And hey! I also write….

To the extent that I’m “known” at all as a writer, I’m known primarily for my Star Trek work, because let’s face it: That’s a big hunk of my resume. There certainly are worse ways to be remembered, I suppose. Serial killer. American Idol fan. Whatever.

On the other hand, I like to remind folks once in a while that I do write other things. Some of that stuff doesn’t get noticed a lot, because it’s written for smaller press publications, which often get overlooked or even dismissed in this crazy publishing world and its emphasis on “best sellers,” “blockbusters” and…well, Snooki.

“BAH!” I say.

With e-Books booming and readers taking ever more peeks at what’s available for their e-Gadget of choice, perhaps I need to do a better job of bringing attention not so much to my own material, but rather the folks who create and manage these small press houses for which it can be oh-so much fun to write.

For example, Selina Rosen oversees a wonderful little operation called Yard Dog Press. She, her partner Lynn Stranahan, and pretty much everyone who writes for her are funny, irreverent, and have this nasty habit of telling some damned fine stories. Some of those get published, either as novels or novellas, or collections of short stories. One of my favorite things to come out of there is a novella titled The Four Redheads of the Apocalypse. YDP also published a lot of work by the late Ken Rand, including a whole bunch of stories set in one of my very favorite of his creations, the Lucky Nickel Saloon. My connection to the Yard comes because of Selina’s own creations, Bubbas of the Apocalypse, for which I’ve written stories featured in a couple of her anthologies. And not for nothing? Selina is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met.

Then, there’s Flying Pen Press, based out of Denver. I came to know them thanks to a little editing job I did for them called Space Grunts, one of a series of anthologies with an aim toward recreating that old-school pulp SF feel of yesteryear. It was an opportunity for me to stretch a little bit, and get a taste of the editing side of things. I contributed a story to the next anthology in the series, Space Horrors, which gave me a chance to try something different yet again.

Speaking of something different, there’s also Cliffhanger Books. I actually stumbled across them by accident, at a time when they were accepting submissions for a superhero-themed anthology they were putting together called Gods of Justice. It was only after I’d finished prepping a story for submission that I realized one of the editors on the book was Kevin Hosey, who I know thanks to the various Star Trek: Strange New Worlds writing contests. If you like superheroes–and don’t need all of them to wear capes and tights–you might consider giving Gods of Justice a gander.

Another awesome effort underway within the independent publishing realm is Sky Warrior Books, headed up by Maggie Bonham. Maggie is one of the savviest people I’ve encountered when it comes to promotion and leveraging the advantages of small press and e-Publishing platforms. She and her editors also are very selective, which of course begs the question of how I got anything published there. I was thrilled to have my story “Stop-Loss” appear in their anthology Zombiefied, edited by Carol Hightshoe.

Several of my friends and professional colleagues have started or aligned themselves with various independent publishing ventures, and are producing a boatload of interesting and exciting material. Check out Tales of the Scattered Earth, a creation of Aaron Rosenberg and David Niall Wilson over at Crossroad Press, with stories by them as well as Keith R.A. DeCandido. Keith also has his own series there, Super City Police Department. Aaron, along with a few other folks I know, also is involved with another author-driven publishing enterprise, Crazy 8 Press.

Elsewhere, word slinger and zombie lover Elizabeth Donald is the mastermind behind The Literary Underworld, which caters to all of your undead, supernatural, and otherwise paranormal needs. And just to pimp a local effort, Eric Reynolds over at Hadley Rille Books has really put together something special, publishing books, as Eric says, “with an emphasis on space, archaeology, climate and other science-related topics, with a goal to bring a new sense of adventure of the Universe to the reader.” He’s managed to create a very impressive catalogue of titles. Go. Look.

And those are just a few off the top of my head.

In fact, what this blog post needs is more links. More links to indie press folks, please. If you’re reading this and you’ve published through a small press (yours or someone else’s), then share your work through such venues, and point readers to where they can find your work. If I can get enough responses, I’ll start a directory page and try to keep it updated.


What’s Dayton writing in the book?

Found this picture while cleaning up my mailbox. It’s from the “Meet the Pros” party at the Shore Leave convention back in July. I was signing a copy of Gods of Justice, the superhero anthology which bought and published one of my short stories, and which I’d only obtained earlier in the day just prior to the start of the convention. I was rather pleased with how the book turned out, and was even more thrilled when a fan wanted to actually…you know…buy one. I think Kevin took this pic at my request while I was signing.

Anyway, it just sort of begs for a caption, doesn’t it? So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to theorize what I might be writing in the book:

Should you or any member of your team be caught or killed by my editor, I will disavow all knowledge of your actions.

Carry on, boys and girls.

Gods of Justice: the book trailer!

The good folks over at Cliffhanger Books have released a “book trailer” for their latest offering, which just happens to be Gods of Justice, the superhero-themed anthology in which my new story, “Going My Own Way,” appears, along with the works of DC Comics writer Richardo Sanchez, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds alumns Derek Tyler Attico and Kevin Hosey, and six other word-slingers who’ve all come together for some super-powered storytelling. So far, the anthology has been getting some nice reviews. Go us!

Check out the trailer here: Cliffhanger Books: Gods of Justice Book Trailer.

In addition to being for sale at the Cliffhanger site, the book is also available at in both print and Kindle editions, as well as a number of e-Book formats at

Never too early to start that Christmas shopping, right?

Just sayin’.

Gods of Justice

Cover for Gods of Justice

Like mythical gods of the past, superheroes are a primal force of nature. This thrilling collection of ten original short stories features brand new heroes in action-packed adventures that will grip you and never let go. Each is written by some of the most talented writers today, including DC Comics writer Ricardo Sanchez and Star Trek author Dayton Ward.

