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Is this thing on?

Previously, on The Fog of Ward: Yes, I’ve been rather neglectful of this space the past couple of weeks. In my defense, I’ve had two conventions in as many weekends, one of which was the ginormous Star Trek 50th Anniversary … Continue reading

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Saturday news roundup: 24! Vegas! Interview! Polls!

It seems I’ve been remiss with this blogging thing, so I figure a single post to address all the stuff I keep forgetting to write about is in order. Might want to refresh your drinks, folks. We could be here a while.

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My sorta overdue Shore Leave after-action report.

Yeah, so I kinda forgot to write this, earlier in the week. By now, those who care about such things have already written up and posted their Shore Leave convention post-mortems, so I’m a bit late here. That said, I … Continue reading

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My schedule for Shore Leave 38!

It’s almost that time of year again! One of my very favorite conventions, Shore Leave, is happening this weekend. Three full days of fandom and fun and all manner of geeky shenanigans await within the rooms and halls of the Hunt Valley … Continue reading

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Officially Official(tm): Kevin and me @ Kansas City Comic Con!

The headline pretty much says it all, folks. Adding to our list of appearances during 2016 is one right here in our home town. The Kansas City Comic Con is preparing for its second show after getting off to a … Continue reading

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Starfest bound!

Thanks to the wonder that is “scheduled posting” for ye olde blog, by the time this entry goes live, my hetero life mate, Kevin Dilmore, and I will be west bound and down and heading for picturesque Denver, Colorado. Why? … Continue reading

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Me and Kevin: Talking about your mom at Shore Leave.

Okay, not really, but it made you look. During the Shore Leave 37 convention held earlier this month in picturesque Hunt Valley, Maryland, Kevin and I were cornered like the vile animals we are invited to sit down with the lovely … Continue reading

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My 2016 convention schedule is already building out. Yikes.

Why, why, why I’m I thinking about 2016? We’ve still got some 2015 left to get through, right? Nevertheless, I’m already starting to look at next year through a couple of different prisms. There’s what I might be writing, of … Continue reading

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Shore Leave, vacation, and getting back to it.

Previously, on The Fog of Ward: Is this thing on? :: blows dust :: So, it’s been a week or so since the last update, owing to last weekend’s Shore Leave convention and ensuing vacation with the family. It was … Continue reading

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Come find me at Shore Leave 37 this weekend!

Here we go! Again! Shore Leave 37 is fast approaching, with three full days of geeky shenanigans on tap this coming weekend within the stylish environs of the Hunt Valley Inn hotel located in…wait for it…Hunt Valley, Maryland. There may well be a few of … Continue reading

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