More presents from the Book Fairy!

What’s this? New books with that new book smell? Awwwwwwwwwww, yeah.

The good folks at Insight Editions sent me a present yesterday, in the form of author copies of my two latest publications: a pair of IncrediBuilds wood model kits, each with their own book as scribbled by me! Check it out, y’all:

(Click to biggie size.)

Aimed at a younger audience, the models are designed for easy assembly and require no glue, tape, or anything else. Everything fits together all nice and snug. I’ve not yet built either of these, but my kids and I have experimented with a couple of the Star Wars IncrediBuilds offerings. These things are kinda fun. 🙂

I was first able to talk about these back at the end of March, when Insight and made the official announcement. Each book is 32 pages, stuffed to overflowing with various facts, stats, and little anecdotes about the ships as portrayed on TV and film, along with a few behind the scenes nuggets.

Both model/book sets are due in stores on or about on Tuesday, June 12th. I’m pretty happy with how these came out, and we’ve had conversations about potential future entries in this series. Stay tuned for more info as details develop!


Predator: If It Bleeds…the Hold-It-in-Your hands edition audiobook!

An unexpected treat in today’s mail.

Those of you who know who might not know (and, really…what’s that about?), If It Bleeds, the anthology of all-new Predator short stories that came out last fall, was graced with an audiobook edition back in February.

In addition to the digital audio download edition which is all the rage-these days, Blackstone Audio also saw fit to take pity on us hold-outs for old-school physical media by issuing both an MP3 CD version of the audiobook as well as an older-still-school version on regular CD.

Hey. I like my CDs. That’s right, I said it.

Moving on…

Anyway, back to today’s mail treat:


That’s right, pursuers of elusive electrons. Bask in the glory that is physical media. This’ll look way better on the brag shelf than an index card with a link to my iTunes or Audible account, amirite?

I’d been looking forward to listening to this during my work commute. Looks like I can get started on it tomorrow morning. Awwwwwwwwwwwww, yeah.

So, you know….get to da bookstoah!


Pre-order links for my Star Trek IncrediBuilds book/model sets!


Remember last weekend when I finally was able to announce two of the mystery projects with which I’m currently involved? It was nice to come in from the darkness, albeit briefly, and talk about the pair of Star Trek-themed IncrediBuilds projects I’ve been working on for Insight Editions. Both book/model sets are due for publication on Tuesday, June 12th, and now we have pre-order links…well, sorta.


Because I know you want to buy copies for you and all of your friends:

Star Trek: The Original Series – U.S.S. Enterprise
Barnes & Noble

Star Trek: The Next Generation – U.S.S. Enterprise
Barnes and Noble

The TNG Enterprise set seems to be having some issues to sort out so far as its “availability.” Amazon is showing its pub date as May 2030, and B&N doesn’t even have it listed. Only Books-A-Million seems to have its act together. As things get sorted out, I’ll be sure to post updates, because I know you all want to get a jump on your holiday shopping.

Come build some Star Trek with me!

After several months hinting, vaguebooking, and yammering about “unannounced projects” I’ve been working on, I’m finally able to talk about a couple of them.

I’ve been having some fun with new projects for Insight Editions, the publisher of my Vulcan and Klingon Empire travel guides. Last year, I was asked about my interest in writing a couple of new offerings for Insight’s IncrediBuilds imprint.


From their own website: “The IncrediBuilds collection features do-it-yourself, customizable, freestanding models that are sure to delight fans of all ages. Each model is made of Earth-friendly, FSC®-certified wood, and all products include step-by-step directions and coloring and crafting ideas. No glue or tools necessary. Informative and interactive, both kids and adults can use these projects to explore their creativity and create unique, displayable art.”

IncrediBuilds projects cover subjects from a variety of categories, including famous buildings from around the world, animals, and several licensed properties including Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter, and Star Wars.

Anybody want to guess where this is going?


That’s right, kids! IncrediBuilds is venturing into the Final Frontier, and the first projects out of the gate are the original U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701 and its Galaxy-class counterpart from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Check out’s preview of these new kits by clicking on this linky-type thing right here: Craft Your Own Enterprises

IB_MillFalcon_Env_final_withstars.inddSeveral of the IncrediBuilds kits are offered in what are called “Deluxe Editions,” in which the model comes with a special 32-page book that offers all sorts of juicy details about the item being…you know…built. For example, the book accompanying the Millennium Falcon build offers some history of the ship, “tech specs” and a tour of its features, its owners, “famous flights, and so on. There’s also a bit of “behind the scenes” info about its creation for the Star Wars films, including an interview with one of the people responsible for designing and building the original model.

