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Riddle Me This, by Kevin Dilmore!

My boy Blue’s been at it again. Those of you who read this space know that my hetero life mate and frequent writing collaborator, Kevin Dilmore, has many mad skillz of his own in the word pushing department. These days, … Continue reading

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The Enterprise NCC 1701 and the Model Maker, by N. Datin McDonald

There are a lot of Star Trek books out there. Beyond the novels, there are books about the making of the different series and films to biographies and autobiographies of the people involved, both before and behind the camera. There … Continue reading

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Check out a few indie writers and publishers for your holiday shopping!

Black Friday! AHHHH!!!! Along with all the big stories doing their usual holiday shopping/gladiatorial combat thing, there also are the local and independently owned businesses in our various communities. For this first part, I’m going to recommend a local bookseller … Continue reading

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Back cover copy for the Star Trek: Legacies trilogy!

What? A second Star Trek books post in as many days? What the hell? Well, it’s sort of what I do around here, you know. Simon and Schuster, my esteemed publisher and caretaker of the various Star Trek novel lines and other … Continue reading

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Cover art for Elusive Salvation!

It seems that has rolled out the next batch of cover art. Fellow Trek novelist Christopher L. Bennett has a snazzy cover for his upcoming Star Trek: Enterprise novel Rise of the Federation: Live By the Code, so definitely … Continue reading

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Comin’ at ya: the 1960s/1970s UK Star Trek comic strips.

O. M. G. Back in 2013, IDW Publishing granted the wish of uncounted Star Trek fanboys (including the one who wrote this blog thing you’re reading right now) when they published Star Trek: The Newspaper Comics, a gorgeous two-volume oversized … Continue reading

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A Long Time Ago: Exploring the Star Wars Cinematic Universe: It’s really a real book! Today!

Because why not have a blog post title takes up the better part of two lines, amirite? Though I knew this book was coming (hopefully) to capitalize on the Star Wars insanity which has gripped the known universe, what with … Continue reading

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ReWard: “The ONLY canon Star Trek book.”

I found myself involved in two separate conversations on Facebook today, both relating in some manner to one of my favorite topics in the history of ever, “the Star Trek canon.” Of course, anybody who’s hung out around here for any length of time knows how … Continue reading

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The big honkin’ books pre-order links post.

[ShamelessWhoring] While yammering about various projects earlier today over on Facebook, I was asked, basically, “Hey! When will these be available for purchase or pre-order, you lousy teasing bastard?” Sorry. My bad. Duly chastened, I decided to scour the intrawebz … Continue reading

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A whole lotta PANGAEA talk going down at Crazy 8 Press.

Some of you may recall that a project with which Kevin and I were involved earlier in the year, Pangaea, recently became available. If not, you can read all about it by clicking on this linky-type thing right here. Now … Continue reading

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