“The Mass Grave of John Johnsons” by Micah Urban: The discovery of several bodies prompts a doctor to call in a “super” forensics team that is stranger than the mystery itself.

“Daughter of Nyx” by Kelly Wisdom: In a dystopian future, Veronica hides a unique ability. Then she is attacked and must make a choice–remain in hiding or rise up and fight.

“Going My Own Way” by Dayton Ward: Young Daniel chooses not to follow in the footsteps of his superhero father. That is a decision that may ultimately cost him his life.

“Identity Crisis” by Lisa Gail Green: After Leslie takes the place of her twin sister, the hero SolarFlare, she discovers it’ll take more than a costume to save the city from a mad man.

“Blunt Force Trauma” by Kevin Hosey: When crimefighter, PsyKore, comes out of retirement to find a savage killer, what he ultimately uncovers shatters his entire world.

“Neutral Ground” by Jordan Taylor: A World War I British corporal vows to discover the truth about the rumors of a mysterious man saving wounded soldiers on the battlefield.

“Breaking The Circle” by Derek Tyler Attico: When her superhero husband vanishes, Kendra resolves to discover his fate. Yet her search may lead her to the very edge of her own sanity.

“The Dodge” by K. Stoddard Hayes: Sheriff Wilder owes his fearless reputation to a secret power. But when he and his brother are ambushed, his secret threatens to get them both killed.

“The Justice Blues” by Carla Lee Suson: As the wife of a beloved superhero, Angelica has the perfect life. Then she learns of an evil secret that threatens her marriage–and her life.

“Death and Life of The Hero” by Ricardo Sanchez: A reporter thinks she’s discovered what really happened to a deceased superhero. But the truth may cause more harm than good.

Order from!
Amazon Kindle e-Book
Mutiple e-Book formats from

The Gods of Justice are everywhere!

I was notified today that Gods of Justice is now available at in both print and Kindle editions!

The book is also available in several e-Book formats, including Kindle and ePub, from Smashwords, where you can read descriptions of all the stories as well as a few samples.

So far, early reviews have been positive. I’ve read a soft copy of the book, but I can’t wait to actually get my hands on a physical copy. Yep, I’m still old-fashioned, that way, and want a copy for the shelf.

For those who may be interested, I will also have copies of the book with me at next weekend’s Shore Leave convention. Stop by our signing table during the “Meet the Pros” party on Friday night, and say “Howdy!”

The Gods of Justice have arrived!

I got an e-Mail last night from editor Kevin Hosey, letting us know that Gods of Justice is now available in several e-Book formats (including Kindle and ePub) from Smashwords, and it’s been posted for sale at the dynamite price of $4.99!

You can read descriptions of all the stories as well as a few samples, at the book’s Smashwords page:

Smashwords: Gods of Justice

Of course, if good old-fashioned printed and bound paper is still your kink, the trade paperback edition is still coming in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

Gods of Justice: the final cover!

Well, it looks like we’ve got ourselves a book!

Yesterday, editor Kevin Hosey sent out information and updates as well as the final cover for Gods of Justice, the forthcoming superhero-themed anthology from Cliffhanger Books. Take a gander, whydontcha:

In addition to the likes of comics guru Ricardo Sanchez as well as friend and fellow Star Trek: Strange New Worlds alum Derek Tyler Attico, Kevin and co-editor K. Stoddard Hayes have assembled a pretty kick-ass collection of tales that run the gamut from more “traditional” superhero stories to a few that take the genre well outside the box.

And when they found out they had some pages left over, they tossed in my own pithy contribution, “Going My Own Way.”

In all seriousness, I had fun with my story, as it was a nice change of pace from what I’m used to writing, and I’m happy that the result was something that worked for the Cliffhanger editors. In addition to the info Kevin sent out yesterday, he included a softcopy of the collection, and I have to say there’s some fine stuff lurking in those pages.

The book is due for publication in July. I know that Kevin is planning a premiere of sorts with Ricardo Sanchez at Comic-Con in San Diego, but he’s also working to have a few “advance reader copies” available for me when I attend the Shore Leave convention a couple of weeks earlier. Keep dem digits crossed!

Gods of Justice, from Cliffhanger Books!

Now that the editors over at Cliffhanger Books have posted this info to their site, I suppose it’s okay to engage in a little shameless bragging. They’ve accepted a story of mine, “Going My Own Way,” for their forthcoming superhero-themed anthology, Gods of Justice. Sweet!

Gods of Justice, from Cliffhanger Books

Assisting K. Stoddard Hayes with the editing duties is writer Kevin Hosey, who like me also had a couple of stories published in different volumes of Pocket Books’ late and very much lamented Star Trek: Strange New Worlds anthologies. Followers of those books may also recognize another SNW winner among this list of my fellow contributors to the new book:

“Heroism Is Our Business”
Marcel Walker

“Identity Crisis”
Lisa Gail Green

Derek Attico

“Neutral Ground”
Jordan Taylor

“The Justice Blues”
Carla Lee Suson

“The Mass Grave of John Johnsons”
Micah Urban

“The Rook”
Kelly Wisdom

“The Dodge”
K. Stoddard Hayes

“Blunt Force Trauma”
Kevin Hosey

The anthology’s publication date hasn’t yet been announced, but I expect it will be sometime in the summer. Stay tuned for more info on that. In the meantime, thanks to Kevin and Cliffhanger Books for including me in the fun. I look forward to reading the rest of the stories!