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In today’s email: “How do I support my favorite authors?”

I get asked a variation of this question on a fairly regular basis, and so it was in today’s eMail: “Besides the obvious, which is buying the book, how else can readers support their favorite authors?” First, I obviously appreciate … Continue reading

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Talking Headlong Flight with Literary Treks!

So, I’m babbling again. Hey, it happens. What’s weird is that people insist on recording these nonsensical streams of yammering, for later presentation. This time, it’s hosts Dan Gunther and Bruce Gibson, with an assist from former host Matthew Rushing, … Continue reading

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Announcing Maximum Velocity: The Best of Full-Throttle Space Tales!

Back in 2008 at the Starfest Convention, I was approached by editor David Rozansky of Flying Pen Press and writer/editor David Boop about editing a collection of short stories for the publisher’s series of pulp-style science fiction stories, Full-Throttle Space … Continue reading

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It’s the first interview about Headlong Flight!

Last week, I was contacted by a representative from Simon & Schuster’s publicity department. She was handling whatever duties in this regard might be required for the pending release of Headlong Flight, my new Star Trek: The Next Generation novel, … Continue reading

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KC-area peeps! Come see us at “Books in the Bottoms!”

Are you local to the Kansas City area, and just itching to come say “Howdy!” to me and Kevin Dilmore and see what we’ve been up to on the writerly front? Next weekend, the historic West Bottoms District of Kansas City … Continue reading

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Apes trading card booky goodness…coming at us!

For the past few years, Abrams ComicArts has been producing a truly fun series of books. Working in partnership with Topps, these tomes have revisited popular sets of non-sports trading or “bubble gum” cards or stickers from the days of old. Each … Continue reading

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Hey, wait. I’ve got my own “writer-versary,” this month!

I guess I’m getting old, and forgetful. A reader e-Mailed me this evening, responding to my blog post from last week about the “50th anniversary” of Star Trek fiction. What’s that? You didn’t read it? Well, here: Let me provide you … Continue reading

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Happy 50th Anniversary, “TrekLit!”

As was pointed out over on the TrekBBS by user “ryan123450,” this month marks the 50th anniversary of “Star Trek Literature.” Star Trek, the first collection of original series episode adaptations written by noted science fiction author James Blish, was published … Continue reading

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“Assignment: Earth,” the so-so Star Trek episode that keeps on giving.

WARNING: Nerdy rambling lay ahead. The other day on Facebook, noted science fiction author and all-around good guy Robert J. Sawyer mentioned that he’d stumbled across a fan website devoted to “Assignment: Earth,” the Star Trek original series episode that … Continue reading

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Presents from the Book Fairy of the Planet of the Apes!

Found a box on the porch today, and what was inside? A new present from the Book Fairy, in the form of my author’s contributor copy of Planet of the Apes: Tales from the Forbidden Zone! (Click to Biggie Size) … Continue reading

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