Happy Anniversary, ComicMix!

Friend glenn_hauman and the gang over at ComicMix are celebrating their third anniversary today!

ComicMix provides news and reviews from the worlds of comics, books, movies, TV, video games, and whatever other genre-related subject you might mention. In addition to the talented folks providing original (and free!) comics content, friends like Bob Greenberger often write articles and reviews for the site. Glenn even let Kevin and me get in on the action back in November, when he asked us to write “Six Star Trek Comics You Should Read.” He’s even asked us to write more stuff; we’re just too busy figuring out what exactly to do.

Anyway, Happy Anniversary, ComicMix. Keep it comin’!

(Thanks to kradical for the heads-up.)


“Classic Star Trek Comics You Should Read.”

A while back, Kevin and I were asked by our friend glennhauman to write an article about Star Trek comics for his comics/genre news site ComicMix.com. The piece was intended to offer fans of the new Star Trek film some examples of good “classic” Trek comics from the more than forty years’ worth of stories in which Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise have appeared.

Armed with that mandate, and the knowledge that the piece would run as one of the site’s “ComicMix Six” features, Kevin and I descended into our respective vaults. Once there, we began sifting through the archives and other detritus, searching for six stories which we thought offered a balanced representation of “the good stuff” from Star Trek‘s long history in comics. Since we’re incapable of following even the simplest of instructions without finding some way to dork things up, we ended up offering seven candidates.

The result is just in time for the DVD release of the new Star Trek film! ComicMix Six: Classic Star Trek Comics You Should Read.

It’s worth noting that we don’t offer up these titles as what we think are “the best.” Instead, we wanted to provide a worthy candidate from each of the different publishers who have given us Trek comics over the years. Hopefully, our list serves as an entry point to a treasure trove of tales featuring Kirk and Company that many fans might not even know existed.

Many thanks to Glenn and ComicMix for having us over to play!