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Borrowing an idea: “How I Sold My Books.”

Over on his blog, John Scalzi offered his readers a peek of sorts behind the curtain, revealing how he came to sell the various books (fiction and non-fiction) he’s written over the course of his career. As with just about … Continue reading

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2014 Scribe Award nominees announced. Guess who?

Earlier this morning, nominees were announced for the 2014 Scribe Awards. Presented by the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers (IAMTW), the Scribes “acknowledge and celebrate excellence in licensed tie-in writing—novels based on TV shows, movies, and games.” And yet, … Continue reading

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Movies R Fun, and I’m going to Hell.

A few weeks back, I saw a post in my Facebook feed about a book getting set to come out: Movies R Fun! A Collection of Cinematic Classics for the Pre-(Film) School Cinephile. Yep. Has “trouble” written all over it. … Continue reading

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The Corps of Engineers is getting the Cross Cult treatment!

Thanks to a heads-up from the always informative Trek Collective, I’m now aware of some cool news from Cross Cult, our publishing friends across the pond over in Germany. The Cross Cult gang has been busy with translations of various Star … Continue reading

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Zombiefied…in da house!

These arrived today. I do so love the smell of new books in the early afternoon. Or morning. Or evening. Or pretty much whenever, really. Would you like to know more? Zombiefied!

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“10 Milestone Star Trek Novels,” over at

Saw this on Facebook this morning, thanks to friends and fellow word pushers Keith DeCandido and Greg Cox: Ian Coomber over at has taken a broad look at the nearly 50-year history of Star Trek tie-in publishing and come up with … Continue reading

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Zombiefied…now in paperback!

Hot diggety! A couple of years ago, editor Carol Hightshoe over at Sky Warrior Books published Zombiefied, an anthology of…you guessed it…zombie stories! That’s right, the undead were spotlighted in a mess of fine tales, two dozen of them, in fact. Among … Continue reading

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Take flight with Cosmic Ray!

Here’s something I can never do often enough: brag on and pimp out my frequent co-writer, best friend and hetero life mate, Kevin Dilmore. Kevin’s been keeping busy with his day job at Hallmark Cards, where he’s been known over the years … Continue reading

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Peaceable Kingdoms signed card giveaway: The winnahs!

Here we are, a day before Peaceable Kingdoms “officially” goes on sale, and all you scavenger hunters have done me proud. The book is apparently showing up far and wide, and in quantities at different locations that are–to me, anyway–very … Continue reading

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Lookin’ to fill up that new e-Reader you got for Christmas?

No, this isn’t a shameless whoring post with me enticing you to buy my stuff. That’s what tomorrow is for. Instead, I’d like to pimp out Sky Warrior Books headed up by ace word-pusher Maggie Bonham, and the after-Christmas sale … Continue reading

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