For both Enterprise editions, I took a similar approach with the books I was asked to write, so you’ll get a brief rundown of the ships and their place in Starfleet history, as well as a look at each filming model’s design and creation for their respective television series. Lots of pictures are jammed into both books, as well.

Hey. Wanna sneak peek?


The original and still the best, U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701
(click to biggie size)


Aaaaaaand an Enterprise for the Next Generation (see what I did, there?).

Both “Deluxe” book/model sets are currently slated for release on Tuesday, June 12th, each with a retail price of $16.99.

I had a ton of fun with these, and I can’t wait to see the models they’re making to go with them. Writing anything Star Trek with a younger audience in mind is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long, long time. This will hopefully be the first of several such Trek-themed IncrediBuilds projects, and we’ve already had a brief discussion about possible follow-ups for these two. Meanwhile, I’m currently working on two additional, non-Trek IB books.

More on those later, so if you’ll excuse me…I need to get my butt back to work.

“Assignment: Earth” at 50.

Though we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the original Star Trek series premiere back in September 2016, it’s been fun to recognize various favorite episodes as they each reach their own respective golden milestone. Landmark installments like “Arena,” “The City on the Edge of Forever,” and “The Doomsday Machine” have all gotten a bit of love as they turned 50, but it’s also fun to recognize those episodes which might not often show up on various “Best of” lists while still being personal favorites.

For me, “Assignment: Earth” is one such episode.

Continue reading ““Assignment: Earth” at 50.”

Drastic Measures: The hold-it-in-your-hands audiobook!

Let’s all pause and celebrate the glory of physical media!

Thanks to the good folks at Simon & Schuster Audio, I now have in my hot little hands the cool, old-school CD edition audiobook for my newest novel, Drastic Measures. Behold the shelf-crowding goodness:


Yes, the newest Star Trek audiobooks are being offered commercially as digital downloads from places like Audible, iTunes, etc. The CD editions are being manufactured for special sales situations such as libraries and the like. So, you won’t be able to find physical media versions of these for sale anywhere.


Now, it’s important to note that I’m by no means a media snob. I rather like having movies, music, and whatnot available in digital format. Loading up my laptop, tablet, or phone before I head out on a trip is the way to go. I still prefer reading physical books to e-Books, though….that one’s going to be a long time changing.

Oh, and Blu-rays. Particularly Star Trek Blu-rays. Those are hanging around for a while, too. I’ll probably be buried with all that stuff.

As for the rest of it? I absolutely agree with the convenience digital media offers, but….BUT….it looks like shit sitting on a brag shelf, whereas this looks totally pimp, amirite?

(Besides, if something happens that prevents me from accessing my digital library — you know, like an alien invasion unleashing a global EMP or something — it’s nice to fall back on the older storage. Just sayin’.)

If I’m lucky, my wife will let me have this back in a couple of weeks, after she’s done listening to it. Cross your fingers.

Talking Drastic Measures on Literary Treks!

“ZOMG! Another interview? Will he ever stop? Do we need to schedule an intervention?”

These are just the questions coming from my wife, so I can only imagine what the public at large might be thinking.

However, until I’m sedated and taken away for a long rest, I’m going to keep answering questions and such whenever they’re put to me in a semi-sorta formal interview-like atmosphere, as I did last week when I “sat down” for a chit-chat with Dan Gunther and Bruce Gibson, they of the mighty Literary Treks podcast.

Just like the title says, we did indeed discuss Drastic Measures, my recently released Star Trek: Discovery novel. I’ve talked with Dan and Bruce on multiple occasions as we discussed previous books of mine, so we’re able to get right to the meat of things and spend most of the interview talking about the book and the process of developing it while marching in step with the show’s writers and producers as they worked to bring Discovery to the screen.

As I’ve mentioned in other interviews and elsewhere, writing Drastic Measures was unlike any of the other Star Trek novels I’ve done, owing to the fact that it was the first time I was working on a book based on a show in active production. So, the demands and expectations were (naturally and understandably) somewhat different. It made for an interesting and rewarding experience, being able to collaborate with Kirsten Beyer and other members of the Discovery writing staff.

The results of my conversation with Dan and Bruce are now available for your listening pleasure over at the Literary Treks website. Check it out:

Literary Treks Episode #222: The Ward Rule

Thanks very much to Dan and Bruce for  having me on once again. It’s always fun talking to them, and the show has long been a big supporter of the entire Star Trek publishing effort. Something tells me I’ll likely cross paths with these guys again at some point in the not too distant future.


Get the entire STAR TREK VANGUARD series as Kindle e-Books for a steal!

“The first rule of Vanguard is that you do not talk about Vanguard.”
— Admiral Heihachiro Nogura, 2269

Okay, okay. Fine. Let’s talk about Vanguard.


Specifically let’s talk about Star Trek Vanguard, the “literary spin-off” series of novels conceived by former Pocket Books editor (and current Tor Books wizard) Marco Palmieri and David Mack, way back in 2004. Marco and Dave gave birth to this super-cool series intended to run in parallel to the adventures of Captain Kirk and the Enterprise during its five-year mission as (mostly) chronicled in the original Star Trek series.

For those not clued into the series, I encourage you to click on the link in the previous paragraph, which will give you a complete rundown. Go on, do it. I’ll wait.

Back already? Cool.

TL;DR? Vanguard was by-god awesome, to write and to read. I’ll always be grateful to Marco and Dave for choosing to include me and Kevin in what is, to this day, one of the absolute best times I had writing Star Trek, and one of the accomplishments of which I’m most proud.

So, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get to the reason I’ve gathered you here today. For the month of March, Pocket Books is running a special promotion whereby interested parties can score the entire Star Trek Vanguard saga in Amazon’s Kindle format, with each title priced to go at just 99 cents apiece.

99. Cents. Apiece.

Those of you who’ve elected not to read this series just yet, for reasons surpassing understanding, are now largely out of excuses. I mean, look…I’m even laying out the links for you, and everything:

Summon the Thunder
Reap the Whirlwind
Open Secrets
What Judgments Come
Storming Heaven
In Tempest’s Wake

Who loves ya, huh?

The current deal is valid for the entire month of March, so you’ve got that long to add all of this amazing Vanguardian goodness to your e-Book library. Enjoy!

Whaddaya know? It’s another DRASTIC MEASURES interview!

Consider this your first official warning that there is yet another new interview with me, floating in the aether and ready to assault your ears.

This time, I “sit down” with William Conlin and Marty Allee, hosts of the Reading Trek podcast, to discuss….wait for it….Drastic Measures, by still somewhat minty fresh Star Trek: Discovery novel.

William and Marty, joined by big Disco fan Heather Barker, spent the better part of not one but two episodes of this new program discussing the book. Incredibly, after putting themselves through that ordeal, they still wanted to talk to me. Go figure.

What did we end up with? A 40-45 minute chat about the book and its development along with a few forays into other aspects of my writing journey. Yes, you read that right: I’m totally calling this shit a “journey” from now on. Sounds cooler than “career,” right?

Don’t stop believin’, yo.

Anyway, those of you interested in hearing their 2-part review discussion about the book and/or the conversation with me are encouraged to check out both episodes at the Reading Trek website:

Episode 003: Kodos the Remorseful
Episode 004: Hate is Conquered by Love (including interview with me)

Many thanks to William, Marty, and Heather for their thoughtful discussion about the book, and for inviting me to talk with them for a bit. Maybe we can do it again, one of these days!


Stick this in your ears! Predator: If It Bleeds….the audiobook!

Even though it’s apparently been available as an mp3 CD for a short while, today is the “official” release date for the audio edition of Predator: If It Bleeds, the anthology of all-original tales featuring everyone’s favorite intergalactic hunters and general ugly muthas, as edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt.

Produced by Blackstone Audio, this unabridged adaptation of the anthology (which was published in trade paperback format last October) features all sixteen stories, and each tale has been given its own narrator!

(story author in parentheses)

Introduction (Bryan) – Tom Taylorson
Devil Dogs (Tim Lebbon) – Nicol Zanzarella
Stonewall’s Last Stand (Jeremy Robinson) – Tom Taylorson
Rematch (Steve Perry) – Traber Burns
May Blood Pave My Way Home (Weston Ochse) – Bradford Hastings
Storm Blood (Peter J. Wacks and David Boop) – Bahni Turpin
Last Report from the KSS Psychopomp (Jennifer Brozek) – Emily Sutton-Smith
Skeld’s Keep (S.D. Perry) – Ulf Bjorklund
Indigenous Species (Kevin J. Anderson) – James Patrick Cronin
Blood and Sand (Mira Grant) – Andre Eiden
Tin Warrior (John Shirley) – Scott Brick
Three Sparks (Larry Correia) – Feodor Chin
The Pilot (Andrew Mayne) – John Pruden
Buffalo Jump (Wendy N. Wagner) – Mark Bramhall
Drug War (Bryan Thomas Schmidt and Holly Roberds) – Dan John Miller
Recon (me) – Peter Berkrot
Gameworld (Jonathan Maberry) – John McLain

That’s some kind of lineup, authors and voice actors alike, amirite?

Predator: If It Bleeds is available in both mp3 CD and digital audio download formats, in addition to the aforementioned trade paperback.
Barnes &

Go on, you know you want to. I mean, if it bleeds, you can hear it…or, something.