.

UPDATE FOR THOSE JOINING THE SHOW ALREADY IN PROGRESS: I’ve been collecting the photos submitted throughout the weekend, and posting them HERE!

Okay, those of you about to set forth into the madness that is San Diego Comic-Con 2013, I’ve got an assignment for you.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to venture into the bowels of the convention’s exhibitor hall, locate my friend and hetero life mate, Kevin Dilmore, and have a photo taken of the two of you, while displaying this sign:

“But, Dayton,” I can hear you asking, “where, oh where might I find the elusive Mr. Dilmore?”

Well, it’s like this: He works for Hallmark.


(Of course, please treat my boy right. He’ll likely be busting his ass for the Hallmark gang, as is his habit. Bring him some water or a pretzel dog or something.)

I’ve done this a couple of times before, targeting other friends of mine at different conventions where they’re liable to be a captive audience. The results have been varying degrees of entertaining, owing mostly to the creative efforts of those who took my basic request/challenge and modified it for their own enhanced amusement. For example:

Farpoint Convention, February 2011

New York Comic-Con, October 2010

Now, you’re obviously under no obligation, here. You don’t even need to use my sign fodder. Feel free to scribble your own variation. Whatever floats your boat. You’re also not confined only to seeking out Kevin. By all means, enlist the assistance of any willing souls you might encounter throughout the weekend–celebrities, other fans, cosplayers, whatever. If they’re up for playing, I say the more the merrier.

Post your pics here, or shoot them to me via Twitter and/or Facebook and I’ll see that they get collected. Once it’s all said and done (and assuming I get any traction with this), we may have to do a contest with some giveaways.

And since we’re here, let’s not forget the related effort that’s still underway: “Where’s My Book? The 2013 Edition!

Any questions? Hit me in the comments. Should you or any member of your team be captured or killed, the Flying Spaghetti Monster will disavow all knowledge of your actions.

Go forth, my friends. Go, and get your nerd on.

Pics, or it didn’t happen.

“Dayton Made Me Do This,” the Sequel.

So, a few brave souls accepted my good-natured call to arms during this past weekend’s Farpoint Convention in Baltimore, where I asked folks to track down my friends and, well, screw with them.

Full details RIGHT HERE.

FYI: Allyn Gibson gets the award for most inventive signs. With that, let’s see what we’ve got….

Pics and more pics, behind the cut!