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Talking with TrekCore about the Klingon Travel Guide!

What happens when you spend 20-30 minutes spewing stream-of-consciousness blathering into a phone, pausing for the occasional breath while the person on the other end recovers from that maelstrom and attempts to ask another question? Sometimes, it ends up printed … Continue reading

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March writing wrap-up.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand just, like that, 2017 is 25% in the books. It’s like the damned year can’t wait to throw my ass over the cliff and into the waiting embrace of my looming 50th birthday. Shit. March’s big news was that … Continue reading

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“Ten for Ward” #17 at The Secret Stories Behind 10 Star Trek Puzzles

It’s been more than a year since my last contribution to, and I’m absolutely certain this latest piece will explain why that’s the case. The family and I have recently been flirting with jigsaw puzzles. Our coffee table currently … Continue reading

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Happy 117th Birthday, Indiana Jones!

Today marks the birth date of Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Jr., famed archaeologist, renowned professor, traveled adventurer, and all around nice guy. If ever you need an historical artifact or object of the occult located and liberated from uptight French … Continue reading

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What Happens on Page One: 30 Ways to Start a Novel

Friend Bryn Donovan offers up thirty tips on how to start that new novel you’re sitting down to write, calling upon examples from classic literature and recent titles to show you how it can be done. Bookmark this one.

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The Clean Reader App Fails To Clean Up My Book

Reblogging, because damn it, this is funny. Since I’m not used to seeing the word “hell” censored, “What the _____?” always reads as “What the fuck?” EXACTLY. 😀

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TV crossover musings (and missed opportunities?).

WARNING: This is an example of a rambling blog post that someone writes when they’re killing time waiting for something else to happen. If you’re fast enough, you still can escape with your lives. Still here? All righty, then. Beware: … Continue reading

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SciFi Face-Off!

Originally posted on H.E. ELLIS:
Today I have decided to pay homage to the late, great Gene Roddenberry on what would have been his 93rd birthday by conducting an interview I believe he might have enjoyed. Now I ask…

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For Those of You Who Were Waiting For Me to Say Something About Anthony Weiner and/or Bob Filner

Originally posted on Whatever:
It’s simple: They’re both idiots. Weiner needs to quit his mayoral race; Filner needs to resign his mayoral position. I suspect some people might have thought I wasn’t commenting on them here because they are both…

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When Bad Videos Happen to Good Musicians

Originally posted on H.E. ELLIS:
The advent of Mtv was both a blessing and a curse for me as a kid. Once musicians had the ability to act in their videos, they somehow felt the need to put on…